Royal Shakespeare Company: Richard II

Royal Shakespeare Company: Richard II

A monarch ordained by God to lead his people. But he is also a man of very human weakness. A man whose vanity threatens to divide the great houses of England and drag his people into a dynastic civil war that will last 100 years.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Royal Shakespeare Company: Richard II torrent reviews

Kihwan Y (es) wrote: Great story and casting. Enjoy ChoSun dynasty

James J (mx) wrote: While it doesn't deal with immigration and racial prejudice as effectively as it could, seeing the relationship bloom between Bruno and Ignacio is quite a ride. The characters are likable and well-acted, if not a bit stereotyped at times. The ending is great, if a little jarring.

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Tyson P (mx) wrote: not scary, not funny, and not gory. personally the thought of a psychopathic giggling doctor sounds like it could be creepy as hell but this movie misses its mark. the doctor is nothing but lame and annoying.

JH K (jp) wrote: De todas las contextualizaciones y traslaciones de los relatos de Shakespeare, sin duda el mas brillante de todos. La mas epica de Kurosawa, la mano de alguien experto y curtido en esto del cine consigue atar con maestria todos los aspectos de una cinta inmensa, bella, retorica del cine, grandiosa, compleja, densa, y cuyo unico defecto es el inevitable ritmo narrativo japones que la hace poco accesible al gran publico. Bueno, ellos se lo pierden.Una de las pelculas ms hermosas de la historia y una de mis eternas favoritas.

Asif K (es) wrote: not interested in this movie too..

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Jeffrey K (de) wrote: Beautifully shot, and well acted, but not terribly memorable

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Charles S (ru) wrote: starts off rough, but with a really good finish