A recently outed soap opera actor crosses paths with a recently divorced gay marriage activist, forcing them to confront the price of fame and the fickle nature of celebrity within the gay community.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:actor,   hotel,   kiss,  

A recently outed soap opera actor crosses paths with a recently divorced gay marriage activist, forcing them to confront the price of fame and the fickle nature of celebrity within the gay community. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Panos M (ag) wrote: Although the story doesn't break into any new territory, it surprised me with its honesty and realistic approach.

Arpita M (mx) wrote: Documentary that completely explains how I view the world. I am a Quantum Activist, are you?

Jan V (ag) wrote: The premise of Demoted is pretty simple and predictable. Film is set in a tire-company and the two lead characters (Sean Astin and Michael Vartan) are both working in the sales department trying to sell tires over the phone. Job looks about as depressing and dead-end as any so they spend their time harrassing a third colleague (David Cross). They both are the favourites of the manager. When that manager dies , their harrassed colleague gets the manager's job and now it's payback time. The film is about how they are trying to cope with their new positions in the company.I did not expect a lot of this film. Came in with really low expectations and at first it seems that another 90 minutes of my life would be wasted on another crappy movie. The lead characters were really unlikeable and character-less. It's hard to symphatize with loser-assholes working a dead-end sales job and living in their mother's basements. So I was thinking this would feature David Cross as the main protagonist, trying to beat down these two guys. Instead the screenwriter decided to make him the villain. I have to say that David Cross is the star in this one. I liked him a lot in Arrested Development and he plays a similar delusional clumsy loudmouth.The story is thin, main guys are unlikeable and you first wonder what you are watching and why you are watching it. Some would find the film a bit slow-moving but I have no issues with that. It doesn't have to be MTV-style all of the time.Gradually you manage to conjure up some sympathy for the guys and the initial pity you feel for the David Cross character turns into a small form of hate because of all the incredible asshole moves he pulls off once he gets his hands on the scepter so to speak.It's a comedy and I have seen films that called themselves that and not cracked a smile. This one is different. It has his moments. I was on the ground laughing a few times. It might not be the subtlest comedy but this isn't the subtlest film. The fact that it made me laugh makes me ok with this one. It's entertaining when you're in the mood. It's like a bowl of spaghetti with regular tomato sauce : it does what it's supposed to but you won't get poetic over it and start clamoring the spaghetti's chef deserves a few Michelin stars.6/10


Andrew D (us) wrote: interesting and informative ... almost felt a bit like adults doing Lord of Flies ...

Ollie W (es) wrote: Despite presumably honorable intentions and sticking close to the actual events, Shi-Zheng's film is sadly completely lacking in tension or involvement. Partly thanks to the cold, frank direction and Liu's somewhat vacant performance, this tale of an ambitious young science student who's complex relationship with his mentor eventually results in almost an implausible massacre, feels like a plodding, low budget exercise that never really get's going. Building slowly to a conclusion that inexplicably lacks any real emotional punch, and with several completely redundant characters (the parents, Meryl Streep) Dark Matter tries and fails to enunciate the tragic consequences of academic pressure and cultural differences.

Darton M (nl) wrote: This movie is one of the best I've ever seen. The beginning was slighly boring, and some of the movie seemed just to fill time, but the majority of the film kept me waiting for what would happen next. Most of it was expected, except the one part (I can't reveal it, for very obvious reasons post-movie) but it felt so nice to be able to look into someone else's life and see their everyday. The land of Terabithia was only seen to the kids, as is was meant to be. Until the end when Jess opened it to the world. We got to see it, special effects and all, only when the in-movie world did. I was swept away by that world and I still feel the tragedy coursing through me as if I was the one grieving. (I watched the movie in theaters). I can still somehow, if I think hard enough, imagine myself there. The movie was at first a bit boring, but I feel the point was to make a lasting impression. And it did. The universe leaves you aching to be back, and if the book hadn't been a single book, I would've complained that a second movie wasn't out yet. I've seen the movie at least 40 times, and although it doesn't get it better, there is no way in which it can get worse. This movie was a big part of my childhood (I am only 13 now) and still continues with me and, in a way, guides me. If other people didn't have as good a time watching this, I'm okay with that. I personally could not have been happier with the way they portrayed the characters and the way it all folded together.

David P (br) wrote: It looks so dumb. Even went in not wanting to like it, but it turned out be surprisingly very funny and poignant. Trey Parker and Matt Stone seem to have a unique gift. I can't describe it otherwise.

saqib b (mx) wrote: This is a very good movie.

Kyoko K (us) wrote: hommage to all the american musicals

Greg S (fr) wrote: Suicidal Harry Haller withdraws into a symbolic dream world where he comes to terms with his dual nature as man and beast, his destructively cynical assessment of Goethe, the fact that he desperately needs to get laid and smoke some dope, and other problems facing 1920s German intellectuals. A reverent and faithful adaptation of Herman Hesse's classic novel with some cool moments, but the performances are too restrained and languid, some of the accents of the international cast are impenetrable, and many of the "money shot" psychedelic effects in the Magic Theater finale seem campy and dated today.

Draculalover18 l (ru) wrote: sounds awesome duuuuuuuuuuude

Rosemonde L (jp) wrote: 20 years after the fact, I watched this movie. I've been hearing good things about it for that long. But oh my my, how wrong were those commenters... OMG, it's so fucking dumb... What the hell dude, why are you scotched to this girl? She's playing you the whole movie long, but at the end, you beg her to marry you?! Seriously, you've got self-confidence issues. If the roles where reversed, this movie would be categorized deeply wrong by any normal human being, and the then dude-star would be called an a**-h*le. But because SHE is the star, it seems ok to go out with someone when you are in a relationship and play hot and cold for months? I say no. And why, oh why, is she hysterical about those pictures? Girl, nobody cares you've shown your ass. Get over it... So painful to watch. Why you coming to see the poor dude you dumped a couple of months ago after 2 days of going out with him?! Does not make sense at all. Like, despite the fact that he is generally a looser, you need to show him he still can help and protect you? F*ck that sexist idea. This film is beyond ridiculous. If this is what romance looks like, I am doomed to be alone.

Kathleen H (kr) wrote: i really love this movie