Run of the Arrow

Run of the Arrow

A veteran leaves the army, and finds a home with the Sioux.

A Rebel vet, O'Meara has refused to surrender when Lee does at Appomatox. O'Meara travels west and after escaping from, he joins the Sioux and takes a wife. After denouncing himself as an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Run of the Arrow torrent reviews

Sridevi K (ru) wrote: Very well made rendition of a truly inspiring Milkha Singh. Farhan Akhtar does a fantastic job as always of living the role. Slick editing and screenplay.Other than the movie being 30 min too long, it's a great show.

Ryan P (ag) wrote: This might be the best romantic drama, coming of age story and American teen film I've seen in YEARS. It's quite possibly the best film of 2013. Yes, this unassuming little indie film is absolutely incredible. With no-frills, it's gorgeously shot and set in (a very purposeful) everyday American suburban town and looks wonderful, with long wide shots of a rustic setting and painfully emotive close ups. It's one of those films that looks how it feels; capturing the beauty of every day life.The writing is so natural that I can't even wrap my head around how it was written. It couldn't have been, because the performances here are so natural, so authentic and so powerful, that the actors must have just carried themselves. Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley crackle with deep humanity and mesmerizing chemistry and it's awe inspiring to watch. For such a simple story, watching these two people fall in love before your eyes beats almost any cinematic experience I've seen over the past few years.Woodley might have been snubbed for an Oscar nomination with this performance. She doesn't even seem like she's acting. And Teller, playing the carefree party guy he typically does (and does well), adds a whole level of depth and complexity. The film is almost subversive in how it plays with our expectations and because of that, I feel like it's the definitive American coming of age story of the decade. A must watch.

Zac C (de) wrote: Amazing story. Very intresting for an inside view of life in a surfing town

Jeremiah K (fr) wrote: 15 Minutes is not only the name of the movie,but also probably how long they worked on the script. Yes there is action,and even a twist at the middle of the movie. Its too bad that you have to wait till after the twist in order for the movie to show some signs of life,because the 2nd half of the movie i liked more than the 1st half. This movie could have been better,but its only mediocre.

Scott R (kr) wrote: cant stand this movie

Sam M (fr) wrote: More thriller element in this sequel, somewhat slower than the original. But still good as it retains the humour and choreographed fights too.

Mark R (it) wrote: It's Denzel so you already know it's going to have amazing actions scenes. He's hired on as a body guard and does whatever it takes to protect. Great movie, and great story.

J K (au) wrote: Women's prison exploitation films are either incredibly hot or incredibly retarded. They seldom are both (because when I think someone is retarded it doesnt matter how hot they are. Just look at Snooki).

Bill T (de) wrote: Whenever directors have 'personal' projects, that's enough to make me scream for the exits. Take for example, Elia Kazan's 'America, America', a movie that just SCREAMS "Pretentious" because it's so "important", or so it would like it to be.A young Greek who has big dreams of going to America, hits a few stumbling blocks along the way, namely turncoat friends, lack of money, turncoat hookers, lack of money etc. He then realizes that in order to GET money to get to America, he has to marry into it. But is he comfortable with that decision though? Although the acting is good (the lead, played by Stathis Giallelis, is particularly good), I found some of this either strangely dubbed, or badly written, can't quite place it. The cinematography is great though, as looks as gritty as it seems. Finally, Kazan unfortunately feels this was, again, IMPORTANT, so his little speech at the beginning and his hilarious voice-over over the credits when we could just read it for ourselves just screams pretentious film-making.So, good in some parts, bad on others, too long, and woefully pretentious in places. There, you're on your own now. :

Matt C (es) wrote: A nerve-wracking film that keeps you on the edge of your seat routing for the protagonist right to the end.

Tristan M (it) wrote: From the trailer I was expecting a fairly good western, yet I was a bit disappointed to tell the truth. It has the standard western story, going after some bad guy who killed someone the main character loved. The overall look of the movie felt a little low budget, which is ok yet not ideal. The script and acting were both good, but not exceptional, and it felt as though there was a lack of emotion from the main character even when his wife and son were both killed. The action wasn't bad at all, the sound effects could have been louder and a bit better I guess, but it was more the poor blood and bullet impact effects that hampered the action scenes. They weren't terrible by any means, but just felt cheap and unfinished. The pace could've been a bit faster, and more eventful, the story wasn't quite enough to save that. The last battle however was pretty cool, fun watch, although it still suffered from the same action problems as the rest, the larger scale and other improvements made it more exciting. Overall a decent movie, not at all anything special in the western category, or action category, but its cool that it involved the untold story of Norwegian settlers in the west, although I don't know how true to real events it would be.

MiKayla S (ca) wrote: My star goes to the actors, who did great. But I really don't see myself watching this movie again. If you look up the movie to find what's it about, than it's not to bad. Other wise, it's a confusing mess..

Mark B (ag) wrote: I truly love this movie for the nostalgia and my childhood.

Christopher G (ag) wrote: This movie is a must see for any Peter Ustinov fan. I've loved and watched this movie since I was little an I laugh every time I do.