Run On

Run On

Run On is stand up comedy at its best. Delivered by three of the top Christian performers as they hysterically share a stage and tell of their own prodigal journeys. Though each story is from a unique experiences, they weave seamlessly together to form the oldest human story of all, the futility of trying to "run" from God. David A.R. White, Tommy Blaze and Brad Stine bring a comedic flare to the stories of their lives. While relaying humorous stories along with the real truth of their testimony, they entertain the audience with hilarious comments about parents, family, and growing up. But they also show a serious side as they testify to sinful moments in each of their lives. These men will make you laugh and teach you some important lessons for your life as they discuss the Christian influence that changed each of them.

Run On is stand up comedy at its best. Delivered by three of the top Christian performers as they hysterically share a stage and tell of their own prodigal journeys. Though each story is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicki W (fr) wrote: Curious film. I don't know what to make of it. I like the fact that they are trying to do something different. I'm not sure if it really works though? Very Gonzo. It could have done with a great retro soundtrack. Very simple story.

Daniel M (gb) wrote: Decent flick, worth a watch.

BRUNO V (mx) wrote: Like Porno , always the same story ...but dance instat of sex

Paul S (ca) wrote: So damn good. Yep that's my review

Eric L (es) wrote: These Amazing Shadows is a tantalizing title. Just the provocation of thought it initiates is worthy of praise. I readily grasped the concept that films are sort of shadows of the past, but it never had occurred to me that movies literally are shadows. The documentary is an introduction to the Library of Congress's initiative to salvage and preserve films that a board of directors deems worthy of induction into the National Film Registry.It's easy to dismiss this film as just another list production, like the stuff you find and watch on TV when nothing else is on. At times it feels like that sort of show just by its nature, but even though it looks like a bunch of people rattling off anecdotes to clips of popular and nostalgic films, it does run deeper than that. First of all, the clips (like it or not) are evocative. There is some powerful stuff that plays on our connections to the film's portrayed, the films we grew up on. Secondly there is the bigger story of the National Film Registry and why it exists.It all started with the debate over the preservation of film as artwork when black and whites became colorized, which met with controversy. Film came to be identified as an art form, but also a crucial medium, a uniting force and a neglected diminishing archive of American history. So, the National Film Registry was Born and dedicated to the preservation of film, specifically those that have historical, cultural or aesthetic significance. The mission is interesting, but what happens when the highlight reel element meets the testimonies of board members and film makers is an examination of history led by the presence and awareness of all kinds of films that really shaped human thought and created history, as much as reflected it.t's not a flashy movie, or the in-your-face science and logic defying "documentary" that has become so prevalent. It doesn't dare you to watch or entice you with anything really, besides a slight manipulation near the end where it goes into the destructive power of film and if "bad" films should be protected. This documentary is made for those who are interested in the place of film in American history. If you are, then These Amazing Shadows is worth watching. If you aren't, you really should be.

Stewart G (ru) wrote: Tv movie all the way but actually a good watch. Ray Liotta is brillant as the egotistical arson investigator/arsonist. Based on true story and all the funnier for it. Liotta's fantasy moments of violence and heroism and brillant and show how much of a nutjob the guy actually was.

Justin A (us) wrote: It's aged a bit better than when it was originally released. When I saw this in theaters I didn't care for it, liking The Relic much more (hmm there's another movie I need to revisit). Watching it again though, it's not too bad. You can definitely see some of del Toro's style (bugs and sewers are common in his movies), even if it was a bit tempered by studio involvement and the distraction of his father being held hostage in Mexico at the time he made the movie.There is some style and some cool creepy moments, but big CGI bugs aren't really scary. The atmosphere is great, even if del Toro has done better. Mild recommendation for del Toro fans wanting to see his early American work, and for fans of Daryl from the Walking Dead who want to see him when he was young. haha

