Rugrats in Paris: The Movie

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie

The Rugrats are back! There's Tommy the brave one, Chuckie the timid one, Phil and Lil the odd couple, Dil, and spoiled brat Angelica. This time they're wreaking havoc in Paris, France, where Tommy's dad Stu is summoned after yet another one of his inventions took a dump.

The Rugrats travel to Paris, France, where Chuckie hopes to find a new mother and keep his father from marrying an evil business woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gman H (us) wrote: This felt a little too long & drawn out for me.McConaughey did a great job though, as did the supporting cast.[6/10]

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Private U (kr) wrote: Spoilers aheadAbsolutely hilarious!!! Even better than the original. I just couldn't stop laughing! The part when he crashes through the soda truck...the part when he throws a gun at a bad guy's face...the part when he knocks a couple of people out with a toy airplane...the part when he bites the school principal in the wrist! This movie is a classic. And it's better than Cellular because "Bob" is a more likable character than the cocky Chris Evans. The villain is the movie is also very over-the-top and very entertaining. It's an awesome movie.

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Jose V (au) wrote: Aldo it was great to see Pacino and De Niro together again in a movie, the movie didn't live to my expectations.

Brett R (br) wrote: Pleasant enough. Quite a bit going on... maybe too much. Not so very much sex (nice surprise). Some over-acting. There was an attempt to add depth and emotion, catharsis. That came off ok. But the relationships (friendships) were strained. And so, I'm just not sure what it was all for.

Mark K (kr) wrote: theres a world record amount of F-bombs here that may ruin the movie for many viewers. but theres also some cool gore for the gore hounds

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Leonard Z (es) wrote: *laughs* at the same time, graphics looked like dated and no well drawn stuff. the violence of amateur blood gushing, no the stake burning being the best of the film, and very chessy dialogue, brought me curiosity, awkwardly enough.

Kyle S (mx) wrote: One of the more iconic romantic comedies ever made. Highly recommended.

Derek C (fr) wrote: ????????

Trent M (fr) wrote: Michael Caine gives James Belushi the old George Bailey treatment in this sometimes lifeless movie that does have a few very sweet and fun scenes (I'm thinking of Jim's scene with Linda Hamilton at the diner). Again: lifeless, but harmless.

Mark W (de) wrote: An amazing blacksploitation film that defies Afro-American law enforcement-oriented issues.

Jeff B (mx) wrote: Very impressive early Russian film directed by Vsevolod Pudovkin, there were many great filmmaking tricks, especially the editing. I loved the panic during the factory scenes and I was surprised that an 80 year old film could have so much tension during some scenes, particularly the moment the husband was coming home to his wife while the police were in the house and the scene with the worker telling the rich guys where the bald guy was. It?s slow at times but it?s really worth viewing just to see how the Russians made an impact on film.

Andrew B (br) wrote: Possibly the darkest sports film I've ever seen, featuring a powerful performance from Harris.