Based on a true story and set in one of the most colorful periods in Philippine history, ROSARIO is destined to be a modern masterpiece in Philippine filmmaking. It is a monumental yet intimate portrait of a woman's emancipation and the sometimes painful consequencesof following one's desires.

The film tells the saga of Rosario, a young and liberated woman in the 1920s who has just arrived from New York... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Rosario torrent reviews

Paul M (fr) wrote: A bit rough around the edges, but covers a golden age that I grew up in incredibly well.

Sas P (de) wrote: Good Film. One to watch.

Chantal L (mx) wrote: Such a cute little film. Kevin Bacon does an amazing job as a mentally challenged person.

David W (ag) wrote: Way better than it probably has any right to be, still fun, still zany, still gory, just not as funny or insane as the original.

Jeff B (es) wrote: A fascinating failure, this stylish and noirish Rashomon meets The Usual Suspects ultimately proves to be gunpowder in a thimble, more Who-Done-What? than Who-Done-It? Too dense for its running time, Slow Burn feels like it could have been expanded into an intense pay-cable series a la The Wire and The Shield. In the R-rated Slow Burn, Liotta plays a mayoral election-seeking D.A. who finds himself entangled in controversy after his beautiful assistant D.A. (Jolene Blalock) confesses to a race-related killing. Not for lack of trying, the B-list ensemble gives it their all. Such a loaded hot potato reminds this reviewer of programs like Crash where an issue-driven movie premise got blown up into a 12-episode season of televised drama. Unfortunately, Slow Burn puts a cap on such potential and the under-developed drama just plain burns out. Without the proper time and attention, the short-fused plot comes across more far-fetched than fetching. Bottom line: Too big for its britches.

Benn K (jp) wrote: You wanta be a poet? Try Greenwich Village!

Alvin P (mx) wrote: I would like to know why you gave so high score to this movie, to me this movie is horrendous, cheap special effects, and the acting wow don't now what to say . I saw it because you gave it over 90 in your tomato meter, I think you must be joking , and putting this movie in the best 100 horror movies of all time is crazy. I can't trust your judgement criticising movies any more. The director and the rest of the cast should be drag to hell for making this movie.

Al H (it) wrote: This film is the imminent dead of Pinhead.