Robert Klein: Unfair and Unbalanced

Robert Klein: Unfair and Unbalanced

Robert Klein performs in his ninth HBO stand-up special, an hour of hilarious insights plus a few memorable musical interludes.

Robert Klein performs in his ninth HBO stand-up special, an hour of hilarious insights plus a few memorable musical interludes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter B (gb) wrote: A former glam rocker turned nazi hunter??? Logically I should've hated this movie, but some how it's quirky heart intrigued me, dispute the absurdity.

Emily L (us) wrote: A very touchingly told tries to explore the vulnerability of Mandarin Chinese urbaners, a topic that rarely get explored in east asian films. The filmmaker's social conscience is admirable too.

Monet G (jp) wrote: Im trying to watch tightrope how can I?

Carlos M (br) wrote: Tootsie is simply the worst type of American humor: one that has a clever idea in its hands but takes it in a completely wrong direction, letting it die in a predictable plot that looks like a cheap soap opera and bears a stupid sitcom sense of humor.

Cade H (nl) wrote: Slither was a B horror movie, filled with comedy that set out to be a little campy on purpose. The premise was simple and fun, worms from space slithered into peoples mouths and turned them into zombies with the need to feed. The cast was impressive and most of the attack scenes were cool while also very disgusting. It was pretty cheesy at times but once you look past that you can enjoy the fact that it was all done on purpose. The ending was ok, but it didnt blow me away and of course there was an "after credits" scene that makes you wonder. If you are into the Evil Dead franchise or others like that, Slither should be an enjoyable watch for you.

Private U (ca) wrote: one of my favorite melodramas. Cary Grant could do it all.

Kate C (es) wrote: This is one of my favorite movies ever. Fast paced and witty... I can't fathom why Ginger Rogers and Katherine Hepburn didn't do more movies together? Its interesting to note that Ginger got top billing ;) this movie was made after Hepburn was still on her way up... I'm not sure if this was before or after her brief downfall. Other actresses of note include Lucille Ball before commonly seen as a comedienne... and Anne Miller in a non-dancing role. You may also recognize Eve Arden... of course you likely won't recognize the name. Remember the principal in Grease?... yeah that's her. Really I think she's one of the unsung great character actresses that got typecast and could never break out of it. Though to be honest, she couldn't hold a lead when she tried. Anywho, a bit of trivia everyone who has seen the TCM intro to this flick knows is that the play involved is making fun of a failed production that Hepburn was in... Morning Glory? I think it was... To be honest, I rather like the Calla Lilly speech :)

Stephanie F (ru) wrote: I guess I misunderstood this film because I thought it starred Vivien Leigh. It does not-the other two females have much more prominent roles and it was really boring. She is beautiful of course in the bit of screen time she does have.

Aaron G (br) wrote: It's rare that such a good movie gets such a crap poster.

Dylan G (us) wrote: A great movie to watch around halloween, it is sick, twisted, and very entertaining!