Harry W (de) wrote: Judge Dredd fails as a story that is an adaptation of the famous character from the source comic book 2000 AD and frankly could not have less to do with Judge Dredd himself.For one thing, Judge Dredd wants to be both a legitimate violent action flick and a parody of one, but director Danny Cannon fails to find the necessary balance to make it work. His direction turns the story too far in the wrong direction so much that it practically could not have less to do with Judge Dredd, and this is especially notable because his character has been changed so much that instead of being a judge, jury and executioner in a cool suit and helmet, he spends the film running around in a cheap knockoff suit of Demolition Man without his iconic helmet on for more than even 10 minutes, so the actual relevance it has to the titular character is too minimal to appease fans at all.There was no balance between themes in Judge Dredd and laid the comedic tones on too thick for its own good against the backdrop of a violent science fiction action story, with the single biggest mistake being casting moderately successful comedy film star Rob Schneider in a lead role.For some reason, the makers of Judge Dredd decided to put the crude and childish comedy actor in a leading role in a story about Judge Dredd which would actually just piss a bunch of people off, and it really did because his character is so unfunny and annoying, and since he gets the most lines in the film it's a tedious venture to sit through when you're stuck with more than an hour of annoying Rob Schneider attempting to play buddy cop with Sylvester Stallone and watching him fail at his attempts to deliver comedic one liners.Lastly, the script in Judge Dredd gives no assistance to the characters and leaves them to fend for themselves, except to Rob Schneider who played the worst character in the film. But it didn't let Judge Dredd be characterised or the audiences be challenged at all, or even interested in the crap writing before them. The script was nothing and wasn't even enough of nothing to stick out, so really it was just mediocre. And honestly, practically the whole film was.But I enjoyed it nevertheless, although I did want to see Sylvester Stallone in that signature helmet more of the time, but the primary source of enjoyment I got was the fact the Judge Dredd was a good legitimate violent action movie with qualit, well crafted action and a good level of violence. The visual effects in Judge Dredd are also very good, although they aren't taken advantage of in the story as much as they should have.But one of the real best things is the fact that the setting for the film is great, it's very convincing in its atmosphere and its shot on many good locations to cement the setting into the brain of the viewer, and it's good to behold.Judge Dredd is also shot well with great cinematography, and the quality of the sound effects are great and have a good mix of realistic action and science fiction fun as the themes played out, and the characters' costumes are great and rich with a comic book style colour to theme of the film so the tone is never left dry to the viewer.Although many critics, fans and the judges of the Golden Raspberry awards would disagree with me, Sylvester Stallone is perfect for the role in Judge Dredd. See, one of the key themes from the comic 2000 AD is the use of satirical elements in his characterisation, and the role he plays in Judge Dredd essentially seems to be a satire on his career of playing hollow action stars like Marion "Cobra" Cobretti and Ray Tango in Cobra and Tango and Cash respectively. Here in Judge Dredd, he essentially satirises his career and plays a hollow, loud and tough action man whose famous line "I am the law" is all too memorable for the way it mixes in with Sylvester Stallone's iconic voice and tough guy persona all too well, so the violent hollow tough guy that is Judge Dredd is portrayed perfectly by Sylvester Stallone and makes use of a satirical edge, and definitely overshadows the Christian Bale knock off performance that Karl Urban gave in the awful 2012 film Dredd.Max Von Sydow was also great, because as a memorable figure in science fiction history due to his role in the 1980 classic Flash Gordon, putting him in Judge Dredd helped to boost the sophistication of the cast and his role as leading figure Judge Fargo was played very well and was a positive addition to the atmosphere and functioning of the story.Diane Lane was also good in her brief performance, as was Armand Assante in a performance so excessively over the top that its hilarious, especially in that moment where for a reason that viewers having been attempting to comprehend since 1995, out of nowhere he shouts "Raaaaawwwwrrr!?!?" and the audience is left laughing. He was a good villain.So Judge Dredd doesn't have much to do with the titular character at all, but as a standalone science fiction action story I found that it was ok.

Vivian G (au) wrote: A Funny movie of having a large family and everyday life.

Adam A (ca) wrote: "Men In Black II" feels bland and reused from the first flick and not even the neuralizers can take that of our memory.

carlos p (ru) wrote: A samba lxmmlsbZygote