An angry young man who takes on the bad elements to clean the society.

The film, chronicles the anger, agony and frustration of a young man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Rowthiram torrent reviews

Jocey D (jp) wrote: Pleasant classic British murder mystery.

Milo M (br) wrote: Mrzin narucene filmove.

Kenneth B (de) wrote: Clearly inspired by the Saw strain of horror, this treads no new ground but it is diverting for 90 minutes.

Kim C (kr) wrote: Another character study about people.

Alysia H (br) wrote: Larry is funny and the movie is way cute too.

Yuping L (ru) wrote: i think it's a bit long, and that i'm not yet a shunji iwai fan, yet. but i'm going to see all of his films, for the sake of someone's taste, and to prove that i am not biased toward japanese cinema

navneet90 k (fr) wrote: i like the songs on it

Mike J (au) wrote: belly is the best movie ever

Tim M (fr) wrote: Ugh. Somehow a movie with an evil Barry Bostwick, a metal werewolf, and Kane Hodder sucked. Honestly...A METAL FUCKING WEREWOLF - and it was boring. Plus he didn't even fight any other super hybrid creatures, which would have been rad. He killed Barry Bostwick..who couldn't kill Barry Bostwick? I want to see him fight something awesome, like Mesh Godzilla, or Cargo Net Dracula.

Amos C (ca) wrote: i write this to make the person who made this movie feel better

Sean L (us) wrote: A very disturbing, very emotionally-charged late entry in the spaghetti western genre by Italian gore-maestro Lucio Fulci. The light-rock songs are a bit off-putting, but quailty nonetheless. Tomas Milian turns in his best performance as the vicious Chaco. This movie needs to be a lot better known and regarded.

sage m (fr) wrote: Depressing stuff. :(

Dawid J (mx) wrote: Difficult (if possible) to judge documentary. I appreciate directors decision to remain objective and not to interrupt the course of the film with his opinions, editing or sound. Important and not easy to watch piece.

Michael S (ca) wrote: 5 outta 5. it's a mastapiece

Matthew P (au) wrote: I love this movie amazing character with awesome action and awesome lines. I've watched it a lot.

Terminator 8 (ru) wrote: I don't remember anything from the movie!

Neil O (ca) wrote: Effective low budget vampire flick that reflects Kathryn Bigelow's Near Dark with a vibrant young cast who put their all into it, lead by a gorgeous Kerr Smith.