A woman meets a man who tells her that they have known each other 11 years ago and wishes to take her out. Woman does not recall him and in her mind she thinks back and goes through several...

A woman meets a man who tells her that they have known each other 11 years ago and wishes to take her out. Woman does not recall him and in her mind she thinks back and goes through several... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ray C (de) wrote: not a bad attempt. some weak acting and dialogue. cardboard characters. the "ghost" isn't really scary. passable fare.

Wayne H (us) wrote: It is a good slow budget film, along with a good cast yet some of the actors are not too memorable. The are jumps scenes as well as your gore scenes are match with almost perfect music and of course you can not have a horror film without the great musical background. If you like horror films or do not know which horror film to start out with, check out this movie and the other After Dark Horrorfest's Three sets of 8 Films to Die For.

Shelley S (it) wrote: its okay more boxing then a family movie

David K (jp) wrote: This is a tough movie to see, mainly because it only airs 2 or 3 times all year and I have never seen it in of my favorite holiday movies.

Corey n (ru) wrote: This is a decent comedy. It stars Tom Berenger, William McNamera and Erika Eleniak. The basic plot is about two military police who are assigned to escort this female to a military prison. Of course things don't go the way they should. Overall I enjoyed this. A simple comedy with some funny moments through out. I thought Tom Berenger was very good in his role. I even enjoyed Erika Eleniak performance. Worth a watch.

David G (it) wrote: Ignore the critics, If you have not seen this film then do so today. This film is an underrated classic. The script and acting is first rate as it approaches a difficult subject of Ben affleck having to raise his child after his wife dies in child birth. A difficult story to play out but the by the end of the film it leaves you with a warm feel good feeling that will make you want to watch it again. Great actors and acting supported by a well written script by kevin smith. A musical soundtrack that also matches the quality of the film.

Nate T (ag) wrote: Classic! Unfortunately Marilyn Monroe was on a steady decline at the point. This is evedent in the fact that when you see her on the phone with Tony Curtis she is reading her lines from a chockboard off screen. This is one of Billy Wilder and Jack Lemmon's many teamings. Tony Curtis said that kissing Marilyn Monroe was like "kissing Hittler". Jack Lemmon years later said to Robert Osborn (Turner Classic Movies) that it was "great to work with Marilyn. She was such a doll!" I recommend reading Tony Curtis' book about the making of the film. On Blu-ray.

Mariah A (gb) wrote: 6/10Full review coming soon

rick r (de) wrote: "Creep Van" is a dark and twisted story that pits a guy trying to get his life back on track against a psychotic killer stalking him in a super modified creepy van. The film is directed by Scott. W. McKinlay and stars Brian Kolodziej, Amy Wehrell and Collin Bernsen. The story has Kolodziej playing a guy who moves in with his best friend after a harsh break up. He needs wheels and luckily for him there is an awesomely vintage "bad man" set roaming the neighborhood looking for buyers. Unfortunately it is just a mere lure to get potential victim, I mean buyers close enough to seal the real deal. This is the guy all our parents warned us about growing up! For me the film comes off a little more tongue-in-cheek corny than I would have liked to see with a film that is this bold and original. The acting is just a big cheesy which gives a strong comedic vibe but not so much that it sucks. You just get a too obvious since that everyone around this project knows how B-movie this thing is which takes away from the darkness too much. It really is a horror comedy minus tack sound effects. For me that is the only thing that doesn't quite fit with this film. "Creep Van" has some awesome and gory kill scenes and when it comes to psychos 'The Creep' in this movie is as brutal and unrelenting as any. It is the saving grace of the whole film. This movie is an obvious homage to early 80's films that blend "Madman" like atmosphere and horror with the truly twisted humor of "Maniac Cop". I wouldn't say that this movie is "scary as hell" but it is an enjoyable film that brings the blood. There is enough going right for "Creep Van" to warrant seeing. This is something that is against a lot of reviews I have seen online about the film that consider the movie crap. Yeah there are some crappy things happening here but taken on it's entirety this film manages to entertain and ride that cult classic gory feel from start to end.

Maaya P (it) wrote: amazed...something i can relate to as well. loved it!!

Sharon M (kr) wrote: So sexy. I have found a new favorite leading man, Luke Evans, woo! He gives up his soul for his family. I like that it has some actual truth to its story--the Ottomans and Vlad.

August C (fr) wrote: Mean spirited and distasteful.