Elvis plays a bad-boy singer roaming the highways on his Japanese motorcycle; laid up after an accident, he joins a carnival owned by the feisty Barbara Stanwyck.

Charlie Rogers is a leather-jacketed biker who's fired from a singing engagement after getting into a fight with a group of college toughs. While riding his cycle to the next gig, an irate ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Roustabout torrent reviews

Deedee W (ag) wrote: I like words, and vocabs, so watching this film is such a beautiful, sexy and charming romantic story and I LOVE Clive Owen.

Sage S (kr) wrote: I think the Koreans make some pretty creepy movies! The ending provided a little bit of an interesting twist, but unfortunately the plot is pretty redundant. Person suffers violent death, ghost returns to seek revenge, cop investigates and solves the mystery.

Mark P (ag) wrote: Impressive work on gathering the stories for this film.

Stanislav P (gb) wrote: vyborny film, zas sa len ukazalo ako je pritomnost cudzich narodov provokativna, slacne z aliasu tomu dalal paaaru 3,5/5

Nandita B (ru) wrote: I LOVED THE MOVIE !! :)

Jeffrey P (kr) wrote: The promise of a bright future and redemption arrive at the frontier town of Kingdom Come, but the ambitions of the past have far-reaching consequences. Western "Citizen Kane" variation has ambition, epic sweep and rich period detail, but emotionally the characters can't sustain its protracted third act. Unfortunately, the film continues long after the plot is resolved.

Falak G (us) wrote: Great film. Thought-provoking about the things that get people to indulge in such activities.

Natalie P (es) wrote: I never liked this movie. I bought it because it had Steve Martin and Helena Bonham Carter which I love both. The movie was different. A young girl trys to saduce her dr to get free pain killers but there a twist and the whole thing goes wrong. Not funny and to dark for my liking. I say pass on this one or wait for tv.

Wes S (kr) wrote: This is where the series starts taking a more kiddish appeal, but it's one of the better sequels in my opinion. The songs are decent, the sharptooths are nice and scary, and the animation isn't bad. The story is probably one of the best in the series. Still pretty enjoyable.

JP K (fr) wrote: Hilarious but don't know why. It has that old school feel good surburbia feel to it (and I am not even white or American, lmao)

Michael W (br) wrote: This was dangerously close to being another special effort by the Golan-Globus production team but lost some momentum in the second half. Group of high schoolers form patrol/vigilante team overseen by Vietnam vet Mr Corrigan to help curb crime and grafitti at their school. Good soundtrack (Robert Palmer aside).

Wes S (nl) wrote: Actually quite humorous, but still suffers from bad acting and ridiculous plot. The characters are goofy and there's a lot funny bits. Campy and cheesy, it's not too hard to sit through, but the ending does get slow.

Private U (gb) wrote: Great fun to watch on a lazy afternoon that will have you chuckling for the est of the day!

Trey V (es) wrote: Wow... Just wow. These are the same guys that brought you, 'cars'? What a letdown.

jay n (gb) wrote: Masterful and deeply moving.