Fred Z. Randall is geeky and obnoxious spacecraft designer, who gets the chance to make his dream come true and travel to Mars as a member of the first manned flight there.

Nerdy and obnoxious spacecraft designer Fred Z. Randall gets the once-in-a-lifetime chance to fulfill his dream of traveling to Mars, but, as a member of NASA's first manned flight. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bindu C (ag) wrote: Koyelaanchal, a film by Ashu Trikha, focuses on one of the oldest mafia prevailing in our country i.e. coal mafia. The movie projects the usual plot of the good vs. evil, the challenges faced by officers who try to question the system laid down by the mafia. Whoever tries to even think against the mafia are wiped out very brutally and conveniently. Movie has moments of spine chilling violence by the mafia, Maoists movements as well. Ashu Trikha tries to touch upon 'Ecological Disaster' as well.Saryu Bhan Singh (Vinod Khanna) is the undisputed Maalik in Rajapur in Koyelaanchal since last 40 years. In spite of the government understanding the irregularities associated with country's one of the most important and useful resource coal's illegal trade, nothing is being done in order to set the things right. Atrocities continue. The beginning scene itself is very disturbing: Children are playing football, they happen to witness the manager of Saryu Bhan Singh - Babu Lal Yadav, being attacked and killed by Bhushan (a traitor from Saryu's group) along with Maoists. After the attackers go, one child goes and picks up their football (without even bothering about the dead body) which is red lying in the blood, and very coolly goes and washes his football with water. This scene reflects that how common these killings are in Rajapur, even the children are so used to these things. There is Raniganj, a neighbouring village of Rajapur, where Karua (Vipinno) is shown, Saryu Bhan's one of the most loyalist, strongest and tough henchman. He is a terror for Saryu's 'enemies'. In Saryu's enemies' words, Karua is Saryu's Khunkar Kutta (brutal dog). Karua speaks less throughout the movie, only his 'actions' speak. For Karua, his Lord is Saryu Bhan. There is a scene, where Karua washes the feet of Saryu Bhan and drinks that water, which showed the unquestioned loyalty of Karua towards his Maalik / Godfather. Karua is given much of screen time, where he with the blessings of Saryu Bhan, murders every single person who rose voice against Saryu Bhan viz. Govardhan Das Vidrohi (an activist and maseeha for Koyelaanchal), Debashish Ghosh (Advocate, Nasru (in jail), Bhushan etc.Saryu Bhan is projected as a spiritual person who does not miss his single aradhanna and on the other side, his people are murdering his opponents. A new collector Nisheeth Kumar (Suniel Shetty) takes the charge and that is when the challenges for Saryu Bhan Singh begins. Nisheeth studies the irregularities in the coal-trading and when he tries to highlight those issues, as expected, he and his family become the target of Saryu. There are officers like Kannan Ayyar (Central Bureau Investigation officer) and a few others joining Nisheeth in his efforts to end Saryu Bhan Singh's monopoly in the region. Saryu gives orders to Karua to threaten Nisheeth and family, but things go haywire since Nisheeth's child is left in his vehicle when Karua runs away with Nisheeth's vehicle. How Nisheeth reacts? How Saryu Bhan responds to the various unexpected events happening around him ? Does the undisputed leader of Koyelaanchal ever get arrested (who was never arrested during the last 40 years of his reign)? How do other officers support Nisheeth in getting his child back from Karua? Does Karua end up hurting the child or the child's presence brings some transformation in Karua ? Why did the script include so many times F**** words, was it required at all? The dialogue by Nisheet's wife on being asked whether she is afraid of the proceedings at Koyelaanchal - Aurat jab labour room ka khauf and dard sah kar jinda vapas aati hai, tab ye baat samajh let hai ki jindagi me nayi umeed chahiye to thodi takleef uthani to padegi (When a lady survives the fear and pain of the labour room, she understands that if one wants new hopes in life then he or she has to bear a few sufferings as well) is good, but is it practical?What was the intention of the director Ashu Trikka behind making this movie, was it to highlight one of the oldest mafia of our country i.e. coal mafia, or to focus upon Maoists movements with Deshi Bombs and Katta, or upon the social activists who are trying to bring some reforms or the helplessness of the government or bureaucracy in not being able to fight the mightier illegal traders. Koyelaanchal tries to incorporate typical Bollywood masala, but fails to create an impact.

