Roda tsanta kai kopana

Roda tsanta kai kopana

2011 sequel to the cult 80s movie Roda Tsanta Kai Kopana. Picking up nearly 30 years after the last movie, the students, now adults, get to work at the school they once attended. Now 'Billias" and the rest of the crew will have to face the same things they once used to do to their own teachers.

2011 sequel to the cult 80s movie Roda Tsanta Kai Kopana . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan H (kr) wrote: Many great nights on this street and can't wait to see it in a movie!

Joe A (mx) wrote: The big problem here is that this flick tries to pay homage to so many different types of Japanese sci-fi and fantasy movies that it bites off more then it can chew and just becomes a silly and practically incoherent blend of goofball nonsense. At the very least the film could have been a nostalgic tribute to Japanese genre flicks had it, like the films it tries to honor, taken itself seriously and let the campy charm flow naturally. But the makers treat it all with goofy humor as if they are trying to pay homage and yet mock their subject matter at the same time. All that results is a dull and noisy mess that only serves to insult the films it set out to pay homage to.

JT K (ag) wrote: Hostel meets The Happening, as tourists run afoul of, well..(Spoiler: it's killer vines). Given the story, The Ruins is not a ridiculous as it could have been. Some queasy moments here and there, but in a more visceral way (lots of battlefield surgery) than genuine suspense. Not as obnoxious as it could have been, but not as effective as it should be (by all accounts, the book is a tense read)

Janet M (kr) wrote: Hmmm ok. probably will see this one.

bill s (es) wrote: This is the worst film Willis has ever made and with a ton of crap to his credit,that's saying something.

Orlok W (ag) wrote: 1970's New York Crime Drama At Its Best--Good performances by Scheider & Lo Bianco; terrific car chase!!

Luis S (kr) wrote: close reencounters of the 2nd kind. the most human film i saw in years and i think the last one was a bergman too. the pleasure of genious watching. there's half a star missing just because.

Barry T (fr) wrote: A fascinating documentary about Shep Gordon with some great interviews from the stage and screen

Martin H (gb) wrote: A good film... But... Unfortunately I just didn't enjoy it. It's not a film for me. But I can appreciate it. 6/10