Sanjay Dutt makes his film debut. Shamlal is a union leader for the workers of construction company Ratanlal, who is tragically killed just when safety negotiations begin, leaving behind a devastated family. Shamlal's youngest son Rakesh takes his father's death the hardest, having fits whenever his family comes near. As a result, he is given up for adoption, and renamed Rocky, and assumes a carefree life with a new family. When Rocky reaches adulthood he falls in love, only to reveal buried traumas about his past.

Shamlal is an educated young man who is employed in the construction business by Ratanlal. Shamlal is also the union leader, and would like Ratanlal to enforce measures for workers' safety.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Rocky torrent reviews

Abi C (it) wrote: Thattathin Marayathu is a film make to fall in love with characters :)

Roberto S (de) wrote: Eh.. what should I say this film was.. A bit enjoyable in a guilty pleasure type of way. Not so much as a well done but it's something I suppose.

Mandy D (ag) wrote: Personajes no muy queribles, en situaciones quizs poco deseadas pero tan comunes.

Jared M (jp) wrote: Emotionsl and life-breathing grasp on reality of what-if!

David L (it) wrote: Hands down best soccer movie.

Isadore H (nl) wrote: A spectacularly crafted thriller starring a bunch of actors that I don't know that well, but still did a great job here. The last 15 minutes is where all the shit goes down, but everything leading up to that was also fantastic and very interesting. I really enjoyed the plot, and I thought the dialogue was fantastic, even if the story dragged a bit in the middle. I also wanted the action to last a bit longer, but I also realize the movie wasn't about that, it was psychological at its core. I enjoyed The Invitation quite a bit, and I considered it a fantastic slow-burn type film.

Ronnie S (au) wrote: Denne film er jo, nsten, lige s episk som Mr. Nanny. Jeg s den med en kammerat der ikke havde set den fr, og han blev jo blst fuldstndig vk af ren epicness! Bring back Rip !!!!

Nay D (gb) wrote: Great movie based on a tue story

Paul A (nl) wrote: Vey funny and nicely acted. Good film.

Renee R (ag) wrote: story line once again shit but the awkward hot stripping dance moves makes up for it ...just