Kyle Hanson is a Vietnam veteran whose traumatic war-time experiences have left him unable to rejoin mainstream society. When Kyle, unkempt and in dirty fatigues, stops in a small town for ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:1980
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:police,   chase,   car chase,  

Kyle Hanson is a Vietnam veteran whose traumatic war-time experiences have left him unable to rejoin mainstream society. When Kyle, unkempt and in dirty fatigues, stops in a small town for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gerardo S (mx) wrote: A beautiful horror story of friendship

Jack S (de) wrote: Maddin revisits some of the color palette from "Careful," but otherwise once again creates another unique dreamworld. Shelley Duvall gives a fantastic performance (and looked terrific in her late 40s). Frank Gorshin hams it up wonderfully. Love and envy in a surreal setting. May the sun never set on Guy Maddin!

Cysko H (it) wrote: This is one of those old school Saturday afternoon movies. It's a bad movie, damn it's funny. Stallone has to do something like this again.

Christy S (it) wrote: I can't help falling off the couch laughing every time I watch this one!! Absolutely hilarious!!

Rosco B (fr) wrote: Along with the later 'Hana-Bi', 'Sonatine' possibly marks Kitano's zenith as a master of violent yet somehow meditative gangland drama with a strong undercurrent of existentialism. The film is gripping and uncompromising in its action, yet enjoys its most captivating, blissful moments as the gang enjoys an impromptu beach holiday. In particular, a playful battle with fireworks and a staged sumo scrap to mimic a table-top game provide the most idiosyncratic, indelible images. But, of course, you can never get too comfortable when 'Beat' Takeshi is at the helm...

ANDERSON G (kr) wrote: "Taxi Drive" is one of those sexy movies, it you captive and attracts him every second, with a sensational performance of Robert De Niro, a perfect soundtrack Bernard Herrmann master and a brilliant picture, are elements that make this beautiful film see, talking a little more about the picture, she is spectacular, you see New York and feel sick of it, you feel the same thing Travor, the city is filthy, polluted, lawlessness dominates leaving it dirty, excess red filter along with the music Herrmann, and thought Travor to make understand the madness of the character, and a great script, "Taxi Drive" is a cinematic experience, the camera angles put always as a Travor passenger witnessing all that dirt, is a great movie with beautiful scenes, an extremely lively town, with a few screen elements often seen in cinema, and one of the best urban photographs of the film, the film is critical to the trafficking, selling to weapons, the political process, especially racism and prostitution, Travor not sleep, not live, not fun, because it feels dirty and will do everything possible to clean, and you will feel it perfectly. Worth a caveat to the final scene, which to me is one of the most beautiful film, and is a driving lesson of Scorsese, if you love movies this film is mandatory if you do not love cinema, this film is also required.

Stefano B (mx) wrote: Not only charecters from Fellini' past but a cast of universal types, in wich all of us can see his own world. A masterpiece of emotions. Art.

Kim B (kr) wrote: I'm pretty sure I would've loved this movie as a kid. It's a syrupy sweet family movie with characters named truly scrumptious. A fantastical type of musical, a few giggles, and two cute kids. I liked the part were they go the evil kings city-creative and a lil scary. Also a lot of talent btw the 2 adult lead actors. The only part I didn't like was the ending-he had to be rich to get the girl wth? Also the film went on too long, had a disjointed tone from reality to fantasy, and special effects are dated bad.

Wayne H (nl) wrote: Strange tale about madness,a "haunting", and murder. There isn't much reasoning behind the tale, but Lugosi gave a creepy performance.

Steve S (ru) wrote: just awful and totally dumb with no wittiness whatsoever, also proves the fact that tara reid will act in pretty much anything, which makes me wonder how far off she is from doing porn, not that i'm interested. i really have nothing more to say about this waste of time.

Stuart M (au) wrote: This is one of those films that flirts with greatness but never quite reaches it. The first half of the film sets up an amazingly unusual drama by having the kid discover he's somehow gone ten years into the future. A bit like a modern Rip Van Winkle only as a child. This gives us so many opportunities to explore the curiously shifting relationships between a boy who hasn't aged a day and his eight years' wiser family (including a younger brother who's now older than him) who all thought he was dead. It doesn't go deep but perhaps that would be too ambitious. Plus it doesn't have the time. The problem then becomes what to do with such an amazing setup. The answer involves alien spaceships. Not a bad twist. The problem is that once he gets onto the ship all plot advancement halts. Instead of going to meet the aliens, or fleeing from the Feds, or capitalizing on the family drama he simply flies around looking for home. I mean, I get why he wants to go back but it's not a very interesting conflict to watch. Especially since we rarely leave the ship. It's never exciting and it squanders the dramatic opportunities established earlier in the film. Which is too bad because the film that could have existed had the potential to be truly amazing.

Cring B (ru) wrote: Whole new story twist. :D

Paula L (au) wrote: Love appears where you least expect