Romance in a Minor Key

Romance in a Minor Key

A grieving husband tries to uncover the truth behind his wife's suicide, leading him to discover a tragic tale of infidelity and redemption.

A grieving husband tries to uncover the truth behind his wife's suicide, leading him to discover a tragic tale of infidelity and redemption. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David D (de) wrote: A superb performance by Laurence Fishburne in his one-man show portraying Thurgood Marshall. He does a fine job of conveying the challenges and triumphs of this great man's life.

Gary W (au) wrote: great story and the voice talent is impeccable.

Radhika N (au) wrote: Ulliel is beautiful to watch with his minimal emoting. The story is about him. The others are there to show how he might be perceived and reacted to. Yvan (Ulliel) is a troubled youth escaped from a home for such boys. He doesn't have family. He has few friends. He can't read. He is not friendly or nice or worldly-wise. He has little or no guile but he has a strong sense of self-preservation. And he is also given to passing out (probably due to seizures from the way they happened).The war exodus in France 1940 pairs him with a family. It consists of a young mother who lives by rules rather than instinct. Faced with new situations her instinct is to do the familiar thing or freeze. Her son is 13 and beginning to realize that mom isn't always right. Yvan is the family's care-taker as he has the skills to survive in a hostile environment. He lives off the land and brings home food for the little family to survive in the house he found for them. Unbeknownst to them he has also restricted their means to communicate with the outside world because he is afraid of losing them. The arrival of two French soldiers making their way home throws everyone off the life they were getting used to. It also leads Odile (Bart) To succumb to her attraction for Yvan. This is a beautiful scene made more poignant by the hunger in the young man who has never experienced such intimacy before. The next day the family learns of his arrest for looting and are themselves taken in for living in someone else's house. In the camp for displace people they learn of Yvan's death by hanging and come to know a little bit more about his past. The mother freezes up as usual.There is a place in the movie where perhaps Odile could have saved Yvan by speaking up and claiming him as part of the family. But she never extends as helping a hand as she received from the young man. The movie makes one think about right and wrong, normal or not, in its own subdued way.

Bill B (de) wrote: I finally gave this one another look after many years, and I have to say that it's grown on my quite a bit, especially the sheer oddball quirkiness of the family.Really a sweet and touching film, and well worth a look if it's eluded you up to this point.Highly recommended.

Movie K (de) wrote: Finally watch it again after many many years. This movie is quite a gem not to be miss. Inspired by a true story. Movie started off with a group of south Vietnamese herding with elephants when they are in cross fire of USA and VC. Fast forward to 6 years later, Ray Liotta is the new replacement of Danny Glover in a village of strategic point for USA. While they go out for recce, VC attack the village and kill their only elephant. The chief is angry. Danny promise to bring a new elephant. Ray lead the ops but he didn't like the village. They got in Denis Leary, Doug E.Doug and Corin Nemec to the team. Negotiate fails to buy an elephant, Ray wanted it to fail but the chief agrees to his sum. The deal included a boy Dinh Thien Le who can control the elephant. The cargo pilot refuse to transport the elephant. Denis use a fake paper saying it is top secret to get pass. Ray lose the game and must stuff the tranquilizer up its ass. After a few hours still flying, it wakes up. The air crew wanted to dump it out but Danny and co fight on. They force to land and abandon them. VC get info of them. The team have to trek. See some villagers trying to pull a stump, the elephant go help. Ray isn't happy they are behind time. But the good deed earn them a truck to transport the elephant. They pit stop in town. Elephant is hungry and cause a mess in the market. VC try to disrupt them but fails. The truck breaks down mid way. Ray and Danny fight for different opinions of the elephant. A boat pass by of which Danny knew it will come. VC attack their boat. Denis calls in the artillery and Doug give the bearings and blow the VC boat. The elephant save the boy in that cross fire 6 years ago. Danny promise him he will stay at the mountain top. Next morning, Dinh ask if the path to their destination is safe but caught by VC. Danny and Denis went to save him. Corin can't control the elephant who goes after Dinh. He trick VC they are heading another way. Earn the trust of Ray. They reach the air base but was told the mission is cancel. The place is not important anymore. Danny is angry and plan to go ahead. The others joins in. They get crate and parachutes and bluff the pilots it is a secret mission. Near the drop zone, VC attack the plane. The crate chute encounter problem. Ray dive in to salvage. Danny hold on the boy. They land at the village safely. The VC could have shoot them while in chutes but he refuse. Ray is commended and takes over Danny.

