Akash (Kunchacko Boban) and Shibu (Biju Menon) are two jail birds who escape from a train while they are being transported to a jail. They end up in a village at the Kerala – Tamil Nadu border, where they are mistaken for a pair of priests expected at the local monastery. The duo masquerade as priests, and reopen a church which has been closed for years, thereby winning over the villagers. A series of events that take place after their arrival bring about a change in their outlook towards life and society.

Two escaped convicts arrive at a remote village in Kerala near the border with Tamil Nadu. Villages mistake them as Catholic priests sent from Rome to reopen their long closed church. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yolanda Yoe L (es) wrote: Very positive movie. Must see.

Sam D (nl) wrote: Simply a joyous return to Toy Story.

Ashley H (nl) wrote: Colombiana is a decent film. It is about a young woman, after witnessing her parents' murder as a child in Bogota, who grows up to be a stone-cold assassin. Zoe Saldana and Michael Vartan give good performances. The screenplay is a little slow in places. Olivier Megaton did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the action.

Shane D (nl) wrote: Whilst not exactly a train wreck, but a veritable mine field of issues handled in the typical way, the most uncomfortable of which is the way in which religious fervour is depicted.

Slavisa M (it) wrote: While not quite as good as the other documentaries Moore has made (probably because of its much larger scope of the film), "Capitalism: A Love Story" is still rather engaging. Showing the dark side of the American version of capitalism, Moore actively tries to push his audience to rethink their lives, values, and understandings and hopefully lead the charge of difference. This film, unlike some of his previous, ends on a rather optimistic note - we can bring change about; and that is rather refreshing when it comes to Moore. We have seen with our own eyes that the positive trends he had described are happening in Wisconsin, for example. It is a film that many Americans need to watch and, if nothing else, rethink their stances about issues the film talks about. Moore does not demand of you to become a Socialist and take down the US - he just tells you that there is another way. And that, quite frankly, is all that a good filmmaker can do: guide you, and hope you will make the right choice.

Tor S (gb) wrote: Nice take on Hitchcock's The Birds. Over all, I liked it, minus the downright stupid last scene. Barf.

Francisco L (gb) wrote: Despite is interesting script, its talented cast and some funny scenes, Wild Hogs falls into a predictable narrative with a lack of an original story and with some cliches.

Jori P (br) wrote: Flegmaattisen oloisia ihmisi perhe-elm kuvaavassa elokuvassa.

Dyron W (au) wrote: Aside from Mike Myers' fine performance as club founder Steve Rubell and a solid soundtrack, 54 is a mostly forgettable, Boogie Nights-lite drama that emphasizes more on meaningless lead characters than the infamous club or its owner..

Brad S (us) wrote: I saw this in theatres as a kid, so had fond memories of it. Though it's not a great movie, I enjoyed watching it. Martin Short and Danny Glover make a good pair. It struck me while watching that Short hasn't made that many movies, and nothing significant in a couple decades, I wonder why that is because he's really funny. Give this a watch if fans of the actors.

Eric B (ag) wrote: This early Dusan Makavejev film is short on budget and acting talent, but is an interesting pointer to the director's later works. Typically, its tone is wildly eclectic -- the narrative breaks up a doomed tale of misfit romance with academic talk from a sexologist, a cooking segment, the history of the grey rat, satirical nods to propaganda film (patriotic marches everywhere) and a daring amount of nudity. There's also a crucial sex scene that's inexplicably symbolized via sort of a rotating tableau vivant that looks borrowed from a surrealist silent. And all this happens within a brisk 70 minutes.Despite the dour plot, Makavejev's gleefully anarchic style creates a mood that's more droll than sad. Cineastes will appreciate his unique quirks, but viewers expecting a character study may complain that the director's whims undercut the story's emotional pull.

Brandon S (us) wrote: I am not a big fan of animals in horror movies. You may have noticed how I get really pissy when there is a killer gorilla on the loose. Werewolves really take the cake, I hate werewolves. I don't like movies like Underworld or the Wolfman. Hell, I hate that Werewolves have to be weaved into TV shows now and teeny bopper movies. There are exceptions though, I am a big fan of American Werewolf in London. Funny side note, that movie is a sort of tribute/remake of this movie. So i guess in turn, I like this movie. The movie is about a doctor that is attacked by a werewolf, and yes you guessed it, he turns into one. He can't control it. He knows that every month on the full moon he will turn. Another doctor, that goes by the name of Yogami, finds out that there is a flower that can cure him... The doctor is well to-do in some pretty bourgeois circles. He even hosts a few parties to try and hold up appearances, so that no one will find out his hairy secret. There are a couple of things that I really like about this movie. One being the makeup and transformation scenes. The make-up in this movie was actually the same make-up used for Lon Chaney Jr. in the Wolfman. Also this is the first actual commercial Werewolf movie. I like the effects used for the plants and the acting is not half bad. The only downside is that the werewolf stands up right and wears clothes. He just looks like a psychotic really hairy man. I guess the whole thing is that I really don't like werewolves that stand up right. American Werewolf in London got it spot on right. Werewolf of London looks great and has a pretty decent storyline. The cast could of used a few more stars. Boris Karloff or Bela Lugosi, the latter of which was actually optioned to play Dr. Yogami. So for all of that I am going to give Werewolf of London a 7 of 10. As far as werewolf movies go this one is right up there. If you are looking for a classy movie to watch, and sit down with a glass of wine, this is it. S!D Henry Hull stars in the movie and is 27 years older than the girl that is playing his wife. The movie was filmed in the beautifully smoggy Universal City, CA. Warren Zevon has a song that is titled in tribute to this movie, Werewolves of London.

Tim S (ru) wrote: Lake Placid was released in 1999 and was directed by horror veteran Steve Miner. It also starred a wealth of acting talent for a B movie of its caliber, and even though it wasn't a huge box office success, it thrived quite well due to its popularity on home video and repeats on cable. The movie also came out at a time when there was a monster movie boom going on at the box office. Looking back at it today, the movie wasn't any sort of game changer or hot new spin on the comedy/horror genre, even though some of its creators might like to think so. It's a fun and sometimes witty monster movie, but never quite reaches the levels of awesomeness you could want. Betty White, of course, became a mini-superstar due to her use of blue language in the film, but it was also a time when CGI and practical effects were still being employed to make a movie like this. Stan Winston designed and created the huge crocodile in the film, and while the CGI doesn't really hold up, it adds a bit of flavor to the mix. The movie, overall, is no masterpiece of the genre, by any means, but it's entertaining enough and has a bit of rewatchability to it that most movies like it don't have.