Room 304

Room 304

In a Copenhagen hotel, disparate lives intersect through accident or fate: A stewardess desperate for intimacy. An immigrant obsessed with revenge. A hotel manager lost in despair. A wife abandoned by her husband. A receptionist with blood on his hands. People meet in the intimacy of hotel rooms, secrets are revealed and unexpected events merge into a dramatic tale of love and longing.

In a Copenhagen hotel, disparate lives intersect through accident or fate: A stewardess desperate for intimacy. An immigrant obsessed with revenge. A hotel manager lost in despair. A wife ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris Q (br) wrote: The more I watch this, the better it gets. When I first saw it I liked it, the second time I really liked it, and now the third time I love it. It used to be one of my least favorites from Michael Moore but it is now one of my favorites.

Jacob M (fr) wrote: Shotgun Stories is a film with a lot of depth. It really does a good job of channeling the inner thoughts and feelings of violent people. These people didn't start violent, they didn't decide to become this way, it was just the deep feelings of hatred that fueled their transformation into a person willing to kill to protect the people they love and care for.Michael Shannon leads the cast of not too well known actors who do an amazing job in this film. The highlight is for sure the performances by everyone (especially Shannon). I have grown to enjoy Michael Shannon in movies and I'm at the point where I will look for a movie with him in it and see it just for him. Even Man of Steel was elevated a bit by his performance, he never disappoints. I would also like to see the rest of the cast in more than just this. None of them are very well known, but I think they could all give something to the industry. Two thumbs up to the performances.The story was a bit familiar, but like a great movie should be, it overcame that with it's other amazing aspects. It's shaped around revenge, but it doesn't focus on one person on his search for it. This movie shows how hatred and revenge grow after you have had it and your enemies want to come back at you. It also has a sense of hesitation too. the characters don't want to do this in the beginning, but the hatred just builds and builds to a point of collapse and its disturbing.Shotgun Stories is a compelling and thoughtfully told story of violent people doing violent things to one another. It digs deep to the very basis of hatred and how it can grow to uncontrollable proportions. It's more of a warning, because of what comes from it.

Courtney T (gb) wrote: I have no idea what this is about. Anyone?

Mark W (kr) wrote: one of the best noirs to come out of Minnesota. the l.a. confidential of the Midwest.

Hjalti L (fr) wrote: Terrible, just terrible, not funny, lame action, lame story, especially lame ending.

Coxxie M (es) wrote: summer of the monkeys... ha oh my god i used to love this. Not because its a good movie, but because i used to like monkeys.

Jesse O (mx) wrote: This was a decent movie, highlighted by a talented cast. This is more an indictment of the TV industry and how they take something successful and take all the heart and fun out of it and turn it into something hollow, a shell of It's former self. But the satire in this film doesn't really stick because it's not as strong as it should be. This feels like it was written by someone that just discovered what satire was and incorporated it into their script in as lazy a manner as possible. This is a good movie with some sweet moments, but it's the type of movie that I'll forget within a week. It's solid, but very forgettable.

Malea J (nl) wrote: Highly underrated. A must-see for all horror fans and Lance Henriksen lovers.

DC F (kr) wrote: Period piece concerning Ireland's fight for independence which was slow-paced and sometimes hard to stay interested. However, I did enjoy the presentation of the freedom fighter view.

Tim M (jp) wrote: Classic and hilarious Martin and Lewis film. Jerry Lewis is hysterical with his dreams and costume and even trying to go upstairs!

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Michael (gb) wrote: Bruce Lee's last movie before he died. #Classic

Tyler S (jp) wrote: I really liked this film because to me it was hard not too like.Yea Xzibit really can't act and was a silly side kick, but I thought the Rock was solid and convincing.I thought the delicate subject matter while not done perfect, was done really well.Troubled inner city kids who's futures seem grim, coming together by the way of sport.I love inspirational stories and I found this one to be just that despite some cheesy cliches.Overall a movie I found hard not to like.

bill s (au) wrote: Chhhhheeeeeessssssyyyyyy goodness not to mention sclocky and over the top but that's what makes it so good.

Warren W (ru) wrote: It was ok.... Not terrible, but not great. The jokes we're kind of slapstick and corny.