Round Ireland with a Fridge

Round Ireland with a Fridge

The movie tells the story of a disillusioned television personality whose career has stalled and who is looking for answers but doesn't know the questions. When his best friend taunts him for losing his sense of adventure Tony accepts a drunken £100 bet and sets off with his unconventional traveling companion for an adventure that proved to be entertaining, educational, challenging and at times downright silly.

After years of performing the same comedy sketch at performances, Tony Hawks decides to find inspiration for his scripts by traveling around Ireland with a portable fridge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emma I (kr) wrote: Why did this get such bad reviews? It's such a good book movie!!!

austin r (ag) wrote: grate acting and good casting this is a good film

Tyson P (mx) wrote: try not to compare it to the origonal and its a decent movie

Duncan L (es) wrote: A predictable mystery murder thriller about an FBI agent catching a serial killer. The pacing is rather slow and the action is not entirely exceptional. As the movie moves forward, there is much dialogue involve but the suspense isn't there to keep the audience from anticipating something exciting. Dennis Quaid and Danny Glover are probably the least actors that make it worth watching. With a predictable ending, Switchback is just a normal run on the mill film that is best rent for an evening of nothing on the telly.

Kate C (it) wrote: I could watch this movie over and over again... and have. While not a Geena Davis fan... or Michael Keaton fan... or fan of politics or particularly have any vested interest in speech writing per se.. there's just something about this movie that makes me become invested in it. Who knew those two would have chemistry?!?

Judson B (us) wrote: Very unrealistic in that the Cubs actually appear in the World Series...

Lilo C (de) wrote: A Flixster user: I did feel like slapping the little girl a few times when she wouldn't shut up with all that damn screaming!!!!! The comment above is wot I thought when I watched the Movie. MOI IZ against any form of violence against a child but I felt to KILL this one.Those Nonstop Screamings in the Movies are OFTEN PAIN MA ASS I TELL YO. eH wOt yo want more? da rating speaks fo itself. Duh!Fanks fo the reco Scottygibbs.

Sherry V (it) wrote: Not only Elvis' favorite Elvis movie, but mine also!

Samuel H (es) wrote: If you ignore the fact that the script is garbage and the movie is nothing more than a collection of large explosions Armageddon is a pretty amazing film.

Cory S (jp) wrote: Hey, whenever you can get David Arquette and DMX to lead a drama, you gotta do it.

Melissa M (it) wrote: fine movie xcellent cast love new Zealand