Rodrigo D: No futuro

Rodrigo D: No futuro

Rodrigo and his friends are bored teenagers living in Medellin. Rodrigo wants to start a punk band. The youths mainly loaf around the hillside shanty towns and, for kicks, steal a bike or car, or shoot someone.

Rodrigo, a poor and troubled teenager in the barrios of Medellin, Colombia, struggles to find hope in a world ravaged by violence and chaos. An aspiring drummer in a punk band, he uses his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rodrigo D: No futuro torrent reviews

Jeremy A (nl) wrote: Amazing! On Netflix Instant. Use the English subtitles. The accents are so thick, the Glaswegians get headaches.

Randy L (br) wrote: in the clear light of morning, i'm glad I saw this, but if I'd known what I was getting into beforehand, I probably would not have gone through with it. actually, the first 3rd of it is pretty compelling. somewhere after the 2 hour mark, though, a maniacal, inner laughter took hold of me - i think as a defense mechanism against the over-indulgent tedium of it. it felt like a frantically transcribed dream journal of druggie profundity - equal parts homage to and documentation of DMT (and the like). The director must surely be a practicing psychonaut, who is able to maintain just enough of a grounding in sober reality to transmit a model universe of his innermost pharmacological experiences. In that narrow sense, the movie is wildly successful. but you could also say that if the movie is an invitation, or an advocacy for, The Great Psychic Leap, then it is simultaneously an urgent warning against dangerous experimentation and testament to the slippery slope between sanity and a wasted life.

Bill M (nl) wrote: I left the room at first opportunity.

Eddie A (ca) wrote: I didn't really care much for kids that were in peril, they kind of annoyed me. The red neck zombies kept me pretty entertained. Good make up and gore effects.

Michle F (au) wrote: Journey of 3 strangers whose purpose were to see the same person had got a horrific grand scheme planted as a hidden message. Couldn't be said as an intense story, yet following the footsteps of these 3 and slowly seeing the story unfolds itself along the way have made it an intriguing movie, especially towards the end of it.

DC E (us) wrote: "Better Luck Tomorrow" 10 Scale Rating: 7.0 (Good) ...A group of bored Asian high school students venture into a life of petty crime and get hooked on it. Starting with selling the answers to tests, they eventually degenerate into theft, drugs, violence and murder. Well done. I was intrigued from start to finish and while the ending was a little weak, I was not disappointed. Part crime film, part high school film you are easily drawn into the plot and can't help but want to see the outcome. You can also tell from the first ten minutes that this was all going to end very badly for them. Heh. Early on, it was hard to get into a few of the characters ... but they come around. Aside from John Cho, there are no recognizable names and it was refreshing to see new faces in a film."Better Luck Tomorrow" shows us that you don't need a massive budget to make a decent film.

Michelle A (au) wrote: no info = no interest

Aj V (us) wrote: This is Elvis' first movie, so if you're a fan you wont want to miss it. I saw it a long time ago, so I don't remember it very well, but I do remember liking it. I'll have to see it again.

Allan C (ag) wrote: William Powell visits his hometown with wife Myrna Loy, and would you guess that Nick and Nora get caught up in another murder mystery? I suppose you can give the film points for mixing things up a bit, but I do prefer to see Nick & Nora swapping witty banter in Manhattan nightclubs rathe than being witty over picket fences in Sycamore Springs. This entry into the series clearly acknowledges that no one is going to these films for the mystery and are going for the comedy, because this film has significantly more humor than the prior films, which is not a bad thing, but that coupled with the drastic change of setting made this feel less like a Thin Man film and more just like another Powell/Loy vehicle. Still, it's hard to not love anything where Powell and Loy are doing comedy and charming witty banter.

Andrew B (ca) wrote: One of the most entertaining Will Ferrell movies. Possibly the best acting of Ferrell or Riley. A comfortable favourite in my collection when the need for craziness if present.

Mo B (gb) wrote: Rating: 93%WarGames is intelligent and suspenseful, with a surprisingly good performance from Matthew Broderick and a tense premise.

John E (ca) wrote: Albeit depressing in the end, it was a well shot movie with some though provoking ideas.