While conveying a Porsche from L.A. to Atlantic City, student Charlie has to make a stop due to engine trouble. Mistaken as rich, he's invited to a big poker game -- and wins big time. However Denny Halloran, son of a mighty mobster, is a bad loser and starts a fight. But he's also a bad fighter: he falls on his head and is dead. Now Charlie's in trouble; after he flees Halloran's father puts a reward on his head. Even the police won't help him against the mighty man... so Charlie has to run for his life.

When a law student accidentally kills the son of a mob boss in a fight, he finds himself relentlessly pursued by the mob and the police. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gary S (us) wrote: What shit was this? Terrible film especially seeing its based on a true story

Shanshank S (jp) wrote: Goa Life is well shooted but last 15 minutes of movie is completely boring. Dialog delivery is nice.

Nadili d (mx) wrote: Recomendo vivamente.

Greg C (it) wrote: Saw this telemovie last night. Gee, the Yanks like to turn the bird flu that humans can get. I am no scientist, but is it true, that humans can get bird flu?

Tisa S (kr) wrote: Just, wow...I caught this while channel surfing and didn't know whether to keep watching the whole time through. Unique, powerfully poignant and thought provoking for everyone.

Stephen G (jp) wrote: saw it a long time ago

Michal J (mx) wrote: Perhaps if you don't care for Mickey Rourke, you won't care for this movie. But that's the only reason not to like this movie that anybody could have. Plus, Anthony Michael Hall in a strong attempt at serious acting is worth checking out.

Chris G (kr) wrote: Kaurismaki's charming anti-romcom tells a minimalist tale of horror, fear and that work shit. The shadows here would swallow you.

Sidharth S (it) wrote: sexploitation in dinosaur valley closely resembles cannibal holocaust ,, rare find ,, so rated five.

Viktor B (kr) wrote: Perhaps a little old, but still one of the better films about Greek mythology out there. The special effects might not seem as great as they once were, but everything else is head and shoulders above the remake.

Tony H (fr) wrote: An overlooked gem in the 70's but now is a cult classic. May be harder to find, because of the format change, Warner Brothers hasn't released this on Blu-Ray to my knowledge as of yet. Since I grew up in a similar situation in So. Cal. I completely relate to the kids in the movie and the impact was stronger at the time. Still worth the watch today because teens still have some of the same problems and adults don't always see or care about them. The end result may be a bit over the top but the movie still holds up today.

John R (de) wrote: 160530: The word poignant comes to mind. Though well filmed and acted, except for a few characters, and moments; not a pleasant look at humanity. Will have to watch this one again.

Be P (fr) wrote: I was quite keen to watch this and got it on pre-order when I stumbled upon it in a horror movie website. I wouldnt say I was disappointed nor was I blown away. ovie concept in itself is definitely interesting and for me, could have been quite a challenge therefore I commend its makers for being brave and doing soThe mmething that was not mainstream. For me, the suspense took a while to build up. I thought less could have gone into the beginning of the film and more towards the end as I felt I was left wanting more answers to the main protagonist after his actions. But there were definitely surprises throughout the film and some parts could considered too much by others, again, highlighting their willingness to capture something not often seen in movies nowadays.