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Rullgardinen torrent reviews

Jackie T (mx) wrote: We figured it out pretty quickly but have to say.... Loved the ending.

Pedro H (ca) wrote: QC- I saw this at a French film festival, and this was the first movie they played, i was completely disgusted by it, it was like seeing and even more exagurated Jim Carrey except speaking French. This is to all French Movie Dirrectors, "Stick with the drama, because the comedy is up to nothing"

Ibraheem M (fr) wrote: Jolene is a set of accidental events wrapped all together, where the main character Jolene, always hooks up with the wrong guy. What I remember is that Jolene's first husband, Mickey, cries on their first night together, simply because he was so happy that he finally found Jolene. That is real love you've got there, but how does she repays him? By having sex with his uncle that she have only known for two days, and she seems to enjoy it without any sign of rejection or disapproval. After that, the film turns to a series of unconnected events, where each time Jolene has a new love interest but turns out to be another wrong man. Anyhow, the film does have a talented cast and features good performances, especially from Jessica Chastain who was the only reason for me watching the film.

Rhonda W (nl) wrote: Recommend this movie, the acting was very real and emotional. Makes you think about how all people need to connect with someone.

Anthony L (de) wrote: I'm a huge fan of David Gordon Green. Apart from Your Highness and The Sitter, his films will always be like magic to me. DGG has his own style and I absolutely adore what he's done with his filmography. And I do consider him my fifth favorite director of all-time. There's something truly beautiful and astounding with mostly each piece of film that he's done. Having never seen Undertow, I was pretty stoked to check it so I picked it up from Amazon. All in all, I did enjoy Undertow. Not as much as the likes of George Washington or Prince Avalanche or even Snow Angels but Undertow is a solid Southern Gothic that has some truly great moments, including a perfectly edited opening sequence that really captivated me.The acting was authentic (Especially that by Josh Lucas who knocked his role out of the park) and Tim Orr's cinematography made the film's viewing a lot more pleasurable. Tim always manages to make the best of every moment and for that, he is always one of my more preferred DOP's. Also, it was super cool to see Pat Healy in a small role as Grant The Mechanic. Fuck yeah. And of the violence in the film, there was about 15-20 seconds of lazy, sloppy choreography that sticks out like a sore thumb. The additional scenes of said struggle were very realistic however, it shifted the film into a different gear when they got certain elements of the brutality right.I also really enjoyed the script for the most part. Even though it drags in certain places, it was pretty credible. Some of the scenes in this film felt like filler and because of the points where the film dragged, it felt overlong. If DGG trimmed this movie to an 80-85 minute run-time instead of a 108 minute one, then Undertow would have been a truly masterful film. But if you're into a film that isn't afraid to take chances and has a wholly unique style, then check this out. Undertow is a great little flick that should appeal to audiences who are looking for a slow-burn, artsy thriller that plays by it's own rules.

Andrey B (us) wrote: Witty and clever film about the confused young girl and a withdrawn man who, at the first sight, are very different persons but as they get to know each other it reveals that they have in common similar inner worlds and they loath the banal and trivial world of common people.

Alexandra W (au) wrote: Greetings fellow movie-watching masochists! I cordially invite you to the bizarre, faux-Hitchcockian world of Final Analsis. Let this movie transport you to 1992 San Francisco, where CSI's Captain Brass sleazes around as the defense-attorney-with-a-terrible-Caesar-cut best friend to Richard Gere's sexy (according to 1992 and many women with bad taste) psychiatrist. Allow Richard Gere's beady little eyes to bore into you as he investigates Uma Thurman's childhood through psychoanalysis, until the movie turns into a courtroom drama and we forget Uma Thurmam ever existed (until the twist starts up, of course). Gaze in wonderment as you realize someone must have actually thought Kim Basinger looked good with a limp perm and shoulder pads and that Kim has the exact same problem with alcohol as she had in Blind Date (that awful movie with Bruce Willis from 1987[!]). Feel your ear canals overflow with ostentatious symphonic splashes of overblown horns and tympany. Discover that you're rooting for the villain to win at the end because the hero is a huge d-bag and at least the villain is kind of interesting. And finally, analyze yourself in the mirror, and ask yourself the timeless questions, "What propels me to watch terrible movies? Do I secretly just really like hating things?"

Jay B (fr) wrote: lol .... he best part in the whole movie is like the first 30 mins .... other than that ... pretty lackluster

Scott W (gb) wrote: Another simple and honest film from Eric Rohmer. Masterful.

Orlok W (de) wrote: Curtis and Grant at their peak--We All Live In A Pink Submarine!!

Richard C (ag) wrote: Pure classic B movie stuff. Watch it and tell me it isn't the inspiration behind Alien!

Greg W (gb) wrote: good first feature from 'mad men' creator matthew Weiner

Erik C (es) wrote: The movie is far better then the reviewers would say it is. It had a few glitches. Like "Wood mold" should have been changed to Cancer which would be drive home the point more and be more realistic and the ending was good but I still think it needed a rewrite -(I cant put my finger on it though) FYI the Actors were great and the characters were well drawn out.

Jordan G (it) wrote: This is a perfect example of a movie that I absolutely hate, but everyone else seems to love. I can't tell you why I hate this movie so much because it involves spoilers. So I'll just say this: The actor's do a phenomenal job with their roles, but this movie is so pointless and stupid, that the actor's just cannot save it. Again, no spoilers, but this movie has one of the worst endings I have ever seen! It's not because it's dark, it's just flat out stupid!!! So, yeah. I hated it.

Kait D (ag) wrote: Really enjoyed this movie