Ronja Robbersdaughter

Ronja Robbersdaughter

Ronya lives happily in her father's castle until she comes across a new playmate, Birk, in the nearby dark forest. The two explore the wilderness, braving dangerous Witchbirds and Rump-Gnomes. But when their families find out Birk and Ronja have been playing together, they forbid them to see each other again. Indeed, their fathers are competing robber chieftains and bitter enemies. Now the two spunky children must try to tear down the barriers that have kept their families apart for so long.

Borka and his band and Mattis's band of robbers are rivals. Birk, his parents and their band live in the wild in Mattisforrest. They move in to Metis-stronghold, which belonged to his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruno J (nl) wrote: love the movie it's funny

Rachel P (es) wrote: Very thick plot line

Daniel A (kr) wrote: Bette Davis commands the screen with what is arguably one of the top 5 performances of her esteemed career. The Little Foxes begins a tad slowly largely due to its stagy nature, but as you warm to the characters and the story of corruption and betrayal unfolds, it draws you into to the characters' spider web of deceit, before Davis, as the film's scheming matriarch, hits you with the full force of her performance. It's a sharp, well-made film, that has aged perfectly well and should be more highly regarded than it currently is.

Roxanne C (kr) wrote: ok movie but definitely not for kids.

Riley H (fr) wrote: Acting is great, plot isn't as great.

Jeff S (es) wrote: Sweet, touching film about the power of love.. and redemption. The characters were exceptional together, and I loved the way everything was shot. But if I'd have a complaint, it would be that Bella lacked.. "oomph". Power. A sustainable force that could literally move you where you sat, but the film was just too easygoing, relaxing, and evenly paced (the music didn't help either) to accomplish this. Also, it was far too short; not that it felt rushed or anything, but so much more could have been packed into this package. Still a beautiful film, though.

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caprice c (es) wrote: A Shy Butler from England tames the Wild West with his Bullwhip and Fist.

Sausages M (nl) wrote: Randomly found on youtube, and what a find. Classic noir that's a lot of fun to watch, especially for the ruthless Lizabeth Scott as the femme fatale. It's on the cheap side, some of the cuts in scenes early on are draw-droppingly bad but thankfully this amateurishness melts away after the first half. Dan Duryea plays the private dick type character but Don DeFore is actually loads better as the criminal whose bungling caused the whole affair. In fact he's probably the best actor in the whole film. Good stuff.

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