Romeo + Juliet

Romeo + Juliet

In director Baz Luhrmann's contemporary take on William Shakespeare's classic tragedy, the Montagues and Capulets have moved their ongoing feud to the sweltering suburb of Verona Beach, where Romeo and Juliet fall in love and secretly wed. Though the film is visually modern, the bard's dialogue remains.

Shakespeare's famous play is updated to the hip modern suburb of Verona still retaining its original dialogue. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Naveen Kumar R (fr) wrote: Best of films in this new generation

Charlie S (us) wrote: Probably the most meta, unsubtle, and hilarious but equally terrible satire I've ever seen. But maybe that was the point?

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Ben P (nl) wrote: A dark-comedy about a country and its people in transition - a new Romania struggling with its scars from communism and the new challenges of capitalism. A vampire film - technically, yes.. but it's a lot more than that too. Takes some time to digest as well, which is good for those who look for a movie that makes you think and not so good if you're looking for a quick, fun movie.

Tatsuhito K (nl) wrote: An uneven mix of revenge thriller and comedy. It has a very likable cast (Chiwetel Ejiofor as the villain!? Wow!), but there are way too many plot holes and it's just not really fun to watch in general. Four Brothers is a hit and miss.

Corey J (gb) wrote: Why would women insist on wearing make-up in the ring? It wouldn't strike my mind.

Beth P (it) wrote: Everything about the packaging and marketing of this movie is deceptive. Pretty good, though.

Ahmed Y (ru) wrote: Philip Martin, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette"...isn't so much a bad movie as an unfinished movie"These are the best words to describe such movie

Vincent T (es) wrote: Un bon Tom Cruise comme je les aime.

Anthony J (nl) wrote: Awful just awful. I'm never seeing again,(or maybe I would for TMNT marathon).

Paul G (es) wrote: A nearly perfect movie, it just keeps getting better.

Tim G (de) wrote: Who can resist pointless humor in a plot to escape the women on the moon mixed with commercial after commercial of naughty delight =)

Alejandro G (fr) wrote: The worst movie ever ! This is a terrible mistake! OMG!El director y escritor Craig Moss hace una copia de los trabajos de Jason Friedberg y Aaron Seltzer que han hecho Scary Movie, Epic Movie, Meet The Spartans y etc, que solo hacen parodia a otras pelculas y pues, 30 Nights Of Paranormal Activity With The Devil Inside The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Que titulo mas largo) es una combinacin de todos los chistes malos, psimos y algunos que dieron risa en otras pelculas que aqu, es solo una mala copia. Esta pelcula termina siendo de lo peor del 2013, es psima a mas no poder. La direccin del found footage no tiene sentido, no tiene lgica, se supone que la tienen que filmar con esa tecnica al 100% de la pelcula y no, es la peor pelcula "Found Footage" que he visto. Sin duda alguna, termina siendo la peor que he visto en este ao y yo que pens que Scary Movie 5 estaba mal, 30 Nights Of Paranormal Activity With The Devil Inside The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo es peor.

Robert I (gb) wrote: Sometimes I wonder how movies get made. This film's logline: A married man has an affair with his best friend's daughter. Somehow, despite the film being a John Waters-type taboo, I bought into it. Afterwards, I felt cheated out of Rio and of the plot. But, Michael Caine in un-unlikeable. You can't hate him. He's just too great. Demi Moore in an early role flirts with a really dark character... But eventually turns out to be a living plot device. The harlot daughter is a pretty terrible actress. I'm not surprised this didn't end unconventionally in the 80s. I'm left thinking this film might actually be more successful now, because we seem to better capable at taking risks.

Pat M (ag) wrote: a completely fulfillingly nice movie.sad what happened to Oscar,but the firm kept you attracted to it by being true to what unfortunately happens in life.

Allison B (jp) wrote: Vertical Limit- the title itself symbolizes that this dreary film pushes the limits of a horrible movie; in fact this movie may be subordinate to any other film that has ever existed. Vertical Limit starts out with a scene that is supposed to be dramatic, yet severely fails due to ghastly acting and the lack of quality in the special effects. The scene portrays a family of mountain climbers; a father and his son and daughter. The son, Peter, has to make a life changing decision of if he will choose to cut his father off of the rope, which would result in his father's death, after an error in climbing, or if he should take the slim chance that the rope would be able to hold all three of them if he chose to not let his father go. The plot of the scene had potential to be interesting, but that potential was ruined with the phony shots of the mountain and the insincerity in the actors' performances. The story then jumps to three years later where Peter and his sister, Annie, have survived after the climbing incident that killed their father. After this point, the movie is somewhat hard to follow. This may be due to the fact that the storyline is poorly and confusingly written, the viewer became bored of watching the film, or a combination of the two. Either way, the movie does not even get remotely decent until about three quarters of the way through, when Annie and other climbers are stranded on a high snowy mountain and Peter and the rest of a rescue crew try to locate and save her. However, the special affects were done very meagerly, which greatly lessened the themes that the movie was trying to show. The ending was also extremely predictable- the siblings were put into the same situation as they were at the beginning of the movie; whether they choose to release someone in a life or death situation, or take the risk that nobody will survive. It ended up that two of the climbing crew were cut off of the rope, yet this time, there was closure and less regrets because the decision was made by the victim of the fall himself. Of course, the two main characters survive and there is a "happy ending." Everyone should do themselves a favor, and "limit" themselves from watching this movie, because it is too predictable, and a movie cannot afford to be predictable when the story is demonstrated in such a terrible approach.

Alex D (kr) wrote: I thought it was really interesting and anybody would want to watch it! I think u should watch it! The pacing is a little slow , but that is the only flaw!

Ashley H (mx) wrote: Anchors Aweigh is a cute film. It is about two sailors on leave in Hollywood. Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra give good performances. The screenplay is decent with some good music. George Sidney did an okay job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the romance. Anchors Aweigh is good for a movie night.

Rodrigo Y (au) wrote: Gostei do enredo, manteve uma certa realidade ao desfecho da trama. Eu particularmente sempre achei graa em ginstica pelas "piruetas", ento um filme envolvendo isso + Melissa Rauch + personagem tipo "the middle", ganhou meu "like".