Rölli ja kultainen avain

Rölli ja kultainen avain


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Finnish
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The film is a family-friendly story of the power of friendship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Rölli ja kultainen avain torrent reviews

Honoria D (nl) wrote: Couldn't believe the culmination of three wonderful actors could result in such a crock of s**t.

Laura L (ru) wrote: Wim & I went to see [i]The Inconveniant Truth[/i] opening night. On the way there, we saw a college age guy get hit by a car. It was at a 5-way intersection during the day with about 50 witnesses. The guy fell onto the windshield and onto the ground. The car wasn't going very fast, but he still had blood pouring out of his arm. They tried to drive away, but got stuck on his skateboard. When it was obvious they were trying to flee the scene, his friends took down the cars plates and the skateboarder himself tried to talk to them through the window. He asked them, "I hope you aren't trying to leave. You hit me. You have to wait for the Police." The woman on the passenger side said "Well maybe you shouldn't have been in the street." (he was in the crosswalk) The 2 people in the car looked more pissed off that they had hit him, then concerned that he was hurt. I still clearly remember her expression of total annoyance. Those people hopefully got a huge fine, later when the Police showed up at their door for a "hit in run". Anyway, Wim was pretty horrifyed having to witness that. Well me too. I'm glad he was ok. (that's what he said when his friends asked him) We went to the theater after this. It was hard to get into the movie going mind-set. But we both had been looking forward to this movie. It was crowded, so that was a good sign. I learned a lot watching the movie, I don't know much about global warming, and it was nice that he speaks to all people. I liked the part where he said, after every speech/presentation he goes over how he could help everyone understand more clearly. And I have to say, that all my questions were addressed. He's a good speaker, and definately passionate about the subject. He's not telling you to gain riches or power, he's telling us about it, to save the earth and everyone on it. I hope a lot of people go see it. It's very imformative and important. He also has a part from a Futurma, "explaining" Global Warming. hehe Very amusing. And ways the common person can make a difference. Wim found the movie [i]Outfoxed[/i] at that apartment he cleaned/painted, so we decided to watch that. It's about how Fox News is corrupt, biased and completely right-winged. Wow, that Bill O"Reilley is an asshole. They show a whole montage of him shouting at his guests telling them to shut up. All of these people are just calmly sitting in a chair trying to respond to a question he just asked them, and as soon as O'Reilley hears something he doesn't agree with he goes berzerk. He was astonished to hear that a man whose father had been killed in 911, was against war. He was a young soft spoken guy who tried to express his views, then O'Reilley yells at him, asks for his mic to be turned off, and later to be escorted off the grounds because he might have to beat him up. I can't believe he is a journalist. Shouldn't he change jobs to write books about how Bush and the republican party can do no wrong? I don't think being a journalist suits him. It seems like he's totally unprepared to hear opinions that are not his own. It was hard to watch at some points. We also watched a WW2 movie called [i]Out of the Ashes[/i].It's a real life story of a Jewish woman that became an Ob/gyn, and had her own succesful practise in Hungary, until she was captured by the Nazis and forced to work in the infirmary where Dr. Mengala did his experiments. She tries to immigrate to America to start over, after her entire family is killed at Auschwitz. The American Gov, interogates her and implies that she helped the Nazis by working in the camp's infirmary. It's nicely done, and very compelling.

James L (jp) wrote: This movie creeps me out and I hate the ending of it, but it goes along with DARK SHADOWS so there ya go.

Rory S (fr) wrote: It's not an inspirational sports movie, though it has elements of that, nor is it a drama in a sport setting entirely. It does have a few awkward parts, or at least to me they were, but they only add to the humanistic approach that this movie portrays of competition.

Chad L (mx) wrote: A bromidic black and white vampire film in which George Zucco plays two different characters, twins in fact, and does a decent job. Adam Sandler should take notes.

Nicole J (nl) wrote: I really like Clark Gable in this movie ^^

Scott R (ru) wrote: Harsh and realistic, not exactly a feel good film. Much seemed poorly staged.

Eric J (jp) wrote: Kind of like "Body of Evidence". It was shot well though had a nice feel to it. but the premise was overwrought. Billy Baldwin stinks.