Bangkok-based Tara Mishra and Nikhil Singh meet at a wedding ceremony and fall instantly in love with love with each. They move in together and continue to live a fairly blissful lifestyle ...

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Hindi
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Bangkok-based Tara Mishra and Nikhil Singh meet at a wedding ceremony and fall instantly in love with love with each. They move in together and continue to live a fairly blissful lifestyle ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ru-Ba-Ru torrent reviews

Ricardo A (fr) wrote: Despite having a great premise, Unhung hero have some interesting things but at the end feels really shallow.

David W (au) wrote: I loved this movie. A very odd mix, that somehow mixes together really well. A pretty clean western romantic comedy drama set in Canada. Told you it was an odd mid, but it really does mesh together pretty well imo. Only thing I didn't really like was that during the blooper reel during the end credits they don't censor anything, so a mostly clean movie that's not bad for children, has lots of F-bombs during the end credits.

Adam C (nl) wrote: Warm and modest. A small success.

Natasha L (br) wrote: it was the best movie. If you want a nice movie about god and family movie then this is the perfect movie of for a youth group event.

Samuel R (gb) wrote: Saw this last night on Netflix. Rachel's awesome, and it's fascinating to have some hypothetical and even actual historical information on such a compelling figure as Hypatia of Alexandria. Worth checking out, though the script has some gaping holes (that could've been easily fixed) and uneven performances from supporting actors.

Tamatai N (jp) wrote: A brilliant idea and simply stunning animation mixed with some pretty insane action sequences makes for an extremely cool sci-fi/action film, however it does feel at times that this is all the film really has going for it. There were moments of unintentional but still pretty hilarious humour (some of which followed a cringe), but I have to admit, the film has its heart in the right place. Fantastic stuff for people wanting sci-fi that doesn't wrack the brain too much.

Ray P (au) wrote: The biggest mystery about this outstanding film is what forces in Hollywood kept it down! I can only think that the extremely anti-Mormon message would have a negative impact on the popular, Mormon-themed "Twilight" films. Otherwise, this is a film that needs to be seen! Based on a true story, "September Dawn" portrays the savage anihilation of 120 innocent men, women and children by a group of Mormons who fear that these travelers may have been in league with the Missouri settlers that killed the father of the Mormon religion. The act of religious terrorism is ordered by none other than Brigham Young (who later denied any involvement). The film is hard to watch and hopefully will make enough people angry to the point of wanting to learn more about the Mormon culture and the fanatic agenda they have built their existence upon. A chilling film and cheers to Christopher Cain for having the guts to make it!

Jayakrishnan R (mx) wrote: 85%Watched this on 19/5/15Meet Joe Black is one of the most underrated films that I have ever seen. Most people dislike this film for it's run time. However, Martin Brest has crafted an explicit movie with a superb story and a classic feel to it with vibrant cinematography and terrific performances from Hopkins, Pitt and Claire Forlani. Pitt gives a nuanced performance and even gives close attention to the body language of his characters. It's got wonderful characters, even the supporting characters are well drawn with superb acting all around. However, the ending is a downer, instead of making a good use of it's material it ends up being predictable and how you would imagine it to be.

Carlos I (es) wrote: Not DePalmas best, but it's still a serviceable thriller. The cinematography and design is masterfully done though, some of his best.

Cedric L (ca) wrote: Fun and beautifully animated Disney classic.

Bill B (nl) wrote: A watchable flick about a hit-woman trying to escape her violent past when she starts to develop a relationship with a noodle-vendor whose shop is near her home. It's got its moments, but sort of falls into a trap of feeling too familiar at times, as a lot of these Asian action flicks can tend to blend together.Rental?

Bheema D (mx) wrote: In the previous film, the main character resembled a young, Mexican Eastwood. In this movie, it's more like a Mexican Schwarzenegger. El Mariachi was gritty and no holds barred. This movie feels like an R-rated cartoon. The script is much more flimsy and the cast more forgettable. But it has Machete in it so it's all good.

Kris T (it) wrote: Great Performance by Brent Carver.

Bob M (nl) wrote: A great caper comedy. Great cast.

Tim B (es) wrote: I've never read the novel on which this is based so I didn't come with any expectations of the film living up to the book. Save one or two books, Koontz has never really cranked my dial with his writing. But having watched the film I can see why a lot of people were more less pissed. It seems more like an epsiode of Lassie than a horror flick. We see a lot of Haim interactng with the dog, with the odd monster attack here and there. Speaking of which, when the monster was shown in full form, it was so obvious that it was some guy in a suit. Save one graphic scene, it didn't even give us much blood, either. It doesn't even serve in the horror department as I felt no suspense. I guess after all the "cutesy" business with the dog, I somewhat predicted that there wasn't going to be much conventions pushed further. Jon Hess didn't do much with styling. It felt like he was more into giving one an acid trip than a horror movie as the camera shaking was non-stop. Corey Haim did a good job, he just needed more to his character than a being a smart-aleck with a fondness for dogs. Barbara Williams is good with what she has. Her and Haim have good chemistry. Michael Ironside played a badass and did so without any effort. Yes, he's THAT good! Lala Sloatman was cute and worked in the role. Any postive aspects? The dog was impressive in its antics. Made me smirk a few times. The score (by King John Williams) was really good and actually helped on some of the scenes that would have been otherwise yawn. Lastly, Michael Ironside definitely upped my enjoyment any time he popped up. But this was far from the greatest. There are better movies with Michael Ironside, Corey Haim and dogs that I would put up there long before this one. See it if you must, but don't strain yourself.