Russell Brand: Messiah Complex

Russell Brand: Messiah Complex

Recorded live at Hammersmith Apollo, Russell questions the values of heroes and leaders. ‘Messiah Complex’ is a disorder where sufferers think they might be the messiah. Did Jesus have it? What about Che Guevara, Gandhi, Malcolm X and Hitler? All these men have shaped our lives and influenced the way we think. Their images are used to represent ideas that often do not relate to them at all. Would Gandhi be into Apple? Would Che Guevara endorse Madonna? Would Jesus be into Christianity? He concludes it’s all a load of rubbish and encourages the audience to stop voting, ignore advertising, look to the transcendent within themselves and others...and kick over some bins on their way home. Plus there’s sex. Obviously.

Russell Brand takes on Icons, corporations, commercial exploitation, cult of personality, celebrity worship, sex, drugs and his own hypocrisy in a hilarious and scathing performance filmed live at London's Historic Hammersmith Apollo. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruno V (mx) wrote: The rollerscating-race-thing was cool , and the fights 2 , a bit funny 2 ....also some boring humor !

billie r (us) wrote: Considering that most of the information publicly available about CFIDS (chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome) is negatively biased against sufferers at best and openly mocking at worst, it?s a refreshing change to watch a documentary that makes an open attempt to get to the bottom of the disease. I?ve seen this movie twice now, and I have to admit that after the first time I saw it I felt kind of despondent. And yet, it definitely helped me to understand that the things that I?ve gone through, living with chronic illnesses that are considered controversial in the public and conventional medical spheres, are actually typical, and that there are many others out there going through similar struggles. One of the things this movie does is to directly address many myths surrounding CFIDS in an attempt to systematically break them down and refute them. Unfortunately, because of the lack of interest and straight-up misappropriation of funds that?s happening in relation to the study of CFIDS, there?s not a whole lot out there to help us understand our condition.* Kim A. Snyder, who produced, directed, wrote and narrated this movie, most likely created it for the same reasons that led me to watch and show it to my friends. She wanted to understand more about her condition and the factors that surround it. The content mostly consists of interviews with people facing CFIDS, their families, health care providers and researchers, with a few CFIDS detractors thrown in just to illustrate what complete and total jackasses they are. I dare anyone tempted to make a joke about having chronic fatigue to watch this movie. I seriously doubt you?ll be amused when the credits roll. * Osler?s Web: Inside the Labyrinth of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic by Hillary Johnson. Penguin Books, 1997

Andreas O (fr) wrote: The Prophecy sequel continues with its idiotic, christocentric storyline. Christopher Walken makes it worth watching.

Philip S (mx) wrote: Mr. Wrong is like What About Bob? on acid. It starts off with a slow boil. But once it gets moving, it really gets moving. Forget the fact that everybody already knows about Ellen's background. The fact of the matter is that this work is so twisted that one can't help but laugh at it. Even more ironic is that DeGeneres' Martha really isn't the star of the movie, although she is the lead. Co-star Bill Pullman and Joan Cusack as Whitman Crawford and his ex, Inga Gunther make for the majority of the movie's laughs. Sitcoms have used the insane admirer and crazed ex plots many times over both before and after this movie. Sometimes by themselves and sometimes together. So those audiences who would want to lambast this movie for its outrageousness would be well served to lambast those sitcoms, too.What sets Mr. Wrong apart from the sitcoms that have used the noted plots is just how over the top Whitman and Inga are. That Whitman would go so far as to use the children of his mother's housekeep to kidnap Martha and take her to Mexico is so bizarre that one can't help but laugh at how outrageous it is. And Inga's threats again Martha are just as worth the laughs. Fans will find themselves laughing uncontrollably as Inga tells Bob to put gum in Martha's hair early on. And of course there's the even funnier bit about putting honey and ants on martha's face. The ants themselves are the kicker of that joke.Mr. Wrong may not be one of the more memorable movies of the 90's. But take a moment to consider the number of rom-coms that have been copied and re-copied time and again. Now considering those now far too stale works, they actually make Mr. Wrong worth at least one watch

Kyle C (mx) wrote: Fantastic musical numbers gets you hooked to this film from start to finish, even if Gerard Butler isn't the greatest singer in the world, Emmy Rossum completely lights up the screen and shines bright on it. FANASTIC

Michael S (kr) wrote: Actually, I do wanna see this piece of shit.

Fox S (gb) wrote: Funny Movie, not something great, but Enjoyable !