Sisters Yoshie and Kikue are two Geisha who are abducted by a mysterious organization to be transformed into murderous cyborg assassins.

Yoshie, the younger and ill-treated sister of a renowned Geisha, is discovered to have natural strength and fighting ability. She's recruited into an army of Geisha assassins by the rich ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rajat M (us) wrote: I was expecting better writing and a less predictable plot but I gave it 2 stars for the action sequences. You could just skip the whole story and watch the action scenes and still have an idea of whats going on. Spoiler Alert(if you can even call it that), like I said, the story is predictable, for example you know Thiago's partner is going to fight "Falcon" at some point. Based on that fact, you can pretty much say that they are dirty. At no point you feel the protagonist ever having a major obstacle to overcome especially when the smallest clues get him to where he needs to be. Overall, skip the story, watch the action and you come out not being let down.

Cline D (ru) wrote: Mignon. C'est quand on perd quelque chose qu'on se rend compte quel point il comptait pour nous... Mais pourquoi tous les gays sont aussi canons ?? Quel gchis... ;o)

Christopher H (de) wrote: This movie is a failure. The lead actor is so unlikeable with his constant whinning and overacting that I was only able to make it through 44 minutes of this movie. Save yourself the misery and see something else.

Justin S (jp) wrote: This movie is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The affects in this movie are horriable. We only watched 10 minutes of it and turned it off. Dont ever rent or buy this movie it is horriable.

Tim M (es) wrote: Pretty dumb. I don't appreciate when movies try to give me lame life lessons.

Luke D (au) wrote: One of my favourite British horror films its low budget and they did impressive work with that with a very good cast there was a rumour that there was a second one in the making I'm still waiting for it today this film is awesome definitely worth watching.

Carlos R (kr) wrote: Very, very funny movie... Quite dumb but the actors really made me laugh

Vincent G (nl) wrote: An Incredibly slow movie that handle some of the most beautiful and inspiring scenes ever filmed, specialy the main theme scene. Vangelis's score is unforgetable.

Alejandro C (gb) wrote: Me la esperaba mejor. Tardan mucho en pasar las cosas

Paul J (fr) wrote: Sirk is most famous for his "woman weepies." This is an exception. It also happens to be his best film. Clean and effortless storytelling with memorable characters. However, it's the unforgettable black and white cinematography that lingers long after the film is over. It has a nostalgic feel not that different from The Last Picture Show. Tarnished Angels remains an underrated gem that exists in unpretentious perfection.

Private U (ru) wrote: The greatest serial of all.

Ben L (jp) wrote: I absolutely love the visuals in this film, and the way that the music is used to accentuate the story. There's so much emotion expressed through the music, and any time there were lyrics they spoke directly to what was happening in the film. It was brilliant planning and it made Amadeus a joy to watch. I also adored the framing device, because Salieri perfectly explains his entire motivation in only a few minutes with the priest. There were a few acting performances that I struggled with, in fact some people seemed totally anachronistic in their speech patterns. Sadly, the worst of these was Tom Hulce as the titular character. While he softens and becomes tolerable late in the movie, I find his characterization painful to watch. It has been explained to me, in the time since I watched the film, that this was intentional, because we're supposed to be seeing Mozart through Salieri's eyes. I just felt a better actor could have played the character as annoying without making me cringe involuntarily. Luckily F. Murray Abraham was there totally classing up the film. He was remarkable. I loved every acting choice he made, and noticed a lot of subtlety in his performance. With just a slight tweak in casting I would anxiously seek out the opportunity to watch this movie again. Amadeus is definitely a quality movie, and one I'm glad I finally marked off my list of shame.

Peter T (mx) wrote: great film this, bit of a slow mover, but very thoughtful

Stephen P (fr) wrote: Another good dance movie but still think part 2 is still the best. Moose is my dude!!

Tim R (jp) wrote: Hilarious raunch fest!