Royal Tramp

Royal Tramp

The story of Wilson Bond, a pimp who after saving Chan, the leader of the Heaven and Earth society, a revolutionary group, is made a member. After a botched first assignment for the group, he is made a servant to the Prince, the very person the Heaven and Earth society want to overthrow. What follows is plenty of mayhem and laughter.

The story centers on a witty and sly protagonist, Wei Xiaobao. He makes his way from his hometown in Yangzhou to Beijing, where he is kidnapped into the Imperial Palace and he impersonates a eunuch. Wei Xiaobao accidentally meets the young Kangxi Emperor and they strike up an unlikely friendship. Through sheer luck and cunning, Wei Xiaobao manages to accomplish a series of seemingly impossible tasks that would affect the future of the Qing Dynasty. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas G (ca) wrote: This is a very moving documentary film that follows the lives of several people after Hurricane Katrina, and the aftermath of their pets. And what is really interesting about the film is the fact that they do not leave a single detail behind on the care of these animals. There is not a single second of the film that is wasted. And for these being average people, you really feel sorry for them. We're talking about people who love their pets as companions. And there are moments -semi-spoiler- where they have no choice but to just let go of their pets, whether it be to a shelter or to a new family. And to see it for the owner, it is heartbreaking. But then you feel moments of uplift when you see the animals' lives change in the way that they do, whether it be for better or for worse. While it can be preachy at moments, it does have a positive message of what people have done to help these animals, and you leave with a sense of "they need help. And you may not be able to do anything about it, but someone standing up and saying so is better than someone who chooses to do nothing." I think that the reason why a lot of people synthesize with this film is the fact that our government handled Hurricane Katrina so poorly, and that is what caused me to feel sorry for these animals. So, this is a moving documentary that anyone with a pet should watch.

Luciano G (ag) wrote: , If your into martial arts films, check it out!

Steve W (us) wrote: Based on a true story, it tells the story of a group of 71 student soldiers that left behind to defend a high school in Pohang. While the experienced troops are off fighting invasion forces, another small force led by a rough General plans to attack the school. Only the group of experienced soldiers can stop them and hold their ground.The movie does have good round character development for the student soldiers. The big problem is that most of their character arcs end early for the final battle. The rogue student never faces punishment for anything he does, and his superior just doesn't do anything about it for the whole movie.And then the villain ends up facing them one vs. two and it gets very action movie cliched. The strong points overwhelm the weaker ones,but some tighter pacing with the characters before the climax would have made for a better movie.

Robert M (ag) wrote: Hysterical and not in the way it intended to be. The acting, the screenplay...oh hell, everything is awful in this. Greg Robbins needs to stop now. Zero suspense and the lamest devil in cinematic history. The devil in Looney Tunes poses more of a threat than this doofus.

Rory Fyfe S (es) wrote: Great performances by Mirren and Hopkins.

Petri H (de) wrote: Would have been better without so many totally pointless scenes.

Mike S (ca) wrote: I really enjoyed this story of how a man's career is forcably ended and he's forced to redefine himself and his purpose in life. I was RIVETED by the final scene of Othello transformed from elegant to searing drama.

Jason M (it) wrote: The most underrated of the Indiana Jones films. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull brings back the delightful action with few dull moments and Harrison Ford shines. The story was interesting as well.

Alex K (ag) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Neece M (fr) wrote: Richard is totally buff

Brittney K (au) wrote: Wasn't sure what to expect with this one,but as usual the amazing cast made this whole movie. The story wouldn't be anything without their talent. I thought even though hard to follow at times, this movie had so much emotion and truth behind it. It's hard not to fall in love with it.

Kurt A (ru) wrote: I don't know what to think about this movie. On the one hand it isn't really all that terrible for the genre. On the other hand it really isn't very good either. It's like a lukewarm drink. It's just unsatisfying enough to make you disappointed. Basically what happens is that there is a power outage at the Universal Cryogenics lab. Apparently they never considered this before because they don't have a generator or a battery backup for their corpses ... uh I mean ... clients. Anyway the guards decide that it would be a good idea to put all of the containers outside where it is "cooler" while they're waiting for the power company to show up. Here are the major flaws with that logic. It's supposed to be 30 degrees outside but there's rain and a full on thunderstorm. Also, by moving all of the containers outside aren't you making it that much harder on yourself once the power is fixed? I mean, then you have to move them all back in just to turn them back on. That makes about as much sense as wheeling your fridge outside every time the power goes out. So, with all of the containers outside wouldn't you know it. They all magically become lightning rods and electricity flows through the conductive "green" (they mention that the fluid is green like 9 times) cryogenics fluid; bringing the zombies to life. Over the next 45 minutes we see all sorts of random zombie Tom foolery. Apparently undead zombies in The Chilling can ... politely tap people on the shoulder, wield a sword, pick up people by the collar, lift garage doors, punch in cryogenic chamber access codes, take carefully timed jumps on to unsuspecting victims, drive cars, survive without their head, pop out from behind cover, and run down stairs. But they can't walk straight, or gang up on a guy driving a fork lift.This movie was, in my opinion, made to be a political statement about the dangers and immorality of cryogenics. I don't think it worked. Anyone with a brain already knows that cryogenics is BS. We can't even heal sick people, how can we possibly reanimate and then heal already dead people? That's like building a new cow out of steaks.Probably the most disappointing thing in this movie is the fact that they show you that Roosevelt, Walt Disney, Charlie Chaplin, and Michael Jackson are stored at Universal Cryogenics but they never show one of them attacking anyone. Talk about a missed Thriller reenactment opportunity.The dumbest overall move by our heroes in this movie is the run for the car scene. They finally all get in the car and of course it stalls. Probably because it is a Chevy Celebrity turned rent-a-cop car. So instead of getting out and running to either the limo or the repair van to escape they all just go back inside. Why? Why not try to escape? Where is the harm in that?You have to be pretty hard up to watch and enjoy this movie. I'd recommend it only to those who just can't get enough zombie movies or those who are gluttons for punishment.

Robert H (it) wrote: There's bad films and there's good films... this is SOBIG to the max (so bad it's good).With one silly ass story that fills the entire 1.5 hour run time you'd swear this film couldn't be entertaining. But throw in oodles and oodles of neon gore and presto! Instant classic.The dialogue is not only poorly written but the actors aren't exactly that great either. This results in some unintentionally hilarious word utterings from some of the most bizarre characters.Street Trash isn't most people's cup of tea, but if the idea of homeless people blowing up in neon green slime explosions tickles your funny bone, Street Trash was made for you.This is one ugly film but the florescent physical gore FX easily turn this film from boring piece of trash to a brilliant piece of street cred. Honestly, I'm not sure that even with the excessive gore, had it been more realistic, Street Trash would be as memorable.

830615521 (de) wrote: I loved it and made me paranoid...LOL

Roger S (ag) wrote: Manborg doesn't care in the fact that its cheesy; it doesn't care that its prop budget is somewhere around $200, in costumes fresh from Party City and props out of a hardware store. It doesn't care that it was all filmed in one room. It doesn't care about writing or strong acting. It doesn't care about any of that.And that's probably its strongest aspect. It KNOWS what it is. It understands itself. It knows it won't be an oscar-winning movie, or break the mold, or do anything groundbreaking. And in that, its free to have every bit of fun with itself. And that's what makes it awesome. Romance subplot with a socially defunct doctor from hell? Sure. Claymation? Go for it! A training montage? Straight out of the 80's! One-liners? You bet your cybernetic posterior.I can't honestly hate this movie when it goes so far as to hire out the voice actor of RYU from Street Fighter to dub over the martial artist named "#1 Man". That's ontop of all his Dragon Ball Z work. It's just too awesome.

Nick L (it) wrote: I found it playful enough.