Roy Orbison and Friends: A Black and White Night

Roy Orbison and Friends: A Black and White Night

Singer Roy Orbison performs with such musicians as Bruce Springsteen and Tom Waits, among others, in a 1940s-type nightclub setting.

Singer Roy Orbison performs with such musicians as Bruce Springsteen and Tom Waits, among others, in a 1940s-type nightclub setting. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Roy Orbison and Friends: A Black and White Night torrent reviews

Jaspal C (es) wrote: really good and funny

Koh M (gb) wrote: uber klise tapi menghibur. guyonan tentang il-sung cukup segar. bae doo-na seperti biasa, never disappoints.

Brad B (ca) wrote: yeah this is moldy oldie, but a lovely dramatic look at gritty slices of the lives of some unrelated people who have this weird way of crossing paths. inde drama all the way. great music by jill sobule (who starred in it) and kirshna das.

Matthias P (de) wrote: The portrait of the only modern Austrian musician, who got famous in the world. Although they added some scenes, they movie is quit good and entertaining. They music is as expected genius and Manuel Rubey who act as falco does his job quite well. Of course some other actors didnt do it so good, however all in all in my opinion it is quit a good movie about this legend. But if you dont know Falco, I would not recommend you to see the movie.

Chris H (ca) wrote: Oh Dolph what a slippery slope its been since Rocky IV!!!! Not even you my friend can save this movie.Agreed!

Jared B (nl) wrote: Tense, psychological thriller. Well acted all round, but I can see why this was the breakthrough performance for Ellen Page. Great ending too.

Daniel Y (ag) wrote: Live Free or Die Hard is the 4th entry in the Die Hard franchise and it shows that this series can still pack a punch (at least up until Live Free or Die Hard). This movie has: great performances from everybody, has a great and memorable villain, a smartly and funny written script, and great action sequences.

yamdev y (it) wrote: Plate quemada is one of the most beautiful gay love story I have ever seen .I should not say but gay love story but simply love story The film is based on real life story about a robbery which happened some 40 years ago in argentina. strong direction and excellent performances by lead pair leo and eduardo is film strong point.

Dylan M (nl) wrote: I learned about a lot Frida Kahlo in my Spanish class and we eventually watched this movie. I thought Frida was a decent but very fascinating biopic. It may have not describe the events of Frida's life in the best way but it did its job. Very spirited and emotional, this film can be very moving for some people. You don't care for any characters in this film besides Frida and Diego. Salma Hayek and Alfred Molina act off each other very well in this movie. The colors and sets were eye candy for movie lovers. I probably got all I needed from this film in one viewing but the movie flowed nicely, had good acting, and was an overall interesting film.

