Run, Man, Run

Run, Man, Run

The legendary Tomas Milian stars as Cuchillo, a knife-throwing thief on the run from murderous bandits, sadistic American agents, his hot-blooded fiancée and a sheriff turned bounty hunter, all of whom are gunning for a hidden fortune in gold that could finance the Mexican Revolution.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:1968
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:snow,   1910s,   murder,  

Several competing groups and mavericks (including the lead character Cuchillo) are hunting a gold treasure of $3,000,000. The gold was reserved for the Mexican revolution. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric C (de) wrote: Great movie and perfect send off for Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin.

John C (es) wrote: One of the best movies this year. A must watch! Very well written and excellent cinematography as well.

Byron B (es) wrote: This group of New York film students have created quite a pretentious little romantic comedy here. Still I was pleasantly amused. The gods of "Olympus" respond to the wishes of Ray, who doesn't have traditional leading man looks. Ray's love is not returned by the attractive female drummer Kelly. Ray is selfish in only considering his romantic ideal until of course he finally learns his lesson and is given a strange new role in life. My wife and I happened to see this on Valentine's Day.

Orlok W (kr) wrote: What goes on inside the glass ceiling--Survival of the sickest!!

Kerby H (it) wrote: Really inspiring and charismatic all around. The musicals numbers are well done, but they add up to be rather long in such a long movie.

Asa B (au) wrote: Peep Show meets magic in this reasonable TV movie. Fans of Mitchell and Webb will love it, others may struggle.

Bri R (au) wrote: I gotta see this jank

Wes S (br) wrote: This movie is way too classy looking for itself. Barely any music, almost all of the dialog echos, and some really terrible designs. The acting is bad, but Travolta's performance is incredibly laughable. The story is scrambled all over the place.

Mike S (kr) wrote: -visually amazing. at first i didn't dig how computerish it was...but then by midway through i realized that was kind of the point haha. really made me thing about some stuff as well.

Mark N (kr) wrote: Pretty darn satisfying for its realism in both story and performances. Like an extended dramatization of Locked-up Abroad the cautionary tale of blas (C) foreigners failing to understand the gravity of their situation or how criminals and crime is treated in foreign places.

Nicholas G (jp) wrote: A very interesting movie, that tells us from the first 20 minutes who the killer most probably is. What I liked about this movie is that we as an audience delve into the mind of the killer and see how he thinks.This killer appearance wise seems like a normal guy and has a family that loves him. He keeps practicing to try and get a women into his car. After a string of failures he finally succeeds to lure the girlfriend of the protagonist. The protagonist continues to obsessively search for his girlfriend even after being missing for three years. My problems with this movie was the unnecessary scenes with the protagonist and his new girlfriend.(If he stayed single his obsession would have felt more real) SPOILER ALERT------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A reasonable man would not have drunk the coffee,why would someone give up life for an answer when that knowing answer could very well lead to your death. I think there could have been more ways that the protagonist could have explored to try and find out the truth. But as mystery/thriller movie it did what I expect from a movie from that genre and that is to keep you on the edge of your seat and to keep you guessing and wanting to find out what happened to the missing girl.

Van R (kr) wrote: If the prolific Italian spear and sandal movies of the late 1950s and early 1960s were an acquired taste, the sword and sorcery movies of the 1980s qualify as an even greater acquired taste. Greater, in this instance, is used in a pejorative sense. Sword and sorcery movies were lowest denominator adventure epics that fixated on bared breasts, bloody swords, and beefy biceps. Some infamous tyrant ruled a kingdom without right and a hero challenged his dominance. These movies were generally classified as guilty pleasures. Nobody took them seriously. After all, they amounted to ancient, larger-than-life hokum about mesomorphic heroes and wicked villains pitted against each other in a life or death struggle in fantasy settings. You could also find witches and other forms of phantasmagoric creatures lurking about in caves. John Frankenheimer protg James Sbardellati made his directorial debut with the colorful but cheesy R-rated opus DEATHSTALKER, an 81-minute spectacle was lensed on location in Argentina, South America. Like THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER and ATOR--THE FIGHTING EAGLE, DEATHSTAKER and its three sequels were produced to cash in on the success of CONAN THE BARBARIAN with Arnold Schwarzenegger. CONAN depicted the exploits of a mighty, muscle-bound individual who clashed with wizards, demons, and witches. CONAN also boasted a big budget, thanks to its indulgent producer Dino De Laurentiis. Schlockmeister Roger Corman helped foot the bill for DEATHSTALKER and it looks threadbare. A native of Kentucky, Rick Hill, who later starred in THE DEVASTATOR and WARRIOR QUEEN, provides the brawn as the eponymous strong man who turns from a life of outlawry to become a hero. Initially, his conduct is far from positive. In the first scene, Deathstalker rescues a damsel-in-distress from loathsome adversaries and then takes up where they had left off. Later, he teams up with the warriors, Oghris (Richard Brooker) and Kaira (Lana Clarkson), and they got to compete in a tournament hosted by an evil sorcerer Munkar (Bernard Erhard) to determine which warrior will inherit Munkar's kingdom when he dies. The only problem is that sorcerer never die and only Deathstalker seems to appreciate this fact. DEATHSTALKER is hilarious fun. My favorite character is Howie, the box monster that Munkar feeds fingers and eyeballs to. The best scene has Munkar changing one of his warriors into Playboy model Barbi Benton so he can get close enough to kill Deathstalker. If you are interested in the plot, it concerns the efforts of Deathstalker to collect the amulet of life, the chalice of magic, and the sword of justice so that he can have the power to control everything and live forever.

Jake R (nl) wrote: woah... freaky. Very good.

Mike L (br) wrote: While Its Not Perfect Its Just A Generally Well Done Film That Holds The Interest

Jason S (fr) wrote: Zatoichi is awesome. Haven't seen this one but it gets at least 3 stars anyway

John A (it) wrote: While this feels a bit slight for later Ozu, it's still a remarkable little film. The atmospheric shots of the fishing village are wondrous. The depth of field in his compositions is often surprising, with characters appearing or disappearing into passageways not always immediately visible. The characters are remarkably human, while Ozu's presentation is typically restrained. The film's easy pace masks the deep emotion running through the characters, but heightens the satisfying conclusion.

Rich S (au) wrote: Timeless backstage story with good solid performances from Katharine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers and Adolph Menjou. Supporting cast is outstanding, including Lucille Ball, Eve Arden, Andrea Leeds, Gail Patrick and a very young Ann Miller.

Robert Z (ru) wrote: Very funny; don't have to be a "born-again" to love this movie!

Pavan R (ag) wrote: Was a good watch but promised more in the beginning leaving you a bit disappointed in the bed. Good performances.