Jenny K (nl) wrote: the story was good but there were WAY too many songs! however, this film started a trend in bollywood so i guess people didn't mind the songs.

Timothy S (br) wrote: "Assassination" is Charles Bronson's ridiculous and silly attempt at a political thriller, but it's too preposterous to be taken seriously and only works in fits as a piece of entertainment. Bronson himself is slightly more charming than he has been in recent outings, but his family-friendly action flick has no footholds on reality. It takes some pretty hard convincing on Bronson's part to get his superiors to believe the First Lady is in danger despite two fairly large explosions around her, and then he takes her on a road trip with himself as her only protection. And despite the claim that he is guarding the President's wife and not the man himself because of personal problems, you know the actor worked that in to secure yet another plum part for his wife, Jill Ireland. And her stubborn personality is supposed to supply the film with some much needed humor, but the fact that her reckless behavior constantly puts her in danger is just one more head-scratcher. It's meant to be a showcase for a strong-willed woman, but she just comes off as dumb. I was much more interested in Bronson's relationship with Jan Gan Boyd playing his spirited sidekick. She's a fresh face, and it's a shame that Hollywood didn't welcome her more. The movie moves along at a quick pace and is fun to watch despite (or perhaps because of) the foolish plot. Check out the motorcycle and boat chases that features the worst stunt double I've seen in quite some time. You can't take any of it seriously, but "Assassination" is a pretty fun ride most of the way. Judging it today, it's fun to see a First Lady who has no interest in shaping public policy and instead only wants to take a lot of vacations.

Andy H (es) wrote: Ingenious use of archive footage - the intertwining of fiction and reality actually made the 'ol scratchy black and white stuff that little bit closer to life, I found. The story however took a strange minimalist twist which didn't sit right when I saw it (I was ill :( )

Miguel A (kr) wrote: "Trouble Man" demasiado clean para ser o tpico filme de blaxploitation, embora todos os clichs do gnero estejam vista. Alm disso a trama que o faz progredir nunca obtm a consistncia necessria para que "Trouble Man" seja mais que um srie-B , embora com uma excelente banda-sonora de Marvin Gaye e algumas frases totalmente "bad ass" do protagonista Mr. T (um Robert Hooks que nunca est para brincadeiras). H tambm um interessante e bem cadenciado roteiro de alguns lugares gangsta cool de Los Angeles, que aqui tem tudo a ver com o universo do GTA.

Carlos E (gb) wrote: Superior to Bonnie and Clyde. Nicholas Ray's first film and one of his best. A classic example of his love for outsiders. Introduced helicopter shots.

Tom R (au) wrote: Phantom Lady is an engaging noir film with Hitchcockian overtones. It may not have the most plausible plot, but its got a firm grip on the dark atmosphere and the mystery succeeds in keeping you watching. I was invested in the film and really intrigued by the puzzling crime. Even with its acting that can get hokey sometimes, Phantom Lady is short, stylish, and sweet.

Nathan C (mx) wrote: This looks annoying and has adam stupid sandler who is not funny.

Jack G (es) wrote: A man's got to know his limitations!

Brandon S (us) wrote: Entertaining, but not worth ever watching again.

Bloodmarsh K (us) wrote: The only positive about this junk, is Gunnar Hansen - we could have used some Leatherface in this one.