Rules: Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula

Rules: Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula

Radha is employed with an advertising agency, and has a chance to see and meet prominent models. She meets her dreamboat, Vikram Verma, on one such day. Needless to state, she is madly in ...

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:snow,   kiss,   homosexual,  

Radha is employed with an advertising agency, and has a chance to see and meet prominent models. She meets her dreamboat, Vikram Verma, on one such day. Needless to state, she is madly in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Warren T (de) wrote: Shocking, extraordinary and brilliant. I've never seen a documentary like this.

Nathan M (us) wrote: Felt unfinished, a lot of questions with no answers. Fairly boring as well.

Wade H (kr) wrote: A smart and entertaining crime film filled with humorous action, smart characters, realistic directing and an enjoyable story with Gibson as the tip of the spear.

Michal G (jp) wrote: lent dmarrer, mais avec un personnage haut en couleur (Miss G)...

Rennie L (us) wrote: I saw this at a festival recently and thought it great fun. About time there's a upbeat lesbian movie. Ashleigh Sumner (Lola) was particularly good as a goofy, somewhat irresponsible photographer who seemed (at times) more interested her day dreams than her dreamy girlfriend (Jill Bennett). The driving music is fun too as are some of the many references to the German film-Run, Lola, Run. Unlike that film, this film is bright, happy, and oh yeah, SEXY! Definitely a flick worth buying or at least renting. No dead lesbians in this one.

Scott R (ag) wrote: Seagal continues his Straight to DVD career with this reasonable enough effort. A fairly interesting story and some decent action from Segal are pissing in the wind against TV standard direction and music.

Samantha S (br) wrote: asinine "gritty urban drama"

Sidney S (it) wrote: Astonishing, a complete triumph! Bugsy is one of the greatest films that depicts the lifestyle and interactions of organized crime in America. This film is the life of Jewish-American gangster Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, his connections with the Italian Mafia, his fascination with Hollywood and ultimately his dream which he never lived to see become a reality, that dream was the development of Las Vegas. Warren Beatty (Bonnie & Clyde) gives the performance of his career as Bugsy, he mastered his mannerisms and intensity but brilliantly showcased the psychotic side to Bugsy, his anger and ultimately his ruthlessness but also brought forth his cunning charm and smug. The supporting cast was great from Annette Bening as Virginia Hill, an amazing performance by Harvey Keitel as gangster Mickey Cohen, Ben Kingsley was perfectly casted as Meyer Lansky, Joe Mantegna is riveting and Bill Graham as Charlie Lucciano. The story of Bugsy's life depicted in this film was very accurate to life, the cinematography, lighting and ultimately the set decorations and costumes were perfectly made to give the 40s look and atmosphere. The scenes involving the mob from their cars, suits and hats was perfect and very much like a classic gangster film. The film's ending is emotional as Bugsy was blinded by love which lead to his ultimate downfall, a decision made by the Mafia Commission (one of the films highlights was the Commission meeting). Director Barry Levinson truly crafted a masterpiece, but the true credit of the film undeniably goes to Warren Beatty, he truly BECAME Bugsy Siegel. A straight up masterpiece.

Josh L (br) wrote: Really anytime you get Sinbad, Scott Bakula, Jason Bateman, Larry Miller, Robert Loggia and Hector Elizondo together, with a field goal kicking Kathy Ireland, it's going to be fun. It just never happens is all.

