Rules of Single Life

Rules of Single Life

A Finnish documentary follows four young men who have one year to find new love in Helsinki.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Finnish,Bulgarian,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancing,   flirting,   marriage,  

A Finnish documentary follows four young men who have one year to find new love in Helsinki. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stevo L (it) wrote: Very good movie, worth a watch

Daniel S (mx) wrote: Not much of a story, but fun, and a perfect invocation of the airlessness of downtown calgary. "I'm sorry, we don't h ave hawaiian pizza"

Lucien L (gb) wrote: "Terminal Velocity" is an forgotten movie is actually techincally well made action-adventure flick that doesn't take itself too seriously. It offers some first-rate action sequences, some good laughs and the occassional clever dialogue (Written by David Thowy, who later directed Charlie Sheen in the underrated "The Arrival").Ditch Brodie (Played by Sheen) is a Skydiving teacher, who doesn't take his job very seriously and enjoy taking risks for the hell of it. One day, an attractive mysterious woman (Nastassja Kinski) wants to skydives and he teaches her the basics before skydiving for the day. When it happens, she accidently killed herself from Fallen out of the plane, when Ditch tries to save her. Then he finds out, maybe she didn't died somehow and he finds himself mixed up with mysterious bad guys. He has to find a way to clear his name and find this woman. Once he does finds her, he has to help her to finish her mission. Since she was a former KGB agent, who is trying to help her country and kill those, who has betrayed her. It sounds like a complex plot heavy movie, in a way, it is but it doesn't make a lot of sense. But thankfully, Thowy's script is often tongue in cheek, even if the story doesn't quite breakthrough as it should. Maybe it would have been an totally different picture, if Thowy directed the film. Deran Sarafian, who directed "Death Warrant" and "Gunmen". Sarafian does have some good action set pices and there is a fun visual style to the whole thing. Sheen and Kinski do play well together. The villians, played by the late James Gandolfini and Christopher McDonald plays their roles fairly well but their characters could have used more fleshing out.Basically "Terminal Velocity" is a popcorn movie, the story has some good elements but it is almost nothing special about it. Action sequences keeps you interested and the tongue in cheek attitude of the whole thing. Mill Creek Blu-ray is better than expected with the picture and sound quality. Certainly Worth a buy for Under $5. Grade:B.

Luis M (jp) wrote: Ok just saw it another job well done. Love how they decided not to make it a sequil and changed the whole concept on the stalker creepy as all hell if you ask me the thaught of someone else being right there with you without you knowing sick rendition. Any ways didn't like the fact that jill played again by (ms. Carol kane) was not married and had no kids because if you recall at the end of "when a stranger calls" she has a husband and 2 children this part they just seemed to skimp out on that and make it as if that never happened but above all an excellent psychological thriller if I do say so myself.

Viken M (de) wrote: This is one of my favorite works of Bertrand Blier - he's very self-referential and a bit surrealist. My favorite line is:" j'en ai MARRE de schubert!" which he screams at the camera about the film's soundtrack.

RayNormanBateman (fr) wrote: Not one of Jackie Chan's best if compared to Snake in the Eagles Shadow or Drunken Master but still has some good Kung Fu and plenty of silly fun.Jackie Chan is like the Asian version of Charlie Chaplin and his style is unique, which is why he is loved and known around the world. Many people might only know his stuff that was made in Hollywood but it's films like these that show you how good of an athlete he is/was and how hard working he is when it comes to his career.

Baej D (mx) wrote: a great surreal experience. first of his movies I've seen so far - can't wait to see more!

James G (kr) wrote: A musical for non-fans, this is more of a screwball romantic comedy with a couple of routines thrown in, and it's quite a witty, sophisticated script, and Ginger Rogers gets great opportunities to show off her brilliant skills as a comedienne and is feisty and spunky as ever, which is just as well because Fred's characters tended to be quite arrogant and caddish on the surface! Luella Gear and Jack Carson are great fun in supporting roles, the former with plenty of great one-liners and the latter fitting the role of the dependable regular Joe.

Indira S (jp) wrote: it's a very sweet story, about how to handle married life, the roller coaster of the story was beautifully played by two amazing actors to even make it better :)