Romper Stomper

Romper Stomper

Nazi skinheads in Melbourne take out their anger on local Vietnamese, who are seen as threatening racial purity. Finally the Vietnamese have had enough and confront the skinheads in an all-out confrontation, sending the skinheads running. A woman who is prone to epileptic seizures joins the skins' merry band, and helps them on their run from justice, but is her affliction also a sign of impurity?

The film follows a group of skinheads. Nazi skinheads in Melbourne put their rivals who struggle them on local Vietnamese, who are seemed to threaten racial purity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse O (au) wrote: This quite a good horror film with an effectively moody and, somewhat, creepy story and a pretty damn excellent ending that will surprise some people. I don't mean surprising in the sense that it gives us a great twist that completely changes the story but I do mean in the sense that you're really not expecting that to happen. I thought the film was good from the start but I think the ending does make the movie better because it gives it a much more disturbing touch, particularly the end result of the manipulation by these "demons". The movie combines ghost story with flashes of fairly violent imagery of what happened in David's house back in 1902. It's also well-written, solidly acted and well-shot. I honestly thought that the usage of the old camera did actually make for a creepier element to some of the scenes where David uses the camera to reveal the 'man' who committed these murders in his house. I do think the movie becomes a little muddled, in a sense, by combining two different ghost stories into one. What does Alice's ghost, David's wife, whom he believes was murdered by the same man who committed the atrocities in his house, have anything to do with the spirit/demon/ghost plaguing David's house. If they did explain what one had to do with the other then I seriously missed it because I cannot comprehend what one has to the with the other. That is, perhaps, the film's only weakness really. I don't wanna say it's a movie that's a scare-a-minute. And it's not even as good as The Babadook was, from an overall perspective, since parts of this reminded me of the aforementioned film. But if you're looking for a more straightforward horror film as compared to The Babadook then this would be the safe bet. Still, in spite of its flaws, I think this is a movie that will surprise a lot of people since there are, generally, lower expectations with horror films than with almost any other genre in existence. This is quite the good movie with a good and creepy ghost story. Perhaps the dialogue could've used some work, but this is a good movie to watch on Netflix.

WS W (de) wrote: It feels more like a Frenchie (for its moody vibes & prologue+trio-chapters+epilogue structure) than a co-production of Germany + Brazil.Some parts are so vague during plot shifting (why Donato, the protagonist, left Brazil, for instance. Storyline claims he escapes from what happened in the incident but, which is rather questionable & unclear).Thorough in general, though.

Mackenie M (nl) wrote: I'm not sure i like the ending....

Herman R (ru) wrote: Enjoyable but the gimmick of middle age men performing in a boyband gets old fast. The execution could be a lot better.

Corey C (ru) wrote: Decent, if not entirely compelling. It's probably a good novel.

Ratih A (es) wrote: It's a great movie. Complicated, deep, and vulgar...also this movie place Angelina Jolie as the star.

Grayson D (br) wrote: Very Bloody but brilliant looking movie based on Alexandre Dumas's fine novel.

Carolyn W (mx) wrote: Wow. Even worse than I imagined. Misogynistic, boring, unfunny, directionless crap. But several interesting fantasy effects made it worth satisfying my curiosity.

Anders A (ca) wrote: Lloyd really makes you wanna smile. His acrobatic maneuvers are incredible

Jonalyn B (au) wrote: I think watching this in 2017 for the first time lends itself to a subpar rating. It was meh for me, but I feel like had I watched this in its prime, this rating may have been different.

Kathryn P (it) wrote: Audrey is beautiful and Gary Cooper is old but it is still wonderful.

Scot C (us) wrote: Predictable. Storyline needed more explosions to make it more memorable, but a good film none the less. One of those quiet, & nuanced films. Solid performances.

Tomer H (mx) wrote: Run Lola Run is quite an adrenalin shot, with its pumping soundtrack and fast pace, and it manages to explore philosophical mysteries without being overlong or boring.