Rome Adventure

Rome Adventure

A beautiful American schoolteacher vacationing in Rome is courted by two men. Released in 1962, starring Suzanne Pleshette, Troy Donahue, Rossano Brazzi and Angie Dickinson.

Prudence resigns from her teaching position after being criticized for giving a student her copy of a romance novel. She sails for Italy, takes a job at a small bookstore in Rome, and meets... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kelly H (jp) wrote: Loved this as a kid!

Teresa (ca) wrote: OMG! This is one of my all time favorite movies! If have never been around a african american family during a funeral you will NOT understand this movie! If you have you will be in the floor laughing! Jada Pinkett-Smith and Anthony Anderson knocked it out of the park in this one! LOVED IT

Ethan L (gb) wrote: Constant splash of colorful animation makes this successor as much fun, despite the blatant only-ones-lefts-finds-their-hidden-shockingly-still-surviving-tribe template.

Robby B (br) wrote: We've seen all of this before, but I still enjoyed it being so familiar. I like sci-fi's. I like monsters. I like decent acting, so I could forgive the forgettable-ness of it all while I was watching it.

Khoi N (de) wrote: Charming, funny, and relatable, The Perks of Being a Wallflower is as genuine as coming-of-age movie can get. Elevated with excellent performances from the cast. This is probably my favorite teen movie.

Ky K (it) wrote: An interesting back-story previous to the events of Fast & Furious.

Dutch V (de) wrote: As far as Seagal's newer stuff this one is heading in the right direction. However that doesn't make this movie by any stretch of the imagination good. However to anyone who has seen many of my reviews know that I am a huge Seagal fan, and had to check this one out.

Jeff T (nl) wrote: This movie is exactly what it was meant to be: a tongue-in-cheek action comedy. If you want to zone out for an hour and half and watch the goofy, good guy clumsily win the day, this is your ticket.

Dwayne E (au) wrote: I'm weeping already.

Daniel Y (it) wrote: Blues Brothers 2000 is a nonsensical mess that has no plot, no comedy and doesn't even have the other Blues Brother. It takes everything that you liked about the first Blues Brother's movie and throws it away and instead introduces noninteresting characters that are staler than an old dorito and comedy that is more cringe worthy and eye rolling than funny. The only thing that it has going for it is nostalgia and decent music.

Shane S (jp) wrote: what an odd movie. still, I got to see a helicopter chase a samurai. so I can check that off my list.

Tammy Q (gb) wrote: An all time great Aussie film

Martin H (fr) wrote: I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes

Nadya N (ag) wrote: I have lost the count of how many times I have watched this movie ( my dad still has the DVD )and whenever the tv is broken guess what we are watching ?!! Yes that's right , Romeo Must Die. Don't get me wrong I liked this movie back in 2000 and i like Jet Li but I am also tired of watching it over and over . So if you're a fan of Jet Li ( like my father ) get the DVD but if you're not , just watch it online ,ONCE will be enough .

David L (it) wrote: Ship of Fools is a good concept executed poorly. It has absolutely amazing acting with the performances from Oskar Werner, Vivian Leigh and Simone Signoret among others being just terrific and the highlights of the film. It also has its moments, mostly some emotional as well as sweetly romantic, but it is awfully directed by Stanley Kramer, badly edited and prolong and just too preachy, melodramatic and downright unsubtle.

Facebook U (gb) wrote: Jeez... how many of these suburban underbelly films are we going to have to watch? This one feels particularly paint-by-numbers -- start with middle-class angst, add some religious hypocrisy and racial tension, sprinkle in a bit of dirty, dirty sex, guns, and illicit drugs, and top it off with teenage kids coming of age in a haze of irony and snark. And for what?! Even despite the high production value and relatively good acting, there is absolutely no point to this film whatsoever.