Roundabout American

Roundabout American

A young French chef with a fondness for America and a life in shambles pushes the limits of the American Dream by converting a Chicago pizza shop into an escort-service for the super-rich with the help of a suburban slacker who dwells in his parents' basement.

A young French chef with a fondness for America and a life in shambles pushes the limits of the American Dream by converting a Chicago pizza shop into an escort-service for the super-rich ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pasha A (it) wrote: The worst of Kiarostami!

Christopher Q (us) wrote: This film tries so hard to be something it's not.

Eric D (ru) wrote: Good performances from Atkinson and Swayze, but a bit of a toss-up in every other department and not all that engaging. Still, it has its moments.

Elisabetta R (de) wrote: Hilarious, but not comparable with the original one...

Samuel H (ca) wrote: A masterpiece of storytelling. A must see for film viewers and critics alike. The real story is about Ruth and Idgie, not Evelyn. The acting is superb, the emotional tug is just as strong. A wonderful movie.

Michael J (kr) wrote: When you compare to the original this one is almost as good because the plot is almost the same exept the child in this one is much younger and that adds up to some kid kicking butt

Danny R (ca) wrote: A morgue attendant takes the night shift where he works with crazy partner Michael Keaton; who happens to love prostitutes. They soon turn the morgue into a night brothel. Fun, fresh eighties comedy.

Citien D (fr) wrote: Just look at the cast list, you have to see this film

Ashley H (us) wrote: Almost a recruiting poster for US Air Force Strategic Air Command, this movie highlights the dedication shown by men and women who kept America's nuclear deterrent on 24/7 alert for several decades during the Cold War. A sub-plot highlighting personal toll such vigilance exacts is less effective, but parade of character actors supporting Rock Hudson is impressive, including Rod Taylor, Henry Silva, Kevin McCarthy, Barry Sullivan and Robert Lansing -- unfamiliar names, but familiar faces to movie fans.

Tim H (br) wrote: I'm getting kind of afraid about reviewing I Live in Fear (IRONY!) because this was the first of the movies that I asked Flixster to add. I'm just worried that a bombardment of all the other movies that I haven't reviewed will start showing up in my Inbox. *sigh* It's been a while since I actually watched this, but it was really top notch. This really summarizes the Postwar Kurosawa box that Eclipse put out a while ago. This is about a real phobia and mood that was going on in Japan. And why wouldn't it make sense to be going through this? Honestly, the atomic bomb is perhaps the most destructive man-made force on earth. To say that it is deadly is one of the greatest understatements of all time. It's only natural that Akira Kurosawa addresses this topic that would be personally affecting his life. But here's where Kurosawa shows his mastery once more. Most "PSA" films (like the abysmal Oscar-winning Crash) just SCREAM their topic and say what they want to get across extremely directly. These movies are usually made to get Oscars in themselves because they have a message. I believe that Hollywood should give messages, but let the story tell itself. That's what Kurosawa does with this film. He tells the story of a very realistic man dealing with something that is far beyong his comprehension. The fact that he is obsessed with moving to Brazil because it is safe there is (deal with this term) absurd reality. I am a little leary, however, of blackfaced Asians. I don't know what kind of racism that is, but it certainly is somewhat racist...kind of. ANYWAY, this movie has a fantastic ending that is one for the books. Toshiro Mifune's performance at the end is absolutely killer and I don't know how I can describe it to do it justice. The visual landscape that Kurosawa brings into this movie is striking and it burns quite the image in your head. You get to see how obsession with health and family, while seeming to be innocent and optimistic, is actually a greedy mentality and can destroy those around you. I love how the family seems to be greedy and selfish, but are contrasted in the end as the people who have a point to their arguement. The one qualm I really had with the movie is the subplot of the dentist and his role in the entire affair. I understand why he was there, to play the role of the audience member making decisions, but we really see far too much of his life to really drive the story forward. Everything else, though? Top notch!

Kevin R (it) wrote: Mr. Lincoln is a great story teller.Abraham is a young simple man that believes in truth, justice, and everyone having a chance to succeed. As a young aspiring lawyer, we see those that influenced him as a child as well as one of his nationally recognized court cases where he shined as an inspiration lawyer."The only dancing I've done is behind a plow."John Ford, director of Grapes of Wrath, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, How the West was Won, Rio Grande, The Fugitive (1946), and How Green Was My Valley, delivers Young Mr. Lincoln. The storyline for this picture is interesting and entertaining. The script is clever and very well delivered. The cast delivers awesome performances and includes Henry Fonda, Alice Brady, Donald Meek, and Ward Bond."Jackass, I just got it."I am a huge fan of both John Ford and Henry Fonda and was excited to see this and added it to my wish list off Netflix. This is an entertaining drama that I believe is more for entertainment purposes that historical value, but the script is brilliant and Fonda is AWESOME as Lincoln. I recommend giving this a viewing if you're a fan of the classics."I presume you all know who I am."Grade: B

Mohammed A (es) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Tor M (kr) wrote: I've seen a few Chaplin flicks and they never seem to disappoint. You know what you gonna get, and it always works. The tramp is back and he get into many unbelieveable situations. It's a girl there, the lovely Paulette Goddard and the story is pretty similar to his earlier successes.It's a neat thing to hear the machines making sounds, and even a little song by the man himself. Supposedly his first full film with sound, used in a great way.A super comedy with a serious message. It has aged remarkebly well.8 out of 10 machines.

Shenae F (nl) wrote: l want to see it again.

Sing Chie T (br) wrote: Poor acting. Ambitious undertaking

Lanky Man P (fr) wrote: A charming, tearjerker. This one will touch your heart.