Elvia M (kr) wrote: hilarious! fuck rotten tomatoes for not watching this film!!!!

Sawyer W (gb) wrote: This is a fantastic movie. Reminds me of an actual movie from the 80s. See this one!

Greg T (it) wrote: Ken Loach delivers a frequently hilarious, occasionally grim, and magically touching kitchen sink fantasy about a middle-aged Manchester postman who's hit the skids, but who gets a chance to turn his life around thanks to the unexpected friendship and advice of Manchester United legend Eric Cantona. Eric is a mess - living with his two teenage step-sons who treat him like dirt and thrust back into the orbit of his ex-wife, the great "one who got away". As he sinks deeper into depression his buddies try to help him out through various comic self-help therapies, which result in the great Cantona popping up like a fairy godmother, dispensing his famous bizarre philosophy and helping Eric get his life back on track. And his advice is never more needed when a local heavy threatens his family, leading to a truly bizarre, memorable, and very funny set-piece that is both silly and really quite brilliant. A lovely film.

Sylvester E (fr) wrote: A fantastic film....

James H (us) wrote: It accomplishes what a documentary should: it?s informative, it has great interviews, it held my interest right to the end and I learned a few things. It?s not a high quality production, but the filmmakers did a great job with what they had. They draw you into the contestants and make you care about them. Good job.

Zoran S (fr) wrote: Stunningly beautiful. I can't say I fully understood it, but I'd watch it again in a heartbeat.

Elysia W (de) wrote: This was interesting.

Forest B (ag) wrote: This is honestly one of the greatest films I have seen in a long time.

Amber F (ca) wrote: tells the story of Ricky Brown a young guy who has been brought up by his older brother to play football,when Ricky tries to tell him he doesn't want to play they both come to blows and his brother collapses.Ridden with guilt Ricky runs away to NY to deal with what has happened ,their he finds a friend who he confides in,but it's not long untill his coach comes looking for him,slow paced but some real serious isues delt with in the movie not a bad job.

Stuart P (it) wrote: I quite liked this. It was slow at first but it picked up; though it felt slightly contrived. Firth is brilliant, Bacon OK, Lohman pretty average.

Wendy M (us) wrote: it reminded me of brokeback mountain... except more intimate and better.

Avery P (es) wrote: By far the greatest shark movie of all time. Easily exceeds Jaws 1. Anyone who dislikes this movie is a complete moron!! Long live the Shark!!

Jens S (fr) wrote: Spielberg's classic UFO film is the blueprint for the barely used naive, optimistic alien encounter genre. The reason why very few movies after this one even went this direction and rather blew up the White House instead is simply that it can't get any better than this. Starting out wonderfully mysteriously and disturbing, sometimes even scary, the film soon concentrates on Dreyfuss' character's own approach to the things he saw on the night sky and his visions to culminate in nothing less than the biggest Christmas three ball of movie history. This film simply combines all the assets of Spielberg's early work perfectly. Even the special effects still look pretty good 30 years later, maybe excluding the aliens. And John Williams' melody went down in pop culture history. A masterpiece.

Scott S (jp) wrote: An indistinguishable entry in the series, but in this 9th outing I'm sure the creative team were running low on ideas. This is Johnny Sheffield's final performance as Boy -- probably because he was, in fact, no longer a boy. The subplot about restoring a young prince to his throne should have been played up more; it got lost in the second act.

Eileen J (fr) wrote: Cool movie. Brittany Murphy's performance was amazing. I will most def add this to my movie collection. I recommed this to anyone who love a good suspense movie.

Michael M (au) wrote: Ethan Hawke is a king and the concept of this movie definitely fucks with your head. The idea of modern warfare being fought from control booths and drones is pretty crazy. Plus Zoe Kravitz and January Jones are both hot and should be in more movies.

Wayne20 S (kr) wrote: One of my top favorite horror movies! Campy and fun. I think peoples problems are they go into Leprechaun movies expecting something serious/ flat out horror.

Bryant P (de) wrote: Does not get the credit it deserves, unfairly lumped in with the rest of the prequels. Dark, thought-provoking, and epic. Represents an inkling of what Star Wars could have been, but is still ultimately one of the best of the entire series