Brett C (us) wrote: My Own Private Idaho would be the first film I have seen from Gus Van Sant, which is a director I am eager to explore. This is a film that is not something one would just choose for a casual watch, as there are things here that are quite depressing and an ending that could have people be feeling frustrated or confused. I was happy with the film, but there were some aspects about it that needed improvement or needed for me to understand more.The film was written by Gus Van Sant, and the film is based on William Shakespeare's Henry IV. I have not read Shakespeare's Henry IV, so I came into this film blind. The film is essentially about the life of two individuals, Mike and Scott. The film doesn't contain a clear plot for us to grab onto, and this was something I found disappointing at times because some moments in the film feeling close to empty, with only a hint of character development to keep it's audience engaged. Maybe it would get better during a second viewing, as l know what I'll be getting into. The point of the film is to observe the journey that these two protagonist go through together and separately; searching for that something to keep living life, a sense of purpose with the ultimate goal being happiness. Van Sant has explored this idea very well, with Idaho always being the starting point of a new journey. The film's characters just keeps on searching and searching for that certain something, hoping to not come back where they started from, Idaho. Van Sant doesn't beat us over the head with the film's ideas and messages, instead lets us find it ourselves. He lets the characters develop in their own way, building it brick by brick as each scene passes. The film also never goes where you expect it to go, keeping me interested and surprised throughout.The film was directed by Gus Van Sant, and this was his third film. Van Sant gave My Own Private Idaho, for the most part, a melancholy tone with only some moments containing a sense of energy and optimism. I was also surprised on how funny the film was, though the comedy at times was a bit dark and may come off differently with others, but nevertheless I laughed. On some spots of the film, I can see it's influences from other films, particularly Dennis Hopper's Easy Rider. The ending of the film just screams out Easy Rider but Van Sant avoids it from being too similar by giving it a sense of hope as the car drives on. Surprisingly the film still has that Shakespearean quality, especially in scenes when Mike and Scott are with Bob Pigeon in Portland, where dialogue and blocking seems to come close to the line of over-dramatic. The film shows us footage of Mike's mother which is clearly meant to mean something important for the character and his journey but I wasn't entirely sure on what the director was trying to say. The film also explored the lives of these young adults and what they have to do in order to just get by, again I wasn't sure what Van Sant was trying to do here as he doesn't seem to judge them or praise them. It's neutral footing makes me wonder on why there was such an emphasis on it. I need to watch this film a couple more times to comprehensively understand the film's characters and themes. I found it clever for the director to use the character's Narcolepsy also as a tool in controlling the film's pacing. Van Sant was able to have us feel how Mike feels, we never seem to have a sense of time and place until we are fully awake and be filled with the details. I didn't have a problem with the use of this style of pacing as it helps build the character faster and not take too long on a specific point in the character's journey. Saying that, I still think the film is just a tad too long, and would have benefited from a 10-15 minute trim.The film's directors of photography were John J. Campbell and Eric Alan Edwards. I don't really wanna go into it as I was way too invested in trying to understand the film's ideas and themes, not giving myself enough time to pay attention to the film's photography. I can definitely say that some moments were shot in a way that was quite unexpected and hilarious, like the film's sex scenes, which has characters freeze at a certain way while the cinematographers are shooting. The film contains flashbacks and visions of Mike's life with his mother, and they were shot similarly to a home video recorder, giving that feeling of age and a sense of time. The film's ending also has this clever reference with the camera starting close to a character and goes further and further away vertically almost as if we were saying goodbye. I thought having that was really clever.I am not sure whether or not the film contains an original score as I only remember the film only using soundtracks from various artists. The songs that I do remember were quite nice to listen to and each track seem to represent a certain moment in the character's lives and not always connected tonally with each other.The film's acting was definitely top notch boasting the best performance I have seen from River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves. They both seem to really grasp this sense of loss in direction. They don't know what's ahead of them, all they know is they have each other right now and they need to do what they need to do for this day in order to get to the next one. Both actors were able to do convey the subtle pains and thoughts of their characters, while also being able to bring this energy and Shakespearean dramatics that was needed for the scenes in Portland.My Own Private Idaho was a good film, and definitely one that proved to the general audience that he is a great director. I will need to watch this film again in the future in order for me to completely understand the film's intentions and also to give it a proper review that it deserves. I apologise for the lack of comprehension in this review.

Jeff L (es) wrote: Tremors is not a good movie, even if it is cheesy fun.

Fascade F (au) wrote: It is about time they came on out with a Asian gangster flick that shows the power of a dream...and the price for defiance in straying from the path of the fulfilling that dream...John Woo as a Producer enhanced the magic or a beautifully crafted story that captures the imagination and never lets go until the very soul crushing end. The Starlet Qi Shu was in one of the movies :"The Transporter"...with Jason Stathan...remember her??? LOL! See this for the joy of watching an authentic Asian crime drama.

Zack F (gb) wrote: Marley is an insightful look into the musical, political, and religious life of the legend Bob Marley that works with remarkable concert footage. The main flaw is McDonald's attempt at making a complete biography of Marley, which means it the length of a complete biography

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Roy Orbison and Friends: A Black and White Night torrent

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