A shady land deal leaves every schemer in the city determined to get rich or die trying. While the city's seasoned criminals vie for the cash, street-wise hustler One Two tries to play both sides of the fence... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


RocknRolla torrent reviews

Stephen P (ag) wrote: Kinda disappointed with this actually.

Mary C (kr) wrote: The one star is for the gorgeous interior and exterior locations. Otherwise if it was possible to bestow a negative number of starts, that is what would happen. Michael Caine was beyond bland, making the premise of the young woman falling for him totally absurd. It was painful to watch the actors going through the script, obviously hoping for "finis" to mercifully put an end to it.

Dave R (fr) wrote: Well it was just dumb movie all together wow B movie all the way

Kyriakos G (us) wrote: this was a very good movie, dont wast your time and see the 2nd one, its so shit, could not make it to the end,

Deanna W (ag) wrote: movie was too funny..laughed the whole time kevin hart did his thang...if you haven't seen it get it cus u want be disappointed

Ben G (ca) wrote: This was one of the funniest movies of all time. And though the sequel was decent, The Video Game was absolutely brilliant. I recommend anyone who loved this movie play through both.

Joseph M (gb) wrote: Wow....I'm speechless. It is hard to capture the trashyness the sheer cheesiness celebrated in this movie

Joseph K (de) wrote: Brilliant is correct! I don't think I've ever felt so despondent and helpless as I was at the end of this film. I would also say unforgettable (I think i saw it in the late 60's at some art house), but i remembered the lead actress as Eva Marie Saint, not jean Seberg. Anyhow both she and Warren Beatty were phenomenal. It is/was an unknown only because it was so brutally frank. definitely a must see!!

Zachary M (ag) wrote: The idea may be a bit intriguing, but the execution falls way beyond short. The death scenes which are what the series is most iconic for are very lacking. I understand they beefed them up for squeals, but I can't imagine why they would since this movie is so underwhelming. And the acting, the acting in this is atrocious. No one delivers a believable or motivated performance. It is the text book definition of bland acting, not caring in the slightest. I thought the original would be better than the sequels, yet somehow it may be worse. What a waste.

Kyle T (nl) wrote: ridiculous and fun...gets better with age

Rogerinho S (jp) wrote: Some good acting, some average. Overall the drama was quite believable, but characters too often witheld information just to create mystery.

Greg R (it) wrote: This movie might be the best of Ralph Bakshi's films, not my personal favorite, but it's probably his best.

Thrse F (br) wrote: Not interested in seeing this.