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Derek M (it) wrote: One of the greatest tributes to music, the minds who create it and the studio that made it all possible. Dave Grohl's in depth look at the technological movement from analog to digital is done without bias... and the soundtrack is a mix of nostalgic classics and modern rock. This is the perfect rockumentary about a brand of music that may never replicated again. Reviewed 4/26/14. Rated 5 out of 5.

Brooke B (ca) wrote: One of my fav plays by TP... I could watch it everyday. Hilarious

Robert I (it) wrote: Such a good movie. Vin Diesel CAN act! Best law procedure I've seen in a long time.

Fahri A (kr) wrote: This is the only good American Pie Film.

Flying S (de) wrote: The movie that defines my life. The opening of the movie introduces you to the main character Sean Braumder who's on a journey to becoming a great writer and how his life spirals with his dreams. The humor is funny, Jack Black and everyone else does a great job in this excellent movie. Just at 76 minutes this movie is a masterpiece.

Lynsay R (ca) wrote: Love, love, loved this movie!

Jayakrishnan R (nl) wrote: 87%Watched this on 27/9/15Visually striking and stylish, Highlander benefits from the well handled use of it's premise and the often too beautiful Scottish landscapes and back story. Christopher Lambert is good, but it's Sean Connery and Clancy Brown who steal the show. The visual effects in the end and the ending itself is too lame and predictable. Highlander is a great experience as it's cinematography is super fine.