Byron B (gb) wrote: Such a cheesy mess! Really it is the House of Dr. Edelman. Carradine is Dracula, the complete gentleman, this time. He comes to the doctor's house to be cured of being a vampire. THE Dracula doesn't want to be a vampire anymore! He knows the doctor's beautiful blond nurse Miliza from some time in the past and his blood lust makes him start avoiding the doctors treatments. Lon Chaney Jr. is a pleasure to see return as Lawrence Talbot who as always seeks a cure from turning into a wolf. Dr. Edelman (Stevens) also has a pretty, but hunchbacked nurse named Nina who he plans to help with a little cosmetic surgery. Not that it matters how, but Frankenstein's monster is uncovered too and the doctor's lab happens to have the necessary equipment to charge him up. Edelman is experimenting with some miracle plant that would make the hump removal safe and fix Talbot's brain gland problem. For Dracula Edelman thinks his own blood is the solution, except that Dracula reverses the transfusion once. Somehow Edelman is not turned into a vampire. Evidently 10cc's is not enough! Rather than having another vampire in the house, Edelman is tormented with a Jekyll and Hyde type of mad scientist duality. In his "Hyde" state he dreams of setting the Frankenstein monster loose and he upsets the villagers by killing a man. It is Dr. Edelman's house and he is the focus. All of the other classic monsters that are the selling point of this movie hardly get any screen time. And in a flash it is over.

Harper C (au) wrote: Very intense and entertaining

Heather M (gb) wrote: This was a bit slow, but Firth and Blunt make it worth a watch.

Robert M (us) wrote: I doubt this wasn't a strong christian group making and producing this film, but I first watched it around my middle school years at a christian camp and I thought the movie was quite excellent and fun. I would consider it a fun and engaging film especially for christians and a big laugh-out-loud riot to both christians as well as non-christians. Carrel puts on a pretty good performance in this slapstick of a film and he or the film doesn't fail to entertain throughout the entire movie. I would consider this just about as good as Bruce Almighty, if not better. The entire ark set is quite phenomenal and so are much of the smartly trained animals. Even though the story might seem to run along rather quickly at some instances, I can't quite be sure why this film doesn't have that high of ratings (I'm talking to you, Rotten Tomatoes!). Just about any type of average Joe can basically get along nicely watching this film, especially if you know enough of the story of Noah's Ark. This was well made look-wise and nicely produced/directed as a whole.

Brian S (kr) wrote: A cool, but dramatic war movie, a disturbing and powerful one too. I haven't seen many other war flicks, but it's been said, and I can says too that this is one of the best war movies ever. I liked the fact that there are two different parts and locations in this movie, the first training part and then the second combat part, which was the best. The constent war violence will surely disturb you even just a bit. But it's a great movie, really one to see, and even has a small bit of comedy to it, and sick ass R Lee Ermey is so comedicly good as the bastard ass general. Definitly recommended !!

James L (jp) wrote: Nothing special about this film. Very ordinary story based on true event(?). The caliber actors did not do a great job here, but I think this is the director's fault. This film shooting style seems like most of the short films you see around festivals. Many things that should be shown in details were not. Character development was lacking and the bond between the sisters were not strong enough to stimulate my sleepy mind while watching this amateur film. It's unfortunate because this movie had great cast, but just couldn't deliver a somewhat dark film. The movie is not horrible, just not remotely memorable.

Yash B (jp) wrote: This is not a good movie, by any means. It has horrendous acting, a ludicrous story, and cringe-worthy writing. However, it has its fun moments. Why is any of this mostly boring movie fun? Because it makes no sense and the final act is full of ridiculous twists that are way too far fetched to be in a movie that is actually meant to be taken seriously. That's the other thing, this movie takes itself completely seriously when it has absolutely no reason to. The first hour is pretty boring and the setup is pretty sloppy. The characters are one dimensional and dislikable from start to finish so you don't care for them whatsoever. I will say the movie does have the effect that it's so bad it's entertaining, but this isn't a movie I'd recommend if you're looking for a quality watch. But if you want a movie you can make fun of and laugh at for being poorly made, full of itself, and extremely far fetched, I'd get a group of friends together and have a good time with it.

David J (gb) wrote: Duplass, Blunt, and Dewitt really have chemistry, and the film is overall enjoyable. However, there were many spots, weak spots in the film, that had me bored and wanting to skip. A good movie, but a letdown compared to other quality indie films.