Royal Deceit

Royal Deceit

A Danish prince seeks revenge upon the villain who killed the king and his son to usurp the throne.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:English,Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:king,   murder,   ghost,  

This re-telling of Hamlet goes back to the original Danish source material. The opening scenario remains the same: Hamlet's father murdered by his brother who then weds the widowed mother. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard A (jp) wrote: A strange little film that grows on you as it goes on. It retains some elements of the original stage play but it contains a few inventive elements which save it from just becoming a play on film. Sheridan Smith is great with some solid supporting performances from the rest of the cast.

Tiffany S (nl) wrote: Terrible. Bad acting, storyline and dialogue. Avoid where possible.

Logan R (fr) wrote: A well made Indie horror film with lots of clear effort put into making it. Some parts of it could've been better, but on the whole, if you want a good horror film which is a bit different to what you'd usually see, watch this.

Les S (it) wrote: This movie will tear at your heart strings. It is amazing that the guys are active SEALS

Spencer S (au) wrote: This pre-dates the fame of Jean Dujardin in America, but was a breakout role for the comedy actor from France. In the sixties and seventies there were a string of French spy films with a male protagonist named OSS 117, who is now featured in this second film of the new series as a complete clod in comparison. In this film, such as Peter Sellers turn as James Bond in Casino Royale, OSS 117 is reworked as slightly bumbling. More so than that he is misogynistic, racist, and playfully arrogant and ignorant. Unlike a low budget parody film this was actually shot in relatively beautiful locations, with actual cinematography and principal photography to boot. It utilizes many forms of split screen, and is a finesse of French cinema, not only as an ode but as an actual spy film. What also sets it apart from the crass American counterparts such as Spy Hard and The Naked Gun, is that this film actually holds more than comedy, but an air of sophistication and restraint. Better than that, while the usual spy parodies have a makeshift cast of people who are truly enthralled by this uncouth person, this film lets the Israeli Mossad romantic lead hold her own amongst the male spies. She outright points out his faults and tells him about them in as mean a way as possible. Dujardin is in his own league here, as he maneuvers between likable and downright repulsive. His scenes are usually full of bandying about words that are intentionally offensive, while also being goofy and lovable in some respects. The villains are unbelievable, the storyline is epic yet ridiculous, and the shots of the film really resonant and bewilder with how amazing they are for the content. Beside that there is actual humor that relates to American sensibilities and somehow mimics the parody films of Leslie Nielsen. The only reason I didn't fully love it is that it doesn't always translate well, and my comedic choices are usually not as suave and as witty as this, so for myself it was a different kind of experience. Still, this is a delight and is worth our attention.

Weul S (es) wrote: A real riches-to-rags rock story with heart.

Niral G (ca) wrote: Not bad, but the plot was too unrealistic. I didn't mind the futuristic twist, but the "love story" part just seemed ridiculous. But...three hours of Priyanka has to count for something, right?

John S (ag) wrote: Fido is by no means a bad film, but it has a few basic problems that make it hard to me to give it a rating higher than 3.- One problem is that this film doesn't fit in any genre. While for this works to the advantage of some films as it makes them unique, it is a disadvantage for "Fido". The concept is too goofy to be considered a serious movie, the humor is too mild to generate actual laughter (at least in my case) and the gore is too mild and the whole "Pleasantville" setting is too bright and shiny to appeal to zombie movie fans while the gore and zombies themselves will upset many art house film fans. etc. Basically, the film deviates too far from any genre it is inspired by and it's not good enough in either of its deviations for this to actually work in its advantage.- As a satire of suburban sensibilities and the way people treat creatures of a different species, ethnic group or class, Fido never really succeeds in making a point. Unlike satires like "How to Get Rid of the Others", "Idiocracy" or "Dr Stranglove" the message is too subtle to really have an impact on the viewer and many people probably won't even understand what message this film actually holds.- Being too shallow for a satire and not goofy enough for a story a la "Monty Python", "Brain dead", "Shaun of the Dead" or "Hot Fuzz" the humor in Fido never really worked for me and considering this is supposed to be a funny movie that's a major drawback.So why does it still deserve a 6? The visuals are more than decent and the concept is one of the most original concepts I've seen in a film for quite a while. That made it still a film far more worth watching than any Michael Bay crap. It's just too bad they didn't get more out of the concept than they did.

Tashara M (us) wrote: This Movie is just wow I mean O2 loosing his son my favorite part was 7 shots bam am..bam..bam this movie is dope good work guys!!$$Can You Guys Make Another one where O2 and Coco Gets Married That Would make This Way Better

Justin H (nl) wrote: This movie is about as coherent as a five years olds writing

WS W (es) wrote: Shunji Iwai's common exquisite, although looking a bit loose & deliberate with Japanese own typical lengthiness.

Nikhil P (gb) wrote: Funnyfilm and watchable. A decent rental.

Alexander C (ag) wrote: A very good movie, re-watch to understand it more, enjoyable.

Matt G (br) wrote: Dog shows are ripe for comedic picking, and Guest and his crew of cohorts leave no stone unturned in what is possibly their most accessible and widely hilarious mockumentary. Special recognition to Fred Willard for stealing the show as the dim-witted and over-excited announcer.

Kevin G (br) wrote: While it would definitely work better on stage, this is an acting tour de force.... While both Heather Graham and Natasha Gregson Wagner give us fully-fleshed, hot blooded performances, this movie is THE testament to the astounding talents of Robert Downey, Jr. What we always knew he had is on full display, and he is riveting!

Rob A (es) wrote: It was'nt the best tarzan movie but it was'nt the worst.

Raymond C (de) wrote: I don't usually get into Zombie movies, but this one is COOL!

Rodney E (de) wrote: Maybe I was actually expecting werewolves to ride around on motorcycles. While there isn't much werewolf action, which makes the title a true exploitation one, it is a nice drive-in type of biker-Satanic cult movie. You won't find the meaning of life here but you might have a good time.

William H (ca) wrote: Okay, so I'm sure that this wasn't a good place to start with Mario Bava, but it was still a blast to watch. It was campy, had a poorly built story, and I can't tell you who was who other than Diabolik and his woman, but it was extremely stylsih and fun. The entire film looked like the sixties exploded. Go-go dancing, colorful lighting, zoom heavy camera work all around. Okay, I'm going to try to hunt down one of his good movies now.

Bill M (it) wrote: Fellini was wise to leave realism behind.