Run Robot Run!

Run Robot Run!

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Ken Weston lives in the not-too-distant future and is not your typical human being. He is more organized than a day planner and more regimented than a Marine. With his goals of dating his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Run Robot Run! torrent reviews

Kathy B (fr) wrote: excellent. So much courage

Henri N (it) wrote: can't wait for blu ray with subtitles; overall great concert documentary to watch in cool film theater like filmbar in phoenix.

Stephen H (au) wrote: Most people struggle through life, yet still have hope. This film is both uplifting and sad, but it comes by its emotions honestly and is a worthwhile experience.

Darren B (ag) wrote: Incredible. Essential viewing for anyone interested in free speech, politics and big hair. Great story told in a really interesting way. Great music. If you think Democrats are good and Republicans are bad, get your head out of your arse and see this film. Maybe then you'll realise they ALL suck hairy arse.

Mike L (it) wrote: I like the style and was unique and a good effort but too low budget to pull it off, in the end. Most of the acting was good but the story itself dragged...too many lulls

Colin S (ag) wrote: Good Lord, what happened in the intervening eight years between this and the first in the series? Bigger budget for sure and the action is at times breathtaking in its sheer volume of destruction, but it's at the sacrifice of an overall coherence of plot and energy that the first movie had in a much better way. We watched this on the strength of the recommendation from Hot Fuzz, which was a much better movie than this.

Jessica B (kr) wrote: THE BEST THERE EVER WAS!

Nico S (fr) wrote: John Hurt's performance is arguably one of his best, but to be honest everyone in this movie is great, Randy Quaid's performance is definitely a highlight. The directing is great, you can feel the intensity throughout the whole movie and Oliver Stone's screenplay is awesome too.

Dana S (es) wrote: Fun idea. Didn't come together, unfortunately. However, the fabulous Ray Wise is worth it!

Randall S (us) wrote: Caught this on HBO and I was very entertained. Though cliche in moments, Teller and Tipton (whose careers are doing very well) make this movie worth watching.

Simon W (jp) wrote: One of the most jaw dropping adventure sports documentaries produced. A tight narrative and some exceptional cinematography this documentary should satisfy adrenaline junkies everywhere, no matter what their chosen sport is.

candace c (br) wrote: A good 90's thriller!