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Cam E (gb) wrote: This is the worst film I have ever seen. Horrid Henry The Movie is absolutely awful, such a disappointment. This is so poorly made and it is also badly directed. This film could have been a great movie and that opportunity is wasted with this film. I have never been more disappointed with a film. Director Nick Moore directed the film Wild Child which I really really like very much, yet Wild Child is so good and this movie is awful. If only Nick Moore directed this film like he did with Wild Child then this could have been good. Horrid Henry The Movie is a film with a bad plot, awful directing, and bad special effects. The plot is terrible, Horrid Henry fails yet again to do his Homework, his teacher is sacked so he is invited on Too Cool For School. That is literally it. It's a shame because Anjelica Huston is in this film, she is such a great actress yet in this film she wasn't at her best. Theo Stevenson, he played Horrid Henry, his acting is awful, Matthew Horne his acting is awful. Anjelica Huston is the only decent cast. This film could have been much better. Do not watch this film, it's a disaster. A pretty Horrid film indeed. Awful and unwatchable. I could go on for hours... it's awful!

David U (nl) wrote: Think Erin Brockovich with a lot of hard drugs.

Solomon G (fr) wrote: This piece of crap doesn't deserve a review, but I'm angry, so here goes: I really HATE this lazy, clich-strewn, formulaic, 'packaged' offering...teenagers again, but not just any old spotty teenagers, cat walk models who magically maintain their pristine appearance throughout; mainly American tourists who obviously get murdered and chopped up the second they leave the very safe confines of the good old US of A...with the odd Brit thrown in for variety, who weirdly talks in American dialect and says "fucking" a lot.Also - and this is my biggest bugbear - girls who scream and fall apart at the slightest hint of stress, when everybody knows they are the stronger sex. Aaaaagh! I fucking hate that - total anachronism in the times we live in. Stop portraying women like that, you fucking dickwads...All been done before and much better. Straight to DVD fare.

Ankur B (mx) wrote: A story abt passion abt dreams and abt talent and will power to fulfill those dreams. Its a touching story abt a simple physically challenged boy fulfilling his dream with cricket as its backdrop. Its beautifully acted and narrated. All three main characters were born to play these roles.

Jimmy C (br) wrote: Un documentaire qui malgr quelques dtours plus ou moins recommendables, fait preuve d'une nuance hallucinante et d'un regard particulirement complet sur son sujet. Grandement dirig.

Maximilian E (ag) wrote: Weird. Good to have Gene Wilder and Zero Mostell reprising the Producers dynamic but the resectful adaptation of Ionesco's original play is too constrictive for them to truly cature the same hilarity. A good adaptation though with some nice cinematic touches and, obviously, good performances. Funny and thought provoking.

Paul H (es) wrote: Better than it should be. Kay Lenz before she began looking incredibly weird. William Holden once again suffering the indignities of an aging actor. Decidedly only a movie that could have been made between about 1969 and 1974.

JoEy M (ca) wrote: Excellent black and white classic, very good.

Alja M (it) wrote: This is one of the best Stanly Kubricks movies although it is his early movie. It is just great.

Brittany J (es) wrote: I love this movie and I really like Kathrine Heigl as well.