Running on Empty

Running on Empty

Mike loves his fast cars and his hot women. When he fancies the girlfriend of the local street racing king, Fox, he gets way in over his head in racing for his girl, his money and his life. Through racing, sex, nightclubs and small road trips the film depicts what it was like to be a teenager in Australia in the 1980's.

This film collects just what it was like to be in Australia in the early 80's. It's about hot cars, hot chicks and hot times. The story begins when two local street racers agree to race Fox... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Running on Empty torrent reviews

Martin F (ca) wrote: Nice gentle tale efortlessly played by the brilliant cast, not a wasted second.

Tina A (ag) wrote: Although this movie was entertaining something was not quite right.I was confused about a lot of it.The acting was super but the writing was very very lazy.

Plnio P (jp) wrote: Lembro-me de quando perguntava prof de Histria: "Mas e se..."E se a Alemanha Nazi tivesse vencido a 2 Guerra? A histria (C) interessante, mas parece-me que o livro no foi muito bem adaptado.

WK J (es) wrote: Still better than The Hunger.

Mohamed F (ag) wrote: For the storytelling, not for the visuals and not at all for the topic, shame on you...

Alexander H (mx) wrote: Small Affair is a cute romantic comedy from the 80's that captures the audience's attention.

Rachel M (us) wrote: nonstop great action! i was so surprised by Jackie Chan b/c his great act and he directed this movie in '80s. very impressive!

Janice A (kr) wrote: seen this years ago I love horror

JuanKa P (mx) wrote: Machete es un ex agente federal con grandes habilidades para el combate usando, precisamente, un machete. Decide esconderse entre migrantes ilegales para escapar de la traicin de un senador corrupto. Una de las creaciones de Robet Rodrguez que juega mucho con este gnero que mezcla misterio, accin y aventura, con algo de comicidad.,

Muhammad K (jp) wrote: Great story which focuses on a situation of a father who don't have enough money to buy a dress for her daughter . This movie is highly recommended and the direction was brilliant by Ken Loach .

Steve A (nl) wrote: Classy cop drama with a top-shelf cast (Michael Ironside, M Emet Walsh, Bernie Casey, Richard Anderson, Lori Petty, Ice Cube) supporting newcomer Michael Boatman. Brilliant performances from all. First half of film a little formula - many of the payoffs can be seen coming a mile off - but once the tensions start building late in the piece Burnett just lets his fleet of vastly experienced actors loose on the material and they deliver in spades. Very memorable, and possibly the best film of Charles Burnett's career - right next to KILLER OF SHEEP.