Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song

Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song

Shakespeare’s tale of teen love reimagined as a rock opera set in a beachside caravan park. A triumphant blast of style and 21st-century Kiwi trailer trash pop. Classic tragedy probably shouldn’t be quite this much fun.

Shakespeare's timeless tale of star-crossed lovers retold in this contemporary trailer park rock opera. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song torrent reviews

Tim P (jp) wrote: Super excited this has finally been released to video. The production is pretty much the same as the show that runs in Her Majesty's Theatre except on a grander scale and a few minor changes in dialogue. All in all a spectacular performance ! I was more than pleased and am watching it for the fourth time in three days!!

Eric B (fr) wrote: Essentially, "Sound of Noise" is an average movie blessed with a good gimmick. This Swedish comedy follows two terrorist musicians who recruit four oddball drummers to help perform a city-wide, avant-garde "piece." The renegade composition spans four movements, each set at a different location (the first is an operating room), as the trespassing ensemble exploits onsite tools to craft complex, percussive grooves. In other words, this film is a must-see for "Stomp" fans.The group is pursued by the ironically named Amadeus (Bengt Nilsson), a mousy, insecure detective whose life just happens to have a major musical issue -- his genius brother is a world-renowned conductor, while he himself is frustratingly tone-deaf. His handicap is depicted in a strange, surreal way -- apparently, whenever a neighborhood item is incorporated into the percussion troupe's mischief, he permanently loses the ability to hear it. This storytelling element fails to lead anywhere and isn't as evocative as the filmmakers hope. Another problem is that the pivotal guerrilla performances grow larger and larger in scope yet become less and less interesting as music.If you can't spare the 102 minutes, just look up the musical scenes on YouTube. You won't be missing much.

Asahel D (ru) wrote: Wow. Simply wow. Say this with my girlfriend who is so not into these B movies. But had a good time laughing and just enjoying the weirdness.

Todd B (us) wrote: All I have to say is WOW -- kinda like how Schindler's List was to the Holocaust, this one is to the Nanking massacre events during WW2. Powerful, epic, gripping.

Joetaeb D (gb) wrote: This is just something that takes NO chances and CAN'T take any chances. Such an embarrassment for Martin Lawrence

Alex S (mx) wrote: A very brutal 1 hour and 40 minute movie!

Sergio M (de) wrote: probably one of the best music documentaries ever. it's sweet and sad and rock'n'roll. it's like morrissey becoming amelie poulain and making this former glory's dream come true. i actually got goosebumps when they jumped up onstage in london. if you like real music, you can't miss this.

Private U (fr) wrote: I enjoyed the tale of three women who learn to live life for what it is no matter the age. It's like a peek into someone's big moment in life, the moment that makes them a better person or is an important turning point. However, the sex and intimate scenes in the flick are extremely awkward and often uncomfortable, which makes it more like sex in real life. I could have done without seeing the elderly Lucy Gallardo's breasts. Also, some of the camera work was distracting, especially on a couple slow zooms.

Noah S (kr) wrote: Why must Disney do this?! Why?! Okay for a DCOM, but still a typical bad acted and executed movie.

Tim G (au) wrote: I liked the movie right up to the very end. They never explain who killed Demi's husband and why???

Mohannad M (nl) wrote: eveyone is going through changes , noone knows whats going on... STOP ,WATCH < THINK & LEARN >if u wanna relax and have a good time ,DON'T watch that movie!!

Kilo D (gb) wrote: An essay on Lewton and co. is on its way, refer to that when it's posted.

Jason C (de) wrote: The print of the movie was bad and so was the actual film. Sad that Jodorowsky couldn't save this one from being so dull.

Sumit S (kr) wrote: Tough to watch. Horrible storyline and horrible acting from Sophie Turner made my eyes bleed at times. Mutants should be killed only because of their ridiculous fashion statement.