RSO [Registered Sex Offender]

RSO [Registered Sex Offender]

There may be one thing worse than being a sex offender sent to prison: Being a sex offender released from prison. RSO tells the story of one offender's unlikely rehabilitation.

There may be one thing worse than being a sex offender sent to prison: Being a sex offender released from prison. RSO tells the story of one offender's unlikely rehabilitation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


RSO [Registered Sex Offender] torrent reviews

Sarita B (br) wrote: Pity them who have gone by the reveiws and given "The Shaukeens" a miss..A total laugh riot and full on entertainment. Akshay's comic sense Great...Annu Kapoor and Anupam Kher needless to comment on...but the surprise package was Piyush Mishra and Lisa Haydon both were Superb....Though in the lines of the old Basu Chatterjee's "Shaukeen" yet This new one "The Shaukeens" is hilarious in its own ways....If you haven't better go and see for some hearty laughs ....

Yash B (jp) wrote: Woody Allen's "Blue Jasmine" is an absorbing drama that is fueld by phenomenal performance and wonderful writing. This movie might come off as slow to a mainstream filmgoer, but to anyone who loves a brilliant performance or Allen's unique style, this film is sure to please. I enjoyed every second of Cate Blanchett's portrayal as Jasmine. I began to see her as just Jasmine, rather than Cate Blanchett playing a character. She is fully deserving of the Oscar she won for this film. Her dynamic performance is brilliant and should and will be talked about for years to come. I also really appreciated the way flashbacks were used in the film. The supporting cast also does a great job but they're all outweighed by Blanchett. This film honestly deserved an Oscar nomination for Best Picture and was replaced by a handful of, at least in my opinion, less worthy films. The only gripe I have with it was the ending. It left me with a bittersweet feeling that I don't really know was necessary. However, until that point, I was riveted and engaged throughout.

Kara H (ag) wrote: Well that bored me to death.

Ben C (nl) wrote: As cute as they are mischievous, the buddies are back on an adventure, but this time in Egypt. Very cute family movie.


Stephen S (ru) wrote: A nice wrap up to the series, especially between George and her sister. I don't like some of the things that the writers did here, though. Daisy was always a superficial character, but they basically turn her into a hooker here, with replacement Sarah Wynter (from 24, I normally like her, but she's obnoxious here unfortunately). The absence of Rube in this film, especially since his backstory never was explained in the show, is very problematic, as is his replacement with Henry Ian Cusick from Lost, who just doesn't work here. I also don't like how the presence of Cusick's character seemingly materializes the Reaper characters in an exaggerated fashion, with everyone except George dropping their beliefs and morals almost immediately after meeting him. Though they weren't perfect, the characters in the show most likely wouldn't do this, and honestly, since the show was cancelled before it could fully get off the ground, everyone except George wasn't developed enough for this to work.

cc b (es) wrote: As a fan of Dyer and the premise of this film, I can honestly say I feel both happy with and let down by this film.The story itself, and the moral abiguity as to whether there are truly any good guys in this film, is why I was happy with this film, but the lack of any real "characters" is where it lets itself down.The only member of the outlaws who seems to have any characterisiation is quite frankly the least likeable for it.The rest of the characters, inc Bean and Dyer, are just plain as hell.I'd day this film is worth seeing, but nowhere near the essential viewing it should have been, considering the talent on hand!

matti j (it) wrote: people who like criminology studies would probably like this movie i found it rather boring

MEC r (es) wrote: This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.

Jonathan L (au) wrote: I'm not entirely sure what's going on, but that's part of the beauty.After watching the hilariously offbeat and outrageously confusing "I Heart Huckabees", you may find yourself repeating the quintessential question that the movie so provocatively asks; "How am I not myself?" This is the one line of dialogue that justifies the entire movie's hilarious sense of disillusionment. I Heart Huckabees is the kind of comedy that is so offbeat and ludicrous that you can't help but admire its lunacy. David O. Russell clearly knew what he wanted with this movie, he wanted to make a screwball comedy that touched base with some of the most sought after answers of our existence. Such as why are we here, what is our purpose, and why do we matter. It's an infectious film that will have you glued to the screen, even if you can't understand almost anything that's going on!The cast is great! I had never really paid much attention to Jason Schwartzman's career before seeing this movie, but he is a true comedy actor who delivers his lines to near perfection. Mark Wahlberg surprised me. I already knew he could do comedy but it takes skill to deliver comedic timing in a movie as philosophically complex as this. He delivered a fine performance and he and Jason Schwartzman have excellent chemistry. Naomi Watts is nothing short of insane as the spokes model for the Huckabees fashion empire. She is very conflicted with her image and often goes off the rails in some very funny sequences. Jude Law has some great moments as the CEO of sorts for Huckabees. He has a sinister douche bag quality to him that almost steals the show. And he also has some of the best moments in the movie as his character goes through what is quite possibly the biggest philosophical transformation out of all the characters in the movie. And his American accent is good to boot. We even get a few surprise cameos from actors such as Jonah Hill and Isla Fisher. Each of them deliver fine performances. But the real stars of this movie are the two therapist detectives played by Dustin Hoffman and Lili Tomlin. They are both amazing together and are two of the most interesting and original characters I have ever seen in a comedy. Their intellectuality behind the chaos provides the film with some of its most hilarious as well as some of its most thought driven moments.This is definitely a movie that you should watch more than once. If anything just to bask in the brilliant writing and the hidden messages. The writers have to be accoladed for their daring approach at writing a comedy like this. They could have easily turned it into some dopey rom com but instead added significantly more depth and thought provoking psychological questions about the meaning of life. I Heart Huckabees is as hilarious as it is confusing but all the more thought provoking.A definite must see more than once.

Private U (ag) wrote: A 1970s low budget film about prison. There are attempted rapes and cell fights galore. The protagonist "Too Sweet," tries to win his freedom by becoming the best damn boxer in prison!

Michael T (gb) wrote: Great film, all young up and coming cast. Classic sped up chase scenes involving HGV's

Justin B (mx) wrote: Similar to something like Sharktopus, Big Ass Spider uses what little it has within its very small budget and makes the most of it. Though it's still only for the b movie enthusiast there's enough energy on screen and affection for the genre to keep it well above the standards set by SyFy and Asylum.

Simon T (br) wrote: Gorgeously photographed and extremely well-acted classic Western. The perfect way-in to the genre if you're usually averse. Fonda is predictably wonderful as Earp, but the revelation is Victor Mature as Doc Holliday. Tons better than Ford's sclerotic The Searchers.