Romance for Bugle

Romance for Bugle

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Romance for Bugle torrent reviews

RajanSatish P (ru) wrote: Dark & Intense War Horror

Lohita P (it) wrote: Love the music. So much like saudade from Brazil.

Daniel P (nl) wrote: Sometimes films are so bad they are good, this doesn't apply here, the film is dire. Avoid like the clap.

Rebecca N (ag) wrote: Had a made-for-TV-movie quality. Would have liked a little more of the up part -- this was mostly down. Not bad though. [ifc 4-08]

Steve G (br) wrote: As we went to the same college I feel somewhat obliged to watch every movie featuring Colin Firth. Plus I heard it had Heather Graham in her underwear.

John A (gb) wrote: Runaway Train Is A Fast Moving Thriller As Two Escaped Convicts Help A Young Female Employee Slow Down This Freight Train That Could Derail & Cause A Radiation Leak At A Nearby Nuclear Plant.Originally Intended As A Film By Akira Kurosawa (Who Wrote The Original Screenplay) But Ended Up On The Back Burner For 15 Years, The Screenplay Is Reworked & A New Director On The Scene Means This Often Forgot About Cult Classic Comes To Life.The Film Is A Fast Pace Thriller, Where The Three Main Characters Are So Well Developed That You Actually Care About Them, Jon Voight Was Nominated For An Oscar, The Best Actor Category, As Well As Eric Roberts Nomination In The Best Supporting Actor Category & The Reason Why Is Shown Here Both Actors Give An Incredible Performance As The Cons Turned Anti-Heroes Along With Rebecca DeMornay's Performance This Is One Train Not To Miss.

Jane B (de) wrote: this was the very first 'gay' movie I watched! It's outdated but the backing tracks are pretty good - as is the story line. It's still a great movie for a rainy day.

Emily M (kr) wrote: Oh my god. This movie is hilarious for all the wrong reasons. Maybe it's just because I'm watching it from a modern-day perspective, but really, how else are you supposed to watch a movie? The fact is, it just doesn't stand up against the test of time. Plus, it's rather disgustingly sexist. It's obvious that this movie is a satire against feminism. But also, bizarrely enough, it's a satire against consumerism? Oh, and it's a random musical, like so many comedies from the '60s. But the best (or worst part, depending on your POV) is that the climax of the movie is a 10-PERSON CAR CHASE that lasts for almost 15 minutes. Which leads me to believe that the true moral of Sex and the Single Girl is this - "Women are all sex-crazed nymphos, easily misled, and need a man to keep them in line. And also heinously bad driving is A-OK." Watch this movie with friends and feel free to talk during. It's funnier that way.

Ted W (es) wrote: Typical depression-era confection from Berkley taken over the top by a game cast. Powell is, as always, phenomenal. Keeler is thankfully kept to a minimum, and Blondell really takes the center spotlight. Pitts and Kibbee are hilarious. It was amusingly pointed out that Berkley, famous for the "backstage musical" format always produced numbers that could never occur on stage.

Kris H (kr) wrote: Yes, heavy on sentimentality, but the best kind. I'm so appreciative of artists who have come and gone and in the process have enriched my life.