As the story opens, a busful of tourists are touring Copenhagen. Their guide draws their attention to the beautiful statue at Langelinie. At that, the film's focus moves below the waterline, where several fish tell the story of ...

Retelling of the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairytale 'The Little Mermaid'. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacqueline (nl) wrote: Excellent documentary. Very moving and thought provoking. A must see to open our eyes.

Aman A (it) wrote: This is how to make a perfectly average film. It starts out with a funny joke but the whole movie is a lot more sentimental rather the funny. This is not a comedy. Melissa had like what, one laugh? Why was Naomi needed to play that role (that being said, she plays the Russian/Easter. European splendidly)? Good family movie but really not a good comedy.

Troy T (ca) wrote: This was a lot more suspenseful and thrilling than I had anticipated!

Daniel M (fr) wrote: This movie was extremely cheesy, and VERY predictable. I gave it two stars just because I like Christmas movies, lol.

Shireen H (ag) wrote: a movie about Hajj what could be better?

Daniel C (br) wrote: I could never decide whether to laugh or cry at this one, but the decision making process was great.

Sean O (mx) wrote: Really enjoyed this. Engaging story and an deliciously deviant suggestion that freedom is to be found in wilful enslavement. Some barbed judgments on Latin machismo and vignettes of Spanish society; Emma Suarez is a doll, too.

Scott S (us) wrote: Boys Town (1938) -- [8.0] -- Spencer Tracy won his second Academy Award for his portrayal of Father Flanagan, a man who firmly believed "there are no bad boys." In the movie and in real life, Flanagan built an educational refuge for homeless and delinquent boys to prove his theory, and the facility still operates today. Mickey Rooney plays the toughest of Flanagan's kids, a boy whose defiance and criminal connections almost cause Boys Town to be shut down. I love the film's climax, when Flanagan and all the older boys storm a bank robber's hideout in a last ditch effort to save the institution's good name. I know "Boys Town" is sentimental and maybe even a tad bit ingratiating, but I guess I have a soft spot for stories about children forced to take care of themselves. "Boys Town" is a genuine feel good movie about having faith in your fellow man and making the best of what you have. And as far as great heroes of the movies go, I'd put Flanagan right up there with Atticus Finch.

Brandon Y (ag) wrote: Loses something in the third act but a solid film with a fine performance by Amy Adams.

Deb D (ru) wrote: This was a wonderful movie for the whole family. It was so much fun to watch Corner Gas with a theatre full of people. We all loved it. The preshow was great fun. Made me proud to be Canadian.

Tom P (fr) wrote: Sappy, corny, thin plot, predictable, boring, impossible, tired actors - but other than that, a great movie.

Sebastian F (fr) wrote: My favourite Bond movie.

Joel C (es) wrote: awesome movie. most see if your a Katy Perry fan

Lesley S (us) wrote: Great movie! Story wise it's a mix between a road trip movie and a stoner flick but the animations make it really stand out.