A story based on hallucinations and illusions experienced due to occurring of nerve wrecking incidents, causing a spine chilling thrill, created by a paradox of paranormal ideas, Rokkk is based on a combination of supernatural thoughts and Inevitable emotions. A narrative about two female protagonists Anushka and Ahana. Anushka wedded an elderly man named Ravi. Ravi ties the knot for the second time after an unknown death of his first wife Pooja. Anushka's mother is a single ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Hindi,Marathi,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Rokkk 2010 full movies, Rokkk torrents movie

New Delhi-based Anushka Walia, who lives with her widowed mother, gets a phone from her frightened sister, Ahana Warda, from Goa. Shortly thereafter a male comes on the phone and informs ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean G (gb) wrote: Adapt the key points of a classic comic story and don't add weird off putting relationships and you get a satisfying, emotional narrative. The Judas Contract already has creepy, off putting relationship beats and they make sense and are key to the plot. I'll say it again, satisfying!

Shawn S (es) wrote: This is surprisingly fun and features some great (occasionally dark) humor.

Street J (ca) wrote: Takeshi Kitano's gangster flicks revolve around straight-faced Japanese men in suits being murdered one by one for offenses they could have otherwise not made. Outrage Beyond continues that trend and continues it well. It's the most technologically sophisticated and modern film Kitano has made and fans will love every minute of it. Slightly longer on talk and politics than violence, but once the blood begins being shed, it continues until the bloody end. I haven't heard much info about the 3rd film - which will likely be the ending of a trilogy, but I'm anxious to see it. These films have less depth than THE GODFATHER, but continues Kitanos' masterful display of Yakuza culture. My only regret is that the DVD becomes available long before the film hits theaters in America - and only at limited screenings. I wish I could show my support by buying a ticket, but after "BROTHER" failed to make big waves, most American promoters won't take a chance on foreign films.

Tony D (it) wrote: beautiful and beastiful! love this movie. Heart warming with tender.

Mikko L (br) wrote: A cool film, kinda teenagey, yet having a sinister edge to it. Quite a distinct vibe in this one and the atmosphere is... Well, as said, cool. Worth a watch.

Branko S (it) wrote: When your fantasies finally come true, sometimes they are awkward and unsatisfying. I guess there's a good reason why they didn't seem realistic... However I do believe there's a happy ending for everyone of us... just like in this great movie.

Robyn M (nl) wrote: Unique, well-directed and acted biopic concerning the troubled artist Jackson Pollock (Ed Harris), his relationship with his wife (Marcia Gay Harden), and how his internal demons cut a brilliant career short.While in some ways it is predictable, including a disturbing final act, the film contains a hypnotic quality about it thanks to an insanely possessed Harris, who is just splendid and you can tell he is very passionate about this particular person.

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Lorelei A (au) wrote: A minor pleasure but full of fun from first to last. They did so much with so little.

Mark C (br) wrote: Surreal and darkly funny. I enjoyed it, though there were a few boring scenes. Certainly can't beat Tetsuo: the Ironman, but that's a whole different kind of film.

Sebastian C (jp) wrote: i'd like Cronenberg to remake this film. with a bit of gore in it.

Aniqa S (jp) wrote: half a star because its bad. 5 star for making me laugh because of its stupidity

Aj V (au) wrote: I hate westerns, which isn't the only reason I hated this movie, it's just so boring and slow, I couldn't stand it.