Manu Krishnan (Dileep) is a male nurse in a reputed hospital. He is the Son of Ratheesh Kumar (Cochin Haneefa), a film junior artist. He has a special relationship with Dr. Priya (Vimala Raman), but is also in love with Leena (Samvrutha Sunil), the star contestant in the popular music reality show. Manu later in search of a job goes to an Agraharam to take care of a mentally ill patient and a girl from the Agraharam, Bhama (Sruthi Lakshmi) falls in love with him. Now the three girls want to marry Manu but none of their parents want to have Manu as son-in-law. The rest of the movie is about the trouble Manu has to take when the three meet and whom does he marry.

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George P (kr) wrote: A Goth takes her scene and drugs very seriously. Thinking a girl and her boyfriend are not hardcore Goth enough she gives them drugs that make you feel like you are dying and takes them on a killing and sex spree. She seemed to have a magic van that drove itself and more than a hint of an attitude problem.

Stephanie W (fr) wrote: This was so sad! I had tears in my wholes throughout it all! I'm so mad that Martha died though!!!!!! She was adorable! and Toni Collette was excellent! does she really have an accent????

Dayna N (ag) wrote: The best in the bunch of recent "Urban Slashers" I quite liked "Somebody Help Me". It was more realistic than alot of the movies of this genre"my fav"..Both Omarion and Marques do a good job acting as does the rest of the cast. It has some good gory kill scenes,a little bit of supernatural"I usually dont care for that in my slashers,but it works here". and it deals with REALITY as far as when the teens bring up the question(Will the white town people and sheriff believe us ,we're Black)When wanting to report their freinds missing and the fact that they think ther's a killer on the loose. They unfortunatly are staying in a cabin too close for comfort to a disgruntled psycho maniac plastic surgeon wannabe who takes his captives and locks them in small dog like cages and then performs plastic sugery on them.. WELL lets say he doesn't have a very good bedside manner. The 2 main characters played by Omarion and Marques do what a person SHOULD do when confronting a maniac.. not what steriotypical white characters do. I wont give anymore away.. But like I said I liked it and have watched it 3 times.

Dave S (ag) wrote: Devos has some nice moments, but this takes too long to decide what type of movie it wants to be.

Phillip W (nl) wrote: What a really stupid movie.

Stefanie N (ru) wrote: I'm not surprised that this movie was never popular, as usually the movies I love never are. However, it's such a beautiful, utterly sad story. I rarely cry over movies, but this one did it to everyone I know who watched it, lol. It's as much of a love story as a movie can be.

Jason Z (it) wrote: I loved this when it came out. I thought they did a great job of building the tension and making you feel for the characters, despite what could have been less than exciting subject matter.

stu r (nl) wrote: It is a good documentary but Nick likes to twist things his way (don't they all?) This bitch deserved to die.

Patrick N (au) wrote: Bruce Lee's last work provides one of the best martial arts films in film history with a good story and fantastic performance by Lee.

Chris B (kr) wrote: Released in 1934, The Man Who Knew Too Much is early Hitchcock and even he found fault with it and refilmed it in 1956 with a bigger budget and bigger stars but most still prefer this version. The film itself is nothing to write home about and lacks the dramatic weight, technical mastery and most importantly the crushing suspense that his later works would provide and be cited as masterpieces. There is a very simple plot here and some very roughly filmed sequences that aren't too believable or well filmed and the film reveals it's plot and angle very early on thus taking away from the suspense and guessing on the part of the viewer. Still with all the negative aspects, Peter Lorre made his debut English-speaking role and adds an air of mystery to not only his character but also the film too. With a short 75 minute running time, the film still seems a little slow throughout and only amps up the action during the final moments and is wrapped up swiftly and happily.

Yuri B (au) wrote: This was actually pretty funny... Hathaway was surprisingly good in a comedic role.

Jacob F (mx) wrote: Sarah Bolger was very creepy, and unsettling in The title role, the kids actually weren't bad either. However the film is left down by an underwhelming final act that really leaves no closure. Maybe possible sequel bait?