Runaway Train

Runaway Train

A hardened convict and a younger prisoner escape from a brutal prison in the middle of winter only to find themselves on an out-of-control train with a female railway worker while being pursued by the vengeful head of security.

Escaped convicts (Jon Voight, Eric Roberts) and a stowaway girl (Rebecca De Mornay) find themselves trapped on a train speeding out of control through Alaska with no brakes and nobody driving. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Runaway Train torrent reviews

Iain M (de) wrote: Brilliant. The Butler is particularly good. Some of the humour is Pythonesque and is exceedingly well executed.

Marcia (it) wrote: This film/documentary tells of the work of the Hong Kong stuntmen. The comments from the children studying the art are really touching.

Jessica L (fr) wrote: It has been such a long time since I last saw a solid movie like this one. The plot was captivating, I was so rooting for the bad guys in the end lol. The ending was impressive and there were solid character development. So glad that Claire didn't make a whole lot of irrational moves upon hearing the news of Doug. I was also impressive Ben Affleck directed this himself. Double thumbs up for great acting and directing! I would give this 4.75/5 if I can :)

Stuart K (ca) wrote: yeah ok full on 80's cheese but I love it. was a big fan of the ninja boom in the 80's and this was one of the best. where is the dude now?