Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

Part war movie, part courtroom thriller, this gripping drama finds a war hero put on trial for a rescue mission gone terribly wrong with only his doubtful friend and fellow marine to represent him.

Hayes Hodges saw his career aspirations dissipated when he was wounded in the Vietnam War. He then returned to the United States and became a depressed attorney against the facilities being used to accuse Colonel Terry Childers ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mohd S (mx) wrote: Not bad at all. Better than Star Vehicle.

Criss T (jp) wrote: This is my feel good movie Anytime I want to dance, laugh n sing I watch this movie so cute n funny

Jean S (us) wrote: It was a low budget film, but that's no excuse for being so slow, boring and predictable.

Trinsec T (ca) wrote: Not a too bad Swedish movie. A typical adventure movie for the youth.

Shahrukh khan is da best S (mx) wrote: LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY REALLY SAD! I STILL LOVED IT!!!!!!

Eric H (us) wrote: This movie was good, although nothing new as far as story line. Bernie Mac was funny as the dad who does not care for his daughter bringing home a white fiancee (Kutcher). Kutcher's character spends most of his time trying to be accepted by his soon to be father-in-law. It's a cute movie and worth renting.

Donnie B (ag) wrote: I cannot decide if the acting or the vision is more perfect. What a wonderful problem to have.

Jerico T (es) wrote: The movie is useless and it looks like a cheap digi-cam film. There's no baby in the movie. Tokyo Trash Baby is just about a Japanese slutty stalker/garbage girl stalking at the garbage of her crush.

Steve D (es) wrote: Not as good as the first but it is an ok sequel that has some laughs

Carmela (gb) wrote: An interesting show, quite moving and original. A little sad in the end, but oh! the scenery. The symbolism is good, the irony, striking.

Marc C (nl) wrote: Shirley Valentine is the story of a woman in her 40s who desperatly need to live. She feel trapped in a boring mariage with a boring husband. She dont know yet what's missing but she's in a journey to find it.This movie is a must see to every unhappy person who feel bored in a tasteless relation.

Brendan N (it) wrote: film was way on front of the times and one of the greatest romantic comedies made. Cameron Crowe should reinvent himself and go back to grassroots. this works.

Faris A (ag) wrote: This was pretty stupid. Campy, but not that much fun.

Jonathan R (ru) wrote: I obviously want to sell pot to everyone even though this was a remarkable movie. Im sorry I haven't been payin attention to all of the hollywood remakes and multi-million dollar movies. This movie was quite different, and it was enough to keep my attention. Im happy it wasn't predictable. So apparently because I watched it and was amused by it, you are not to talk to me. Im happy people can review with an open mind geesh. Good movie!

Brad H (jp) wrote: Such a strange movie. Ford does some really interesting stuff.

buford e (gb) wrote: This is a great could-have-been, worth seeing for that as well as for the laughs where it fails. The premise is terrific (spoilers from here on): a mastermind who we later learn is an embittered dirty cop engineers a bank robbery with the ultimate goal of betraying the assembled ad hoc gang of three when they rendezvous for the split, and he will then collect the substantial reward money, knowing that the traceable stolen bank cash has no value. Along the way, major twists, e.g., one of the ad hoc three gets gunned down for unrelated reasons, and the hero (John Payne), unfairly charged with the crime, assumes the hood's identity for the second half of the movie. I must confess to a major problem of cognition as I watched it--or rather re-cognition: When the mastermind who set up the heist (appearing briefly in early scenes) reappears in the second half at the tawdry fishing resort for the gang's rendezvous, I didn't recognize him! Did anyone else have that problem? It's fatal and confusing to the viewer. Ultimately, as events unfold, you realize it MUST be the same guy (and you go back afterwards, watch the opening, and confirm it). The fishing hat really threw me. In any event, worth watching for seeing how a wonderful idea and good script and great moments can be hammered by mediocre direction, pacing, timing, acting . . .

Morten L (us) wrote: Great WW2 movie by Flynn!

Cole S (mx) wrote: A long curb enthusiasm episode. Not as funny as it should have been with that cast.

Meg K (fr) wrote: Might be bloody, but it looks interesting.

Jack P (gb) wrote: A horror film with a really basic plot that aims for the shock factor and tension. Wrong turn is a good down basic entertaining film, about three inbred hillbilly psychos killing anyone they come across. Because of the simple plot this film get straight to the point. Great for a halloween night in.