Rule of 3

Rule of 3

A suspenseful film-noir that takes place at three points in time within a single motel room, viewing the events before, during, and after a college graduate's abduction.

  • Category:Horror, Thriller
  • Stars:Unknown
  • Uploader:Fakinsai
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Eric Shapiro
  • Writer:Rhoda Jordan, Eric Shapiro (story)

A suspenseful film-noir that takes place at three points in time within a single motel room| viewing the events before| during| and after a college graduate's
abduction. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Rule of 3 torrent reviews

KarenMichelle L (ag) wrote: Just an awful attempt at story telling. The stated plot might suggest a grand adventure against all odds but it turned into a pedantic journey with little to engage the viewing audience. Zero out of 5 stars.

Justin S (ca) wrote: I hope Jean Dujardin wins an Oscar for The Artist based solely on me having seen both OSS 117 movies and having the strong belief that he is the greatest actor of our time. Honestly, there is no other person that oozes as much charisma as this guy, even when he's saying really outrageous things. Also, his character in these movies should win an award for the best laugh of all time.What is this movie? It's basically part two of the best spoofs ever made on the 'secret agent' archetype. Why do I think these are the best of the 'secret agent' spoofs? Because not only are these movies funny but they also truly capture the essence of old school James Bond, remaining classy and cool. On top of this they stand alone and work with or without prior knowledge of what they are spoofing. Coming from someone who hasn't seen many James Bond movies, I find these to be awesome and funny and in no way needing knowledge of who James Bond is or really anything about any secret agent at all. The one thing I do have to say is at one point the Israeli lady says that she doesn't like OSS 117's style and well, I don't agree with her. The mans style is so fresh. I actually have made a conscious decision to dress like him when I have money and wear suites all the time.So this review has probably told you nothing but what I'm getting at is, if you like to just watch classy people with fun music and secret agent stuff that is very accesible and cool and funny and has lots of beautiful ladies well then, this movie is awesome and you should watch it. The end.

Ranvis F (fr) wrote: Shawn Yu is great in this film. Unlike his previous works, this one certainly brings out a different side of him. The film is made from a manga series but there's only ONE scene in the whole thing feels like manga or anime, which is the part in the bamboo area at night.

Joan B (mx) wrote: Really? This **** really became a movie?

Zach M (fr) wrote: An early entry in the DC animated franchise. Batman is trying to hunt down a Batwoman that is attacking bad guys.The animation is exactly like the Batman animated series and the story itself could have been a story idea they wanted to use in the cartoon but didn't.

BrAnDyY B DuHh BaDdEsT BiItCh (nl) wrote: dis is 1 of the unniest movie's ever!!!

Duncan K (au) wrote: Without the action of the predecessor, this film has nothing.

Danny S (nl) wrote: A very good murder mystery.

Antti Q (ag) wrote: Tries to be whimsical and quirky but falls a bit short..

Charlie G (es) wrote: Adventure, some slow time's.

Jim L (us) wrote: This movie is twisted and a bit crazy. I think it is really dark, but much more mainstream for this type of gore than most.

Ryan W (de) wrote: A very decent and realistic war film but could have been better if they had focused a bit more on character development

Henry N (fr) wrote: A sizzling soft porn with gorgeous